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 The best internal product for beauty - vegetarian

   date:2020-09-18 19:03:12     read:65   

The best internal product for beauty - vegetarian



The main causes of rough skin, black spots and freckles are due to the metabolism of the body and the dysfunction of sweat glands. Generally speaking, about one fifth of the sweat we excrete is solid, including salt, urea, lactic acid, etc. Although they are invisible to the naked eye, they will be mixed in the sweat and constantly discharged on the skin surface.

If the animal food is eaten too much, the blood acidity will be too high, and the urea and lactic acid in the blood will increase greatly. When it is discharged from the skin surface, especially lactic acid (also a kind of acid) will gradually erode the sensitive skin surface cells, making the skin lose tension and elasticity and become more and more rough, the skin surface cells will change their color due to acid or toxin erosion, and there will be black spots and freckles, It can be seen from this that the most effective and fundamental way to maintain skin is to keep the ideal blood state by vegetarianism.

Beautiful and glossy skin is a characteristic of women's charm. Chinese women have been famous for their delicate skin since ancient times, but in recent years, women with rough and oily skin can be seen everywhere in the street. What's the reason? The main reason is that the normal diet is mainly meat. Eating too much animal fat is not easy to digest and absorb, which will bring great burden to the liver and make the liver function low. The animal fat can not be fully metabolized and absorbed, and will surface on the skin, which is the biggest reason for face scar (acne) acne.

If we can eat more plant foods rich in alkaline minerals to make the blood become slightly alkaline, the lactic acid in the blood will be greatly reduced, and there will not be a large amount of sweat flowing to the skin surface to harm the skin. At the same time, minerals such as calcium can wash away the harmful dirt in the blood. After washing, the blood can fully play its role, and also make the organs of the whole body active and full of vitality. Therefore, vegetarian food is an internal beauty product.





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