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 Why are more and more people eating vegetarian food?

   date:2020-09-18 18:36:58     read:56   

Why are more and more people eating vegetarian food?

 品味素食 贵在心境




Unexpectedly, I suddenly found that there were more and more vegetarians around me. It is said that in Hong Kong, more than 200 vegetarian restaurants are doing well; In Taiwan, there are more than 2 million vegetarians in the island; In the United States, there are more than 12 million vegetarians; The membership of the Canadian Toronto Vegetarian Association has more than doubled in five years; One in six Britons have become or are considering becoming vegetarian; In Germany, vegetarian chain stores are all over the streets; Today there are 1.5 million vegetarians in Italy.

Among the vegetarians in the world, the most appealing is the Hollywood star who is active on the enchanting stage. It is said that in order to lose weight, "vegetarianism is equal to love beauty" has become their slogan of sticking to their faith and promoting vegetarianism.

From actress Madonna to sports star Lewis, more and more celebrities are waving flags for vegetarianism. They hope to extend their inner charm with a new and positive lifestyle, and vegetarian food is just the ideal choice of these star characters. Vegetarianism can resist aging, maintain beauty and keep body shape; Vegetarianism is also a lifestyle of benevolent and wise people with ancient aristocratic origins. Edison, Einstein, Tolstoy, Tagore, Sun Yat-sen, Diana and other celebrities from all ages have chosen or finally chose vegetarian food.

China's vegetarian diet has always had three routes: the palace, the temple and the folk.

Although the palace vegetarian diet is exquisite, there are too many elements of ceremony and ceremony; The vegetarian food in the temple is low in ascetic spirit, and high in rich and noble spirit; Folk vegetarianism is accompanied by seasons and customs. It is simple, simple and beautiful. It is quite ancient, but it is a pity that it is scattered and not fragmented.

The old man of Zhitang said, "Drinking tea should be under the paper window of the tiled house, with clear spring and green tea, and drinking with two or three people with elegant ceramic tea sets. You can get half a day's leisure, which can offset ten years of dust dreams. After drinking tea, you can continue to cultivate everyone's success, whether it is called profit or not, but occasional moments of leisure are also indispensable."

I think this is also the highest level of vegetarianism in our generation.

Enduring aftertaste

Tofu is the most basic and common ingredient in vegetarian diet. But it is not easy to do it well. The Wensi tofu soup of Dajue Temple is wonderful in cutting fresh tofu into thin shreds. Such thin shredded bean curd floats on the thick soup, adding a flowing beauty.

The fresh and tender shredded tofu melts in the mouth, is soft and sweet, and has no tofu taste or brine taste. Moreover, the soft and smooth shredded tofu makes the whole soup more mellow and long.

Vegetarian food is a light food, and it gives people the impression of being few, light and thin. However, although it is made from light food, Wensi tofu soup has a mellow and smooth taste, which makes people feel thick, delicious, chewable and memorable.

Dajue vegetarian stew is delicious and rich in ingredients. The whole dish includes many simple ingredients, such as gingko, mushroom, lily, asparagus, bamboo fungus, mushroom, etc., but the production is not simple.

In Dajue vegetarian stew, each ingredient has its own characteristics. The richness of ingredients not only brings sensory enjoyment - colorful and pleasing to the eye; At the same time, it also determines the richness of the taste - fresh, fresh and fragrant.

With such rich expressive power, nature has become the diversified beauty of Dajue vegetarian stew, and at the same time, it has also become the name of vegetarian food.















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