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 Why meat eaters are more prone to disease and die earlier

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Why meat eaters are more prone to disease and die earlier






1、 Poisoning

Because of the fear of animals before being killed and the pain of being killed, the biochemical functions in the body have changed greatly. The poison spread all over the body, and the whole body was poisoned. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, toxins in the body, including uric acid and other toxic excreta, will appear in the blood and body tissues:

'Compared with the 56% impure water contained in beef, the protein obtained from nuts, beans and cereals is obviously more pure.'

Just as our body will get sick in fear or anger, animals are no different from humans, and will also produce great chemical changes in dangerous situations. When they see other animals lying around them and struggling in vain for life, the secretion of hormones in animal blood, especially adrenaline, will change completely. This large amount of hormone remains in the meat, is consumed by humans, and then poisons human body tissues. American nutritionist pointed out: 'The meat of dead animals contains toxic blood and other excreta.'

2、 Cancer

The results of a research report on 50000 vegetarians caused a great shock in cancer research. The report points out that the low rate of cancer in this group is quite surprising. Compared with people of the same age and sex, the proportion of various types of cancer in this group has significantly decreased. The research report shows that they can obviously live longer. A report on California Mormons pointed out that the proportion of cancer in this group was 50% lower than that of the ordinary people. Mormons are characterized by eating less meat.

Why are meat eaters more likely to get cancer? One reason may be that when the animal's meat is put away for a few days, it will turn into a morbid cyan gray. In order not to make them discolor, the butcher added nitrate, nitrite and other preservatives into it. These things make meat appear bright red. However, in recent years, there have been reports that these substances contain carcinogens.

Dr. William Licinsk, who specializes in cancer research at the National Oakridge Laboratory in Tennessee, said: 'I don't even need to feed cats with anything containing nitrate.'

British and American scientists have compared the 'intestinal microorganisms' of meat eaters and vegetarians and found obvious differences. When the microorganisms contained in the intestines of meat eaters interact with the digestive fluid, the chemicals produced are mostly believed to cause cancer. This may explain why colon cancer is very common in meat-based areas, such as North America and Western Europe, while rarely occurs in vegetable-based areas such as India. For example, in the United States, colon cancer is the second (only after lung cancer); The Scots eat 20 percent more beef than the British, and have one of the highest rates of cancer in the world.

3、 Chemical food

Meat is often referred to as "the end of food chain". In nature, food has a long chain link: plants absorb sunlight, air and water; Animals eat plants. Large animals or humans eat small animals. Now, farmland around the world is treated with toxic chemicals (fertilizers and pesticides). These toxic drugs stay in animals that eat plants and grass. For example, DDT is sprayed on farmland as a pesticide, which is a strong chemical poison that scientists believe is enough to cause cancer, infertility or serious liver disease. DDT and other similar pesticides will be stored in the fat of animals and fish, and once stored, it is difficult to destroy. Therefore, when cattle eat grass or feed, no matter what kind of pesticide they eat, most of them are still stored in their body. So when you eat meat, you eat DDT and other chemicals accumulated in the animal body into your body. Because we eat the food at the end of the food chain, we become the final absorber of highly crystalline toxic pesticides. In fact, 'DDT residues in meat are 13 times higher than those in vegetables, fruits and grass'. Experiments conducted by Iowa State University show that most DDT in human body comes from meat.

But the toxins in meat do not stop there. In order to accelerate their growth and obesity, and improve the color and taste of meat, animals for human meat often eat more other chemicals. In order to get more meat and maximize profits, animals were forced to feed, inject hormones to stimulate growth, and give them various appetizers, antibiotics, tranquilizers and chemical mixed feed. The New York Times once reported: 'The hidden pollution poison is a considerable potential crisis for meat consumers. The residual pesticides, nitrates, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals are all. ' (July 18, 1971) Many of these chemicals are believed to cause cancer. In fact, many animals died of these drugs before they were slaughtered.

When the farmland was changed into an animal farm, many animals never saw the sun - they spent their lives in a cramped and harsh environment, and ended up with a miserable death. The Chicago Forum once reported the situation of 'efficient chicken farms'. The top layer is used to hatch eggs; Then the chicks were stimulated to grow, drugged and forced to feed; They wolf down in small cages - they never exercise or absorb fresh air. When they grow up, they are moved to the cage on the next floor. When they reach the bottom floor, they are killed. Such unnatural methods not only destroy the balance of chemicals in the body, but also destroy the natural habits. Unfortunately, malignant tumors and deformities are not only inevitable but also bound to become more and more serious.

