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 Vegetarian can be healthy

   date:2020-09-18 18:50:06     read:52   

Vegetarian can be healthy




Food is the most important thing for the people, but disease comes from the mouth. Eating is originally a pleasure to achieve health and longevity. If eating improperly can lead to disease becoming an unfortunate consequence, what should we eat? Yoga learners' view of diet and longevity can provide a good answer.

(1) Prefer to eat natural foods, especially raw fruits and vegetables.

(2) Abstain from eating meat, tobacco and alcohol, refined food and processed fast food such as sugar, monosodium glutamate and canned food.

(3) Eat less dinner, or even cut off food for one day a week to give the digestive organs a full rest.

(4) Exercise often to nourish the vitality, guard against anger to nourish the liver, thin the taste to nourish the stomach, and sit quietly to nourish the harmony. It is no wonder that yoga practitioners are all glowing and healthy.

Modern medicine has also proved that meat contains innumerable toxins, which brings the crisis of reducing life and increasing disease to meat eaters.

Now, with the development of science and technology and the progress of medical treatment, various kinds of refractory diseases are increasing, and the reasons are worthy of our deep consideration and review‘ After eating green vegetables, I feel relaxed, and I feel uncomfortable eating meat every day! ' Just imagine that the deer has the longest life, while the grass and the tiger have the shortest life. How can human beings be exceptional in eating meat? We are only ten centimeters from the tongue to the throat, and one person is too particular about food. For this reason, ten centimeters of service, in exchange for a disease is unwise practice.

Many great people at all times and all over the world practice vegetarian food, such as sages and all monks in China. Foreigners such as Einstein, Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare, Newton, Franklin, Gandhi, Schweitzer, and all yogis.

I sincerely hope that all Chinese people will abolish bad habits such as meat, smoking and drinking for your happiness and health from now on, absorb clean and sweet food, maintain a clean and tolerant mood, practice clean and bright behavior, and live a healthy and happy life.


















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