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 "Vegetarianism" is sweeping the world

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"Vegetarianism" is sweeping the world



"Keep poultry, meat, and even dairy foods out of the door", "eat as much as possible plant-based foods". When the "vegetarianism" hit, the world was moved: in China, Peking University established a vegetarian association; In the United States, people take "vegetarianism" as a symbol of their quality of life. 55% of Americans will order all-vegetarian dishes when dining out; Dr. Colin Campbell, the world's leading nutritionist and the tenured professor of Cornell University, known as "Einstein in the world's nutrition", also talked about his "vegetarian sutra" in an exclusive interview with the reporter of Life Times in Beijing recently. How much has vegetarian food changed people's lives? Will China's traditional eating habits be overturned under the influence of this "trend"?

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Vegetarianism changes American families

Mr. Weinberg, who lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, is 64 years old. A few years ago, he was a "meat eater". His family, however, ate vegetables first. "I was once confused - should I give up eating fried steak for decades?" Mr. Weinberg told the Life Times that he had tried to make himself vegetarian, but he gave up within a few days. "It's really hard to eat fruit and vegetables every day. I don't have any strength."

It was not until one day that Weinberg's 31-year-old son explained the problems in livestock raising in detail to him that Weinberg's attitude gradually changed. "My son told me that many studies have shown that most of the animal feed is added with hormones, antibiotics, and even pesticides. In addition to the serious air pollution and water pollution in recent years, I dare not touch those things." However, Weinberg frankly stated that he is not a strict vegetarian, and occasionally eats fish and dairy products when he is hungry.

Weinberg was very satisfied with the change in his diet. "I don't have the weight problems common to other American elderly people, and I am also energetic. Of course, the secret of my health is to keep running marathons."

For health reasons, people like Weinberg are increasing year by year in the United States. There is no doubt that vegetarianism has gradually become the mainstream of American diet, while the proportion of meat food is becoming smaller and smaller. According to the survey data of the American Vegetarian Resources Association in 2006, at present, about 4.7 million adults over the age of 18 in the United States are strict vegetarians, who never eat meat and seafood; In addition, more than 13 million people just don't touch those meat products. A report released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recently shows that 20% of college students in the United States follow vegetarianism, and more and more of them become strict vegetarians; Another 55% of Americans will order vegetarian dishes when eating out.

American nutritionist's "vegetarian sutra"

Dr. Campbell, the world's leading nutritionist, has conducted long-term research on the relationship between eating habits and health, and he himself is a strict vegetarian. But Dr Campbell prefers to use "plant food" to describe his eating habits. In his view, some vegetarians eat not only vegetables, fruits, beans and other plant foods, but also eggs, dairy products, etc; Plant foods mainly include vegetables, cereals, beans, fruits, etc., excluding eggs and dairy products.

On April 7, in an interview with the reporter of Life Times at the signing meeting of Beijing Third Pole Bookstore, Dr. Campbell once again expounded his experience and views on plant food. "I grew up in a ranch and had been dealing with cattle since childhood - drinking milk and eating beef. At that time, I thought these foods were extremely delicious. I never thought that I would have the current attitude to diet in thirty or forty years." After decades of nutrition research, Campbell has sufficient data to prove that diet based on animal food can lead to various chronic diseases, such as obesity, coronary heart disease, tumor, etc; The diet based on plant food is the most beneficial to health, and also the most effective in controlling and preventing chronic diseases. "With the deepening of the research, I almost completely denied those dietary theories rooted in my childhood."

Dr. Campbell's research mainly includes the following findings:

Discovery 1: The diet composed of plant foods is beneficial for improving and preventing a series of chronic diseases.

Discovery 2: A plant-based diet can even reverse the process of chronic disease without drugs.

Discovery 3: the relationship between nutrition and genes. Susceptibility genes can be controlled through nutrition intake, that is, if the diet is appropriate, even the susceptibility genes may not be expressed; If the collocation is not reasonable, the susceptible genes will be expressed quickly.

Discovery 4: The diet based on plant food can resist the impact of some harmful substances on health. For example, we all know that smoking is harmful to health, but people based on plant food and people based on animal food have different tolerance to the harm of smoking. The former can reduce the harm to a certain extent.

In the interview, he told reporters that he did not have the so-called "food pyramid". In his view, eating more food, beans, vegetables and fruits and less chicken, duck, fish, meat, eggs and milk can keep away from diseases. "Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on food therapy. It can be seen that food can indeed cure diseases. What I want to do now is to expand the view of 'medicine and food are the same'."

