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 The inspiration for the practice of food-giving: he dreamed of his wife and children in his long lif

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The inspiration for the practice of food-giving: he dreamed of his wife and children in his long life



True cultivation will be superb in wisdom and penetrate the three worlds.

                                                                     ...... Zhuge Changqing

The Chinese nation, is a great nation.

The greatness of the Chinese nation is due to the culture of the sages who live and breathe.

For example, the founding fathers of the Chinese nation, Fuxi and Nuwa, put forward the guiding principle of "self-improvement and virtue" as the core of their practice. Zhuge Changqing believes that no matter who you are, no matter what school you belong to, these eight words must be implemented carefully. If you follow these eight words of Fuxi and Nuwa, you will be obedient to the Way of Heaven, and you will make rapid progress and get twice the result with half the effort, and you are bound to achieve; if you violate these eight words, you will go against the Way of Heaven, and you will make slow progress and get half the result with half the effort, and it will be a waste of effort.

We will learn this when we study the wisdom of Confucius, Laozi, Shakyamuni Buddha, Mozi and Sunzi.

Gaga", a student who loves traditional Chinese culture, has been doing good deeds and making continuous improvements, and has sensed that he has passed through three lifetimes, so much so that he dreamed that his wife came to him with his children in his repeated life. He recounted this experience in a letter to Zhuge Changqing (zhuge8031@163.com).

Let's take a look at his story.

In his letter, "Gaga" writes

Dear Mr. Zhuge Changqing.

Hello! I had a dream yesterday (I forgot some of it, but only the general idea), first I dreamed that at night, some children with backpacks were playing in a dark corner of the school. Then I follow the boy and walk in front of some parallel graves (which coincidentally have a path in front of them), panicking a bit (in my life I would avoid seeing or hearing about dead people, it would be very creepy and then I would be scared and think about it).

Then the scene changes to daylight again and there is an additional little boy who is dressed the same as the boy in front of him, twins I think. The two of them are chasing and playing together on the road, and there is an extra woman with a little girl. Then they walked together and came to a village. A village that felt very empty and dowdy and deserted, the houses were basically cottages with two windows and a door, and there were many houses with weeds growing inside and out. Next to many of the houses there was a black, jar-like object half as big as a golden rake, with the opening upwards. The woman then took some children to her house, which was very empty, without any furniture, and the floor was dirt with sand, not concrete. The only thing in there was a bed with a mosquito net and it felt very worn out, other than that there was no other furniture. I asked the woman how they slept and the woman put the boy in the corner of the room and then I saw the little boy's head sitting there. (The bed was placed in the top left corner of the room and the little boy was lying in the top right corner.) Then didn't see how the little girl was arranged. I felt surprised and woke up.

May I ask Master Zhuge Changqing what the meaning of this dream is? I would also like to ask Master Zhuge to help enlighten me.

In the meantime, I would like to ask you, Master Zhuge Changqing, if I can give food at home because I have two young children who are not yet in kindergarten and I cannot take time out of my day. Is it possible to use a few words of the food giving method?

Thank you, Master, Amitabha Buddha! Master's merit is immense!

Zhuge Changqing.

Amitabha Buddha. Blessed be the Infinite Heavenly Father.

Don't be anxious, your teacher will answer your questions as follows.

1. You dreamt of a woman and a child, which are your wife and children from your past lives, who came to you for transcendence. They are currently in the ghost realm and want to go to the Buddha realm, saw the Buddha's light on you, sensed you with their divine powers, and then gave you a dream. Teacher Zhuge Changqing suggests that you communicate with them and say: say that you already know them and that you will do a food offering to overtake them to the Buddha realm, ask them to rest assured and ask them to participate in the food offering to receive the overtaking, and that you will return to them to be free from suffering and immediately overtaken by life. Then, you will invite your wife and children, who have appeared in your dreams, to join you in the almsgiving, and you will wish them happiness and freedom from suffering and immediate rebirth. Refer to "Zhuge Changqing's Food Giving Ritual (15 Steps)" for the food giving ritual.

2. For the food offering, Zhuge Changqing recommends that you take the full version. For more details, please refer to the "Zhuge Changqing Food Giving Ritual (15 Steps Concise Version)". This is because this food-giving ritual has been repeatedly tried and tested by many good knowledgeable people, both at home and in monasteries, and has become very mature after 10 years of repeated trials. This food-giving ritual is full of good deities of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and has a powerful supernatural power with amazing and miraculous induction. Although the food-giving method you mentioned with a few words is also possible, this method belongs to the use of high-level practitioners and can only overtake high-energy beings, and low-energy beings cannot be overtaken. As your children are small, we suggest that you can take the approach of waking up early at 4am, reciting the 15-step ritual at home, and then quickly going out to splash it out.

Do not do any evil and practice all good deeds.

Zhuge Changqing, I wish you success.























What are the acts of abstaining from killing and releasing



 1. Do not kill a living being with your own hands.


  2. Do not abet others to kill.


  3. Do not help others to kill.


  4. Abstain from eating meat.


  5. Do not engage in trades related to killing.


  6Whenever there is worship, regardless of what is being worshipped, use vegetarian dishes, flowers and fruit, not animal gifts.


  7. If you see someone killing a human being, you should discourage them or buy the animal to be slaughtered with money and release it. If this does not work, or if the person does not sell the animal, then you should have compassion for the slaughtered animal, and even better if you can recite the Buddha's name or mantra for it.


  8. Do not abuse the animal.


  9Other actions that are contrary to killing.


  10. Abstain from killing and releasing animals yourself, and advise others to do the same. 












(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

Introduction to Zhuge Changqing: Zhuge Changqing, the inheritor and promoter of traditional Chinese culture, is willing to "learn from sages, promote virtue, revitalize China and benefit the world" together with people with the same ideals in the world.

(Zhuge Changqing: zhuge8031@163.com )

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