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 How to use the network to build "enterprise aircraft carrier system"

   date:2020-09-18 18:49:52     read:41   

How to use the network to build "enterprise aircraft carrier system"





The mention of the United States military can not help reminding people of aircraft carriers. It is the American aircraft carrier fleet that extends its military influence to the world, and the aircraft carrier is also an excellent military platform that the Chinese have dreamed of for decades. The essence of an aircraft carrier is actually a comprehensive operational platform, which integrates fighter aircraft, attack aircraft, anti-submarine aircraft, early warning aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft, refueling aircraft, helicopters, and other weapons, including missiles, anti-aircraft guns, anti-aircraft guns, and radar, sonar, satellite communications and other equipment. Because of its systematic combination of various combat weapons and platforms, it has produced amazing power. It is estimated that it is difficult to produce a strong deterrent to a certain country just by taking out one of these weapons.

If this concept is extended to enterprises, it is also true. In Jieshi's view, enterprises also include many elements, such as excellent leadership, technicians, operators, logistics, finance, customer service, advanced production equipment, good procurement chain and partners, dealers, customers, etc. If you do one of them very well, it will undoubtedly have a good impact on the enterprise, But it is absolutely difficult to achieve the effect of absolute competitive advantage. If we imagine that if we can combine these enterprise elements well through a platform, it will produce amazing synergy and comprehensive effect.

What will this platform be? Jieshi Communication believes that it will be the network! The network has the following advantages:

1. Cheap: Needless to say, the cost ratio of carrying 100000 people on the network and 100000 people in the traditional way is amazing.

2. Not limited by space and time: the network is an excellent platform that spans national boundaries and time and space.

3. Rapid development of technology: The rapid change of network technology is obvious to all. We can never imagine what the next network technology innovation is.

4. National investment and support are strong: from the earliest information highway proposed by the United States, countries around the world have invested a lot of manpower and funds to build.

5. The most convenient interactive tool: through BBS, chat room, QQ, MSN, online conference and other means, to achieve good communication between employees, customers and partners.

6. The most widely connected platform: through the Internet, the earth has become a global village, greatly reducing the barriers to communication.

7. The most efficient platform: through the network, drawings can be transmitted to customers far away from other countries in an instant, and engineers scattered around can develop products on the same platform through the network.


The above are just a few common advantages. The convenience and efficiency brought by the network are hard to describe. If the invention of the steam engine has triggered an industrial revolution, then the network has triggered a revolution in the information age.

How to use the network platform to combine enterprise elements into a powerful "aircraft carrier" is an important topic for enterprises to ponder and practice in the future. Jieshi Communication has carried out long-term and in-depth research and practice on this topic, which can help enterprises build "enterprise aircraft carrier system" with network as the link. Yu Jianxiang















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