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 Five sentences that mislead a woman's life

   date:2020-09-18 18:34:45     read:43   

Five sentences that mislead a woman's life



The classic that seems to guide love is actually the "SARS" that stifles love. I don't know how many beauties have lost their lives in these words.

Men are not bad, women do not love

Are women masochistic? In fact, women just don't like those who are rigid, clumsy and uninteresting. Relatively speaking, "bad" men are more interesting. But this "bad" should have a special meaning, that is, the heroine in the old-style movie turned shy and poked her finger at the hero's head: "You are such a bad person!"

The real bad man is terrible. The smart woman will smell the smell quickly and escape in time. The fake and bad man, commonly known as "cool", should become the "disgusting image" of women.

Men like beautiful stupid women

In order to please the prince and maintain her slim figure, Princess Diana began to vomit after eating, and later developed into uncontrollable vomiting. Charles did not feel grateful for this. On the contrary, he recalled in disgust: "My honeymoon was full of vomit." But the old and ugly Camilla, even the person who accused her of destroying the royal marriage, had to say: "Camilla is not only smart, but also very funny." She can talk about literature, art, politics and economy. In private, she is a warm and indulgent lover, When I first met her, she was not as shy as a little girl. She said, "My great-grandmother is your great-grandfather's mistress. What do you think?"

Beauty is something that men attach great importance to women, but love is not a poster or a one-night stand. When the attraction caused by beauty fades, if you face a dull and clumsy lover every day, how can life be boring?

Men should not make women cry

Men are not saviors, women are not clay dolls. In love, tolerance and understanding are necessary; But unlimited and absolute requirements are also unreasonable. Only "equality" can produce healthy and deep love between people.

If this sentence is interpreted as "men can't hurt women cruelly", then it should also be added that "women can't hurt men cruelly". In this way, it means nothing, so let's rest.

Not for ever, but for ever

The third party often said this when they first became the third party, but later most of them cried to "last forever". What's the meaning of self-deception.

Another is the fear of responsibility. I have a friend. The most unbearable thing for her ex-boyfriend is to always make clear that "we are not bound to marry in the future". The friend is finally angry, and even does not want to "have". Her ex-boyfriend was so excited that she suddenly felt unable