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 Dialectically treat Hitler

   date:2020-09-18 18:35:51     read:39   

Dialectically treat Hitler



When history becomes our reference and calm becomes our weapon, our view of things will be more objective. Recently, I saw an article written by a friend about Hitler. He thought that what he wrote was objective. Everyone has advantages and disadvantages. We should treat it dialectically. More importantly, we should learn from others' advantages and overcome our own shortcomings

------Zhuge Changqing (word Yunlong)

In 1926, Hitler published his only work in his life, My Struggle. Since it was banned after World War II, it is difficult to see the whole book now, and only some of its sentences are occasionally mentioned.

Hitler's eloquence and energy are extremely amazing. He has set a record of running for five different positions in one year, visiting 20 cities in seven days, and making public speeches 10 times in one day. Almost every speech was delivered without writing, and the content of his speech was different for different issues of concern to voters everywhere. In this era, speakers like him are rare. As an Austrian who has lived in Bavaria for a long time, it is commendable that he can speak such standard German and Mandarin, which also shows his efforts in speech.

Let's look at an excerpt from his speech:

"Germany, people, comrades. In January this year, Britain and France and other countries put forward...,...,... to our party and our country. I firmly rejected their unreasonable demands! I never believed in the assistance of foreigners! Never! I never believed in the so-called assistance from outside our country and nation! The future of Germany depends on our people! Only on our people! The German people, the sacred German people People must overcome all difficulties with their diligence, wisdom, calm and courage! Only in this way can our country move forward and our nation be revitalized! The only purpose of those so-called diplomatic and non-political assistance is to destroy the good situation of stability and unity of our country and the will of our nation to fight! In those so-called international organizations and agreements, there is also hidden the same hidden evil purpose The German government under Hitler's leadership only strived for the survival and development of its people! Those who are our eternal enemies, the eternal enemies of Germany, can only tell lies from their tongues! Any attempt to cooperate with them is a betrayal and crime against the German nation! Betrayal and crime! We will fight these shameless and evil enemies to the end! Fight to the end! Until forever! Until they are completely destroyed We have overcome countless difficulties and achieved countless achievements. Nothing in the world can stop us! The final victory will belong to the German people! " The applause and cheers of the tsunami ran through his whole speech. "

Speaking of the key word "struggle", in my opinion, it should be an act of striving towards a certain external goal under the guidance of unique values. This kind of value is composed of the concept of life, the standard of good and evil, faith, tenacity, endurance and sacrifice. In short, struggle=goal+values+action, and the existence of values is the power to provide such continuous action.

If the struggle is compared to the process of a train driving to the terminal, the goal is the terminal, the action is the train, and the values are the fuel to provide power for the train.

This reminds me of Adolf Hitler's "My Struggle". Some people call it "the masterpiece of contemporary demagogues", and others call it "the record of crimes against humanity in the 20th century". However, no matter how controversial it is, you can't avoid and deny the "super willpower and fighting spirit" reflected in it.

No matter good or bad, history can always leave us a lot to learn from and inspire:

Hitler was a man who created miracles. He climbed from a tramp in Austria to the throne of Nazi German Prime Minister. Hitler was a brave soldier. He was wounded twice in the "First World War" and won the First Iron Cross, which was rarely awarded to ordinary soldiers. Hitler was an adventurer who risked his life to launch a coup at the Munich Beer House.

Hitler was a gifted orator who used two lips to stir up the flames of revenge in the hearts of the German people who had been unfairly treated after the First World War. Hitler was an opportunist who occupied the Rhineland armed after understanding the appeasement tendency of Britain and France.

Hitler was a kind "father". Without descendants, he treated even the smallest servant around him kindly.

Hitler was a vegetarian. In order to protect animals, he even issued a decree requiring the humane killing of lobsters. Hitler was the devil of war. He drew an exclamation mark on the ancient anti-Semitic tradition in Europe.

Hitler was an overconfident loser in military affairs, and his empire was brought to the grave by two fronts.

The people of the Third Empire called him "my head of state". After that, almost everyone called him "the murderer of World War II".

From the perspective of history, Hitler was absolutely guilty after September 1939.

He launched the Second World War, which inflicted heavy damage on human civilization. War crimes can be regarded as the price of defeat, but the Holocaust is an irrefutable heinous crime. William II launched the First World War, which also caused heavy damage to human civilization. Why don't people say William II is the devil? Because William II did not persecute Jews, while Hitler killed half of the Jews in the world. If Hitler's invasion of Poland, France and the Soviet Union was caused by conflicts of national interests, then cruel persecution of Jews would be an absolute sin.

But Adolf Hitler was brilliant before September 1939.

In 14 years, he developed a small party with less than 100 members into the largest party in Germany. After 44 years of unremitting efforts, he became the German Prime Minister and became the head of state a year later, completing the absolute control of the German state power. He rebuilt Germany's armed forces, revitalized the German economy, made Germany rise again, and once again ranked among the world's top militarily and economically. He used international political opportunities to expand the territory of the German Empire. If Hitler died unexpectedly in September 1939, perhaps he would be remembered as a great man in world history. Because the strength of Germany is the glory of mankind, not a disgrace.

The first book of "My Struggle" was written by Hitler in prison in 1924, and the second book was completed after he was released from prison in 1925, which later became the blueprint of the Third Empire. Later, the "beer house coup", the nine-month sentence and "My Struggle" became the capital of Hitler's political career. It is also his political and spiritual declaration. It is also the following direction of his own struggle with a large number of people.

Back to reality, various social conditions have gradually matured, which constitute the necessary conditions for the success of the "post 80s" in their early years. The post-80s partners are independent, energetic, never afraid of failure, and realize their own desire and unique needs. However, whether the direction is clear, whether the goal is clear, and whether the values are clear is a long-term struggle for post-80s partners.

In fact, there is a factory in the heart of each of us, which is used to produce the strength of confidence on the way to struggle,

The raw material for producing this power is your thinking about the mission and belief in the meaning of life in your values.



                                ------ 诸葛长青(字 云泷)








  说到“奋斗”这个关键词,以我的观念,它更应该是一种在独特的价值观引领下,朝着确定的外部目标努力的一种行为。而这种价值观是由人生观念,善恶标准,信念、坚韧、承受力以及牺牲等元素构成的。简单来说,奋斗 = 目标 + 价值观 + 行动,而价值观的存在就是提供这种持续行动的动力。


















 (This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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