Vegetarianism will not impact Chinese eating habits

In fact, thousands of years ago, Chinese people began to be "vegetarian". The ancients have long said that "grain is the main, five animals are the right amount, beans should not be lost, five vegetables are mixed in color, and fruits and melons are supplemented". Among them, "vegetarian" is not only derived from the fear of ghosts and gods, but also not only from Buddhist rituals. It represents more respect for the concept of health. The royal families and dignitaries who believe in this kind of dietary structure have told the world with their own practical actions: Eat like us. This is the symbol of identity and the real healthy lifestyle!

Today, "vegetarian" is gradually forgotten by Chinese people. On April 9, Chen Junshi, an academician of the CAE Member and a researcher of the Institute of Nutrition and Food Safety of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said regretfully in a telephone interview with the Life Times reporter, "Many people now believe that big fish and meat, delicacies of mountains and seas are synonymous with 'prosperity' and 'progress', and began to enjoy a' happy 'life." Others believe that only by eating more meat, We can be as powerful as Westerners. However, diabetes, coronary heart disease and so on are virtually "coming to our door". "A diet based on plant foods can effectively prevent and control chronic diseases."

However, the trend of dietary change in China is more oil and salt. The "vegetarian" made by this cooking method, even if it is "vegetarian", may also taste bad. In response, Academician Chen Junshi said: "Too much oil and salt is a bad habit that goes hand in hand with the diet based on animal food, and must be abandoned. Even if it is mainly plant food, it should be based on the premise of controlling total calories, and never think that as long as you eat vegetables, more oil and salt will not matter." For example, in the United States, vegetarians will change fried vegetarian spring rolls into baked (or steamed) vegetarian spring rolls when learning from Chinese food recipes.

Academician Chen Junshi also stressed that vegetarianism should also emphasize the reasonable collocation. "Some people just eat food and vegetables, which is not enough. Bean products must be added in, so that the protein intake is not inferior to that obtained from meat, and the nutrition is more comprehensive."

In the nutrition guide provided by the United States Department of Agriculture for vegetarians, experts also suggested that vegetarians should diversify their food, especially pay attention to the food with high plant protein, and eat more food rich in iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin B12.

"Vegetarianism" is sweeping the world

In several famous vegetarian restaurants in Beijing, you can always see an endless stream of diners coming in and out, including lay monks, company white-collar workers, government officials, university teachers and students. At present, college students have become the pioneers of modern vegetarian promotion. Since the establishment of the vegetarian association of Peking University in May 2000, the response of the vegetarian association of Fudan University and the vegetarian association of Sun Yat-sen University has been growing. Speaking of the original intention of promoting vegetarianism, Zhang Liping, the former president of the Vegetarian Culture Association of Peking University, said that vegetarianism is a diet that makes people feel no burden. Nowadays, most young people like vegetarianism, not because of religion, but because they think it is a good way of eating.

The vegetarian market in the United States is also growing rapidly, with sales in 2005 increasing by 64% over 2000. It is generally believed that the new food processing technology makes the vegetarian food with soybean as the main raw material taste more delicious, such as vegetarian hamburger, vegetarian sausage, vegetarian pizza, etc. According to the prediction of American market researchers, the sales of vegetarian food will reach 1.07 billion US dollars by 2010.

In Germany, the vegetarian restaurant named "Raffles" has 2500 chain stores, and business is very good every day; In the UK, 1/10 of citizens aged 13-34 are vegetarian.

"I would be very pleased if the plant-based diet could become a trend. Because it is the only way to avoid chronic diseases such as cardio-cerebrovascular disease and cancer, and it is also an inevitable trend for human beings to pursue health." Academician Chen Junshi firmly said.

Professor Xia Xueluan of the Department of Sociology of Peking University also has the same view. "This is a kind of progress. It is not only reflected in the pursuit of health, but also makes the concepts of environmental protection and animal welfare deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Animals are also the gift of the creator, just like human beings. Don't simply regard it as a delicacy on the table, otherwise, it will destroy the 'unity of heaven and man', and human beings will only fall into an increasingly lonely situation."

However, Professor Xia also pointed out that it will take a long time to fundamentally change the Chinese people's eating habits. Among them, the resistance from other industries, such as meat processing industry, is obvious. Just like Professor Campbell, when he was promoting the concept of "plant-based diet" in the United States, the United States government had repeatedly obstructed the development of other industries on the grounds of affecting their development.

"It depends on how to calculate this account." Academician Chen Junshi did not show much concern about this, He said, "Compared with national health and national livelihood, the contraction of relevant industries is too small. Moreover, China's national conditions are different from those of the United States. In the United States, industry associations have a great impact on the government, but China will not. The 2002 National Nutrition and Health Survey of China issued in 2004 It is proposed that the substantial increase of chronic diseases is related to the increasing intake of animal foods, which provides a good guarantee for the implementation of plant-based diet. "
































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