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 Vegetarian diet can lead to health and longevity

   date:2020-09-18 18:33:12     read:50   

Vegetarian diet can lead to health and longevity



1、 Vegetables are non-toxic and meat is toxic - most vegetarian dishes are vegetables, soybeans, peanuts, fruits and seaweed grown on the ground, which are both nutritious and non-toxic.

This kind of food can keep the blood alkaline (its blood clear), which is called alkaline food in medicine. Eating meat can make the blood acidic (its blood turbid), so meat is called acidic food. Vegetarian people have clear blood, fast circulation, refreshing body, energy, endurance, quick thinking, and long life. For example, the eminent Buddhist monk Zhao Zhou of the Tang Dynasty lived to 150 years old, and the modern eminent monk Xu Yun lived to 120 years old. That is to say, Li Bingnan, an old resident in Taichung City, has been vegetarian for many years. He is 95 years old and still has the ability to hear and see. This is the practical proof of vegetarian health and longevity. For example, Maolin Ross, the swimming champion of the first Olympic Games, is the most famous sportsman with amazing speed and lasting strength. He is a vegetarian.

According to the report of the famous French chemist Jiande, he found that meat is a chronic food poisoning, because the source of meat food is from pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks and other animals. When animals are nervous, angry and scared, a toxin secretion will be produced in their body, which will quickly spread to the tiny blood vessels and muscles of the body. This toxic secretion is usually discharged from the body by the metabolism of the body; Or flow out of the body through the convenience of size. If the sentient beings are killed in terror or anger, and the body organs stop working, the secretion of this poison will remain in the blood and meat if it is not excreted. If you eat this meat, you will also introduce these toxins, so eating meat is equal to chronic poisoning. It has been tested that when animals are angry or scared, the toxic secretions produced inside their bodies can kill a person if they are sucked out with a glass tube. Fortunately, this toxin can be slightly dissolved in case of vegetable juice. So when cooking meat, you should put some ginger, pepper, or vegetables with the frequency of green vegetables and bean curd to dissolve the poison of meat. If you cook only one flavor of meat without ginger, garlic, vegetables, etc., the poison of this dish (meat) is not resolved. It is harmful and useless to eat it. If you eat it for a long time, you will be poisoned and die.

I have personally seen a person who died of chronic poisoning due to eating meat. During the forty-three years of the Republic of China, there was a patient named Xiao Laoguang in the Jiayi Lung Sanatorium. He came to Taiwan with the army when he was retreating from the mainland. He suffered from lung disease due to malnutrition. His brother was doing business in Hong Kong. He first arrived in Taiwan, but he did not hear from anyone. Later, he got in touch and sent a letter telling him that he was seriously ill. His brother sent a large amount of money. When he has money, he wants to buy supplements. What supplements? Eat chicken, eat chicken is the best! At first, I ate a chicken for two days. After eating it for several days, it didn't improve‘ Add a supplement! Eat a chicken a day, eat a few days, but the body is weaker‘ Add more! He ate three chickens a day. He was very special. He was afraid that the nutrition of the chicken body would flow out of the blood, so he stuffed the chicken into a bamboo tube and suffocated it. He put the chicken into a special silver pot, put it in a water pot to stew, and then drank chicken juice only. He drank it three times a day, and died after drinking it for less than a few days! I didn't know the cause of his death at that time. Later, I learned Buddhism and studied the principle of vegetarianism. Only then did I understand that Xiaolaoguang died of chronic poisoning due to eating meat.

Not only animals, but also humans. When people are scared or angry, their faces will suddenly turn purple and black, or become pale. This is a phenomenon that emotional excitement produces toxins and changes in the blood. This kind of poison will also happen to women in the milk of lactating women. If it is inhaled by young children, it will endanger their lives. In the note of Master Inguang (modern people live in Lingyan Mountain, Suzhou), it was said that this kind of story: a Western woman, after listening to Master Inguang's advice on abstaining from vegetarian diet, cried loudly and regretted her two sons because of the poison of her milk. The reason is that their husband and wife are not in harmony and often quarrel. When their husband and wife roar and make a big noise, the baby is frightened to cry. To stop the baby crying, the mother unties the lapel and puts the nipple into the baby's mouth. Although the baby's crying is stopped, the baby's body is weak and soon dies. From these two real deeds, we can see that vegetarian food is non-toxic and meat is toxic. It is better to stop killing vegetarian food as soon as possible.

