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 What is a rich man? Donate to the public welfare to be rich

   date:2020-09-18 18:53:48     read:61   

What is a rich man? Donate to the public welfare to be rich




Money is a good thing, can make people live well and can make people feel satisfied. However, if you make money and only enjoy it, it is "miser" and "rich and inhumane". Many rich people in China are quietly donating to the public welfare. Mr. Pan Shiyi has done a good job, adding a beautiful scenery to the society. The real "rich" are those who don't forget public welfare when they are rich.

-------Zhuge Changqing

At the end of last year, when summarizing the work of the company and myself in 2006, we found that all indicators were well completed and the achievements were very satisfactory. If we had to find out the unfinished goals, I felt that we had not completed the goals we had set at the beginning of 2006 in terms of charity and public welfare for the society. According to our financial statistics, the donation in this regard is only 6.3 million yuan, and a small part of it is not satisfactory. At the beginning of this year, Zhang Xin and I discussed the goal and direction of our public welfare undertakings, and felt that we should devote more time, energy and money to charity and public welfare undertakings. In the process of doing these things, we should also make progress in our spirit. In order to make these charitable and public welfare undertakings achieve better results, we decided to focus on education, because changing people's minds and changing people's hearts are the most important, and these must be achieved through education.

In the first half of this year, we donated another 2 million yuan to build a new teaching building for the school in Tianshui, Gansu Province. After the completion of the new teaching building, the school has rapidly increased from more than 100 students to 1530 students. Many children have come to school from the mountains of Qinling Mountains for 10 kilometers and 20 kilometers. On the road, students are usually led and protected by middle school students. They are very hard and unsafe. At noon, there is no canteen or dormitory in the school. Students can only sit in the classroom and eat the dry food from home. The mayor of Tianshui City attaches great importance to this matter and is actively applying from the Development and Reform Commission for funds for dormitory construction. I promised the mayor that we would donate the same amount of money as the government invested, and we must thoroughly solve the problem of accommodation and canteen for children here. At the same time, Zhang Xin has also served as the director of the "Children's Virtue Foundation". We will also invite teachers and principals from these mountains to Beijing for training, study and visit. We will continue to do such activities.

I learned from the "Charity 1+1" program held by CCTV this year that as long as children under the age of six can't hear sound, as long as they have a hearing aid of 2000 yuan, most children may have language ability. At the scene, I donated hearing aids to 500 such children. The name of this activity is very beautiful - "Let love hear".

Last month, under the leadership of Niu Qingshan, head of Chongwen District, and Gao Guiqiang, deputy head of Chongwen District, we went to Huangnan, the poorest state in Qinghai Province. This is a state close to my hometown Gansu. There is only one complete ordinary school that speaks Chinese in the five counties of the state. Other schools are ethnic schools that only speak Tibetan. This school has 1500 students. When our motorcade entered the school gate, all the students and teachers stood in line on the muddy road to welcome us and applaud us. The students who come to school here are farther than Tianshui in Gansu Province, not only tens of kilometers, but also hundreds of kilometers. Since the school has no dormitories, most of its students live in the homes of residents in the county. The school has two teaching buildings, one is newly built and the other is already dangerous. The government does not allow people to enter again.

There is also a primary school in Huangnan Prefecture. In a county town with an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level, the school has no walls, only a soil toilet. The pupils living here at night are afraid to go to the toilet, so they use the dormitory and the surrounding classroom as toilets. There is an urgent need to build a toilet and a wall here, so that these pupils can no longer be afraid. Guangming Primary School and Huiwen Middle School in Chongwen District decided to help these schools in terms of teachers. President Rui of China Satellite Communications Corporation also decided to spend a huge sum of money to enable every village in Qinghai to have phone calls and watch TV. Of course, this project also includes the poorest Huangnan Prefecture.

When I was in Huangnan Prefecture, I talked with Zhang Xin on the phone. After discussion, we also decided to contribute to help build this middle school and primary school. In addition, we also established a 2 million yuan reward fund in Huangnan Prefecture. This time, the governor of Huangnan Prefecture and the director of the Education Bureau came to Beijing to establish contact with the schools in Chongwen District, and at the same time, they also discussed with us the next specific plan and implementation details.

Although we are already doing these public welfare undertakings, I think it is just the beginning and we have done too little. But I want to take this opportunity to build a bridge so that more people living in rich cities in the east can learn more about those people in the west who have poor living conditions and have not been improved. Let people in the west know about the east. Let's do our best to help those in difficulties and children in need of education. Because we are a big family, we cannot be separated. We should support and care for each other, rather than let the gap and gap extend indefinitely.

In recent days, many colleagues in our company are helping to do this, including today's simple ceremony and the next step of the implementation of this project. We are all doing our best to give our love. After hearing about the event, many media friends took the initiative to participate in and report on it. We were deeply moved by this. But at the same time, we also have a colleague with strong working ability resigned. His reason is very simple, that is, you donated so much money to others, why not give me a raise? His mind is unbalanced. Zhang Xin felt very uncomfortable about it. Indeed, his resignation has also had a certain impact on our work, but I think that what we have done is meaningful, and I think it is right that we should focus on education, especially the education of virtue, and we will stick to it for a long time. I believe that as long as more of us pay attention to public welfare undertakings and participate in public welfare undertakings, our world will be more peaceful and better, and our own spirit will also make greater progress.


                       ------- 诸葛长青














(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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