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 For the sake of health, pay attention to these eating methods!

   date:2020-09-18 18:53:02     read:49   

For the sake of health, pay attention to these eating methods!





Doing business, health first. Nothing can be done without good health. Health cannot be bought with money. In our daily life, it is easy to ignore some problems

------Zhuge Changqing

1. Eating radish and fruit together will induce goiter.

2. Fruit juice and fruit juice should not be added when making milk.

3. Seafood and fruit should not be eaten together.

4. Persimmons and sweet potatoes should not be eaten together, or stomach stones may easily occur.

5. Baijiu and carrots should not be eaten together, otherwise it will damage the liver.

6. It is not advisable to eat a lot of sugar on an empty stomach, otherwise the blood sugar will rise a lot and destroy the balance of the body.

7. Drinking Baijiu on an empty stomach will lead to hypoglycemia, and functional obstacles will occur due to lack of glucose supply. Those who are severely punished will suffer from hypoglycemic coma, even life-threatening.

8. Eating too much sunflower seeds will affect the function of liver cells;

9. Hyperlipidemic patients who eat too much pig liver may easily cause arteriosclerosis.

10. Baked mutton toes produce benzopyrene to induce cancer.

11. Fermented stinky tofu produces harmful substances.

12. Quail eggs are simply "poison" for people with hypertension and hyperlipidemia, because cholesterol is more than ten times that of meat.

13. Food containing lead and aluminum causes premature aging: such as preserved eggs or stir-frying vegetables in aluminum pan.

14. Pickled, mouldy food, scale, tea scale, oil that produces hala flavor, dried fish that has been exposed to the sun for a long time, and pickled food all do great harm to human health.

15. Do not overheat the cooking oil when cooking to avoid carcinogens.

16. Sweet potato skin, potato skin, water chestnut skin and persimmon skin should not be eaten, which will cause toxic and side effects.

17. Fruit peel is best peeled to avoid pesticides. (mimi)



                        ------ 诸葛长青



1.      萝卜与水果同吃会诱发甲状腺肿大。



4. 柿子与白薯不宜同吃否则易得胃结石。



7. 空腹喝白酒会出现低血糖,因缺乏葡萄糖供应发生功能性障碍,严惩者会发生低血糖昏迷,甚至生命危险。












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