2、 People should be vegetarian, not meat

According to Dr. G.S. Huntington of Columbia University in the United States, he has done an anatomical analysis of the intestine, proving that humans are suitable for vegetarianism, not meat. He said that the small intestine of carnivores is short, and the large intestine is straight and smooth; Vegetarian animals have long small intestine and large intestine; The intestines of meat and vegetarians are longer than those of meat eaters and shorter than those of vegetarians. The human large intestine is about five to six feet long and arranged back and forth; The intestinal wall is not smooth and overlaps. Such intestines are suitable for vegetarianism rather than meat. Because meat has less fiber, the residue left after digestion will produce toxins and increase the burden on the liver if it stays in the longer intestines of humans for too long; If the liver burden is too heavy, it will cause cirrhosis and liver cancer. There are many uric acid and urea in meat. Eating it will increase the burden on the kidney and cause kidney disease. Moreover, meat is unnecessarily over-absorbed in the long intestine, and the meat itself lacks fiber, which is easy to cause constipation, hemorrhoids and rectal cancer. The above analysis from the human gut is enough to prove that human eating meat is' seeking hardship '.

3、 Meat is easy to cause diseases - the major enemy of the health of middle-aged and elderly people is cholesterol, which is mainly in the brain, nerves, blood, bile, egg yolk and fat of animals.

Cholesterol is the main body of accessory kidney hormone and vitamin D. This nutrient is beneficial for young or middle-aged people to take in a proper amount; If a person's blood contains too much cholesterol, it will cause arteriosclerosis, heart disease, hypertension and other diseases. For people above middle age, the physiology of all parts of the body is gradually declining, so they should avoid eating more meat rich in cholesterol to maintain their health. Today, the leading cause of death in Taiwan is cardiovascular disease. According to the statistics of Chinese diseases, it can be seen that people in Taiwan eat too much meat.

From various research reports, it is pointed out that meat can cause cancer, because when meat is roasted, it will produce a chemical substance (Metnycholan, thaine), which is a serious carcinogen. If you eat barbecued meat, a piece of steak can be equivalent to the chemical produced by 600 cigarettes. So eating high-calorie foods such as steak and barbecue is more terrible than smoking cigarettes in large quantities. Secondly, if a pig or cow has cancer, or cancer-like disease, eating the meat of the pig or cow may be infected with cancer. Secondly, some livestock traders, in order to keep the livestock, cattle, chickens and ducks from being infected with diseases, mixed some antibiotics into the feed, which made the person who ate the meat of the animal also ingest too many antibiotics. If the person became ill later, he would become resistant to the antibiotics and special drugs used by the doctors, so that there was no medicine to cure. This person's life was missed by eating meat at ordinary times. At present, cancer is the second leading cause of death in China.

Alcohol can turn carcinogens into body tissues. People who drink often get lung cancer, oral cavity, esophagus and stomach cancer, which indirectly lead to liver cancer and cirrhosis. There is an absolute relationship between drinking beer and colon cancer and rectal cancer, so eating fish and drinking alcohol together with drinking alcohol is like adding fuel to the fire, which is extremely dangerous.

As for cancer prevention food, there are many: all foods rich in vitamins A and C can prevent cancer, such as broccoli, cantaloupe, sweet potato, tomato, apricot, peach, pumpkin, spinach, winter melon, Brussels sprout, cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower, grapefruit, green pepper, lemon, lime, orange, pea, pineapple, strawberry, tangerine, carrot, skimmed milk powder, etc. Vegetarian people may as well eat more.

Americans have investigated and counted that eight out of ten human tapeworm diseases are caused by beef. People with lung disease are also infected by eating beef. There is a kind of Tiger-Leyla disease called Tiger-Leyla, which is infected by pork.

After the Second World War, in order to rebuild the country after the disaster, the government banned the people from slaughtering animals for food. The ban was lifted only after the economic recovery in the second year. Unexpectedly, the number of sick people in the country after the ban was lifted was higher than that in the period when meat was banned. It can be seen that vegetarianism is beneficial and meat is not beneficial. Secondly, before the Second World War, Bulgaria in Europe was known as the "country of longevity". Among the six million people in the country, the elderly over 100 years old accounted for more than 160 people. According to the research results of medical experts, 95% of them are lifelong non-meat eaters, which is another proof that vegetarianism can make them live a long and healthy life. Collins, an American nutritionist, said: "If human beings can discard meat, they will benefit immeasurably." Honesty is a word. (








  据美国哥伦比亚大学的韩丁顿  (G.S.Huntington)博士曾做了一项肠道的解剖分析,证明人类适宜于素食,而不适肉食。他说肉食动物的小肠短,大肠直而平滑;素食动物的小肠长,大肠亦长;吃肉亦吃素者的肠子比肉食者长,比素食者短。人类的大肠约有五至六呎长,并且来回排列;肠壁不平滑,而且重叠在一起,这样的肠道是适于素食而不宜肉食的。因为肉类的纤维少,经过消化后剩下的残渣,在人类较长的肠子里停留过久会产生毒素,增加肝脏的负担;肝脏负担太重,会造成肝硬化及肝癌症。又肉类中有许多尿酸、尿素,食了会增加肾脏的负担,导致肾病。再者,肉类在长肠中经过不必要的过度吸收,而肉类本身又缺乏纤维,易造成便秘,导致痔疮及直肠癌。以上从人体肠道之分析,足以证明人类食肉是‘自找苦吃’。   








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