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 Brother does good deed, escapes disaster three times

   date:2020-09-18 18:32:55     read:64   

Brother does good deed, escapes disaster three times 

弟弟做好事 三次逃离大难



Why does someone always come back from the dead? One is that his ancestors did more good deeds, but he himself did more good deeds. Look at those who are safe in car accidents, we will do more good deeds, inevitably in exchange for safety effects ....... Don't be complacent because you're having good luck, do more good deeds to build up your future; don't be sad because your fate is bad, do more good deeds to change your luck immediately .....

                      ------ Zhuge Changqing (character Yuntao)


  One morning recently I happened to be at home without classes when suddenly the phone rang and when I answered it, the person on the other end claimed to be surnamed Yang, who lives in Tainan County, and wanted to make a connection with the author because he had recently read the book "Incredible Causal Phenomena" and was now alone in Chiayi and did not know how to find the author's address. In order to save this enthusiastic friend the trouble of finding his way around, I had to pick him up at the station by motorbike.

  After meeting and chatting with him, the reader said that he had been in a lot of trouble recently because he had been poured out more than 20 million dollars not long ago, and since the other party was a close relative, he could not take a strong stance against him. I asked him why he wanted to give money for charity when his life was already very difficult.

   He said that the main reason was because he had many experiences in recent years which had made him feel that there was indeed karma in his mind and that if he worked hard to do good deeds, he would not suffer any losses in the future. He is currently struggling financially and has been out of work for several months, but recently a friend knew of his plight and immediately raised some money to help him start a small business, which has helped him to survive. He said that when he was in need of help, some of his friends came to his aid, and that this was a reward for his parents and brothers who were so kind and generous to others.

   Now he is starting his career again, and in order to get a good start, he has to make an offering anyway, to help a less fortunate person who is in greater difficulty than he is. At the same time, he also made it clear that if his career was successful and his financial means improved, he would work harder to help the community! Such a compassionate spirit and ambition to save the world is truly admirable.

   When I asked him why he was so active in doing good deeds, he said that although he did not read much, he had seen with his own eyes what his family had done in recent years and the retribution they had received. These valuable and real lessons made him feel that the best thing to do is to "do the right thing" and "do good deeds".

     In addition, one of his brothers was not only usually very obedient to his mother, but he was also a frequent advocate of justice and righteousness. On one occasion, there was a car accident in front of the ironworks where he worked, and two university students on their motorbikes were knocked to the ground, their heads broken and bloodied, but no one came to their aid. When his brother saw the scene, he went to attend to them and immediately hired a taxi to escort them to the hospital, where they were not taken care of until their classmates arrived. On another occasion, the owner of a car repair shop next door to his home had overheard him revealing that some of his customers were reluctant to pay for their cars after they had been repaired. When his brother found out about this, he was outraged and vowed to seek justice for them. As a result, his brother invited some friends with a sense of justice to visit the rogue car owners, and after a combination of hard and soft measures, he was able to recover a lot of the outstanding bills and return them to the owner of the workshop. The owner, in gratitude and admiration, thanked them each time with cash or gifts, but his brother never accepted them. This shows his integrity and enthusiasm, and his moral courage, which is rarely found in the general public, making him a heroic figure in the local community. It may also have been due to his usual acts of genuine kindness that he was able to go through three great calamities, and each time he seemed to be protected from the danger of his life, which was regarded as a miracle by all who heard of it.

     His brother was riding his motorbike to another area when he passed through an alleyway and found a group of young men standing in the middle of the road talking. He was at a loss as to what to do because of the suddenness of the incident. At this critical moment, someone suddenly shouted, "The police are here"! The unreasonable thugs scattered and fled in all directions. As a result of this dramatic turn of events, he was able to turn his life around. He later found out that he was fine except for a small cut to his back and other minor swelling.

    The second time was a few years ago when he was helping a friend build a pigeon loft on a balcony above a staircase and accidentally came into contact with high voltage electricity. When many people saw this frightening scene, they thought it was bad luck and that there was no hope for him this time. However, when his friends took him to the doctor, they found that he had only suffered some burns on his left hand and left side of his body, and although they were very painful, he recovered quickly after about a month of medication. It was also a great blessing that he was not required to pay for his own hospitalisation as he was already covered by workers' compensation insurance.

The third unbelievable experience was not long ago when his brother was returning to Okayama from Tainan in his cousin's car, and soon after the car got off the interchange, he found a huge bulldozer reversing rapidly in the right lane. The two vehicles crashed into each other with a loud bang. After the accident, many passers-by came to see what had happened and found that the front end of the car had been completely destroyed and the front seat of the car had been dented so much that there was little room to move, leaving the two men trapped in the middle. It was only after some effort that they were pulled out and taken to hospital. Their parents and relatives were informed shortly afterwards and rushed to the scene. It is said that when they saw the shocking scene of the car they were travelling in, which had been smashed into a pile of scrap metal, they all wept and were distraught. Judging by the circumstances, one would not have dared to hope. However, to their surprise, they arrived at the hospital to find that the two brothers, who had been killed in their lives, soon came to their senses and miraculously found that, apart from a cut on his face and some minor bruising to his feet, his brother was unharmed and did not even show signs of concussion (the other, who was driving, was in a more serious condition). As a result of these incredible miracles, he felt that if one does good deeds, God will not only reward us, but also give us what we deserve. This is the main reason why he gave his best and tried to do good deeds.


                      ------ 诸葛长青(字云泷)











What are the acts of abstaining from killing and releasing



 1. Do not kill a living being with your own hands.


  2. Do not abet others to kill.


  3. Do not help others to kill.


  4. Abstain from eating meat.


  5. Do not engage in trades related to killing.


  6Whenever there is worship, regardless of what is being worshipped, use vegetarian dishes, flowers and fruit, not animal gifts.


  7. If you see someone killing a human being, you should discourage them or buy the animal to be slaughtered with money and release it. If this does not work, or if the person does not sell the animal, then you should have compassion for the slaughtered animal, and even better if you can recite the Buddha's name or mantra for it.


  8. Do not abuse the animal.


  9Other actions that are contrary to killing.


  10. Abstain from killing and releasing animals yourself, and advise others to do the same. 












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