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 Vegetarianism can improve wisdom

   date:2020-09-18 18:33:11     read:47   

Vegetarianism can improve wisdom



Modern people talk about vegetarianism and modern medical experts. Through continuous research and research, they found that vegetarianism has two major benefits. First, vegetarianism can improve wisdom and judgment. He said: According to physiological evidence, human brain activity is the interaction of positive and negative forces in the brain cells. The continuous impact in the human brain forms what we usually call 'thinking'. At the end of the impact, there is always one side of the role to win, which is what we usually call 'decision'. But in order for brain cells to fully play their positive and negative roles, it is necessary to fully supply the necessary nutrients for brain cells. This nutrient is mainly glutamic acid, followed by vitamin B and oxygen. The whole grains and beans are the most abundant in the food, which contains glutamic acid and various vitamin B, followed by meat. Therefore, only those who practice vegetarian diet can gain more sound brain power and improve their wisdom and judgment.

Recall that 40 years ago, when we were in school, the medical profession thought that if we wanted to improve our wisdom, 'we should eat more phosphorus and iron food'. Its scientific basis is that the lack of phosphorus in the cerebral cortex cells affects brain power, and the lack of phosphorus in the nerves means that the transmission is delayed. As for iron, it is an important factor to improve intelligence. If the human body lacks iron, it will suffer from anemia, headache, palpitation, forgetfulness, body fatigue and other diseases. Such people will naturally have poor grades in reading. Food is so closely related to education, so young students should not be ignorant of nutrition knowledge and the benefits of vegetarianism.

Everyone wants to be the most intelligent person in the world; Especially for students, they always want to see everything at a glance and never forget it. In order to be a super homo sapiens, we have to replenish the brain and body. There is an old misconception among the Chinese people, 'When the body is weak, it can be replenished with meat, and it is thought that the liver can replenish the liver, and the brain can naturally replenish the brain'. In the past, science was not developed, and everyone did not know that pigs, sheep and cows contained cholesterol in their brains. Under the misconception that they wanted to eat the brain to replenish the brain, many children from rich families became stupid, but they were not as smart as the poor children who had a good bite of vegetables. So the society often hears some proverbs that encourage the children of the poor, such as' the prime minister has no seed, the man should be self-reliant ', or' bite the root of the vegetable, the square is strange man ', and even' how many white houses come out of the public secretary '! But who knows the truth of "vegetarianism is wise"!

In China's Buddhist circles, all monks and nuns who follow Mahayana Buddhism are vegetarian. From ancient times to the present, in our Buddhism, there are many eminent monks, who are either intelligent or eloquent, such as Shi Dao'an, who is famous all over the world, Tang Xuanzang, who is only five seals high, the wise man who is ninety years old, talks about his wisdom, the living man who nods with a stone, the cool man who is the master of the seven emperors, and the lotus pond who is the founder of the eight generations according to his deeds. Such eminent monks are incomparable in virtue. Although they say that they are practicing Buddhism, their blessings and wisdom increase; It is also a great cause for improving wisdom to follow the Buddhist system and be vegetarian all the year round. (Information source: Prajna Wenhai)






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