4、 Animal diseases

Another danger faced by meat eaters is that animals are often infected with some diseases, which are often not detected or ignored by meat traders or inspectors. Often when an animal has a tumor or cancer in one part of its body, the diseased part is cut off and the rest is sold. Worse, some tumorous parts are mixed with meat to make 'hot dogs' and other foods. In one area of the United States, 25000 cows with eye cancer were sold among the animal carcasses examined every day. In the experiment, scientists found that if the liver of a sick animal was fed to fish, the fish would also get cancer. A famous vegetarian doctor in Chilog said when he sat down to eat a vegetarian dinner, 'It's a good thing not to worry about what you eat and what kind of disease you die from.'

5、 Corruption

After the animal is killed, the protein in the body will coagulate and produce self-destructing enzymes. (Unlike plants, which decay slowly). Soon a denatured substance called 'necrotoxin' was formed. Because this kind of necrotoxin will be released immediately after death, the meat, fish and eggs of animals have a common property - 'decompose quickly'. At the same time, when the animals are slaughtered, they are refrigerated and then transported to the butcher's shop, and then bought home, frozen and boiled to eat. We can imagine how bad the dinner has been.

As we know, the human digestive system is not intended to digest meat, so it passes through the gastrointestinal tract very slowly. It takes about five days for meat to pass through the human body (unlike vegetarian food, it only takes one and a half days to pass through). During this period, the pathogenic substances produced by carrion constantly contact the digestive organs. The colon is toxic‘ Raw meat 'is often in the state of corruption, so it will pollute the cook and anything it touches. The British Public Health Bureau, after an outbreak of poisoning in a slaughterhouse, warned housewives: 'When dealing with raw meat, it should be treated like cow dung.' Generally, toxic microorganisms will not be eliminated even after cooking. Especially when the meat is not cooked, or only slightly roasted, as is known to all, it will become a source of infection.

6、 Heart disease

Perhaps the strongest argument of non-meat eaters is the relationship between meat and heart disease. It is undeniable that in the United States (the country with the largest meat consumption in the world), one in two people dies of cardiovascular disease, which is rarely heard in countries with low meat consumption. The Journal of the American Medical Association once reported in 1961 that "vegetarian diet can prevent at least 90 to 97 percent of heart disease".

What substance in meat will cause such great damage to the circulatory system? Fat in animal meat, such as cholesterol, will not decompose well in the human body, and these fats will attach to the blood vessel wall of meat eaters. As a result of continuous accumulation, year after year, the internal blood vessels will become more and more narrow, and the amount of blood that can pass through will be less and less. This dangerous condition is called heart disease. It makes the heart feel a great burden, forcing it to use extreme force to send blood to the blocked and constricted blood vessels. Results Hypertension, cerebral hyperemia, palpitation and other problems occurred. Recently, scientists at Harvard found that the blood pressure of vegetarians is generally lower than that of non-vegetarians. During the Korean War, 200 corpses of American soldiers with an average age of 22 years were examined. About 80% of them showed arteriosclerosis due to the blockage of meat waste. South Korean soldiers of the same age have no such phenomenon. South Koreans basically take vegetables as their staple food.

Now we can understand that the number one killer in the country, 'heart disease', is quite popular. More and more doctors (as well as the American Heart Association) strictly limit the amount of meat their patients can eat. They even asked patients not to eat meat at all. Scientists now realize that the roughness and fiber in vegetarian foods can indeed lower cholesterol. Dr. Regist, director of the Department of Nutrition at Loma Linda University in California, has done experiments to confirm that the substances contained in beans can reduce cholesterol.

7、 Kidney disease, gout, arthritis

Urea and uric acid are the most significant wastes loaded by meat eaters. For example, every pound of beef contains about 14 grams of uric acid. An American doctor once analyzed the urine of meat eaters and vegetarians, and found that the burden on the kidneys of meat eaters was three times that of vegetarians in order to excrete nitrogen compounds. When a person is young, they can still bear the burden, so there is still no disease. However, when the kidneys are consumed excessively with age, they can no longer function effectively, and then kidney disease will occur.

When the kidneys can no longer handle the heavy burden of meat, the uric acid that cannot be eliminated is stored in the body. Muscles absorb it like sponge; When the water is absorbed, it hardens and forms crystals. When it stays in the joint, gout, rheumatic pain, arthritis and other symptoms will occur. When uric acid accumulates in nerves, neuritis and sciatica will occur. Many doctors now either ask patients suffering from the above diseases to stop eating meat completely or strictly limit their meat intake.

8、 Difficulty in excretion (constipation)

Since our digestive system is not suitable for eating meat, it is inevitable that meat eaters complain about difficulty in excretion. Because meat has little fiber, it moves very slowly in the digestive tract of the human body (four times slower than cereal and vegetable food). Therefore, constipation is almost a common affliction in our society.

Many recent research reports show that the fiber that promotes normal excretion can only be obtained from various vegetarian foods. Compared with meat, vegetables, cereals and fruits retain more water and are easy to pass through the digestive tract. Vegetables have a lot of fiber, which is enough to prevent disease. According to modern research, natural fiber can effectively prevent diseases such as appendicitis, colitis, heart disease and obesity.
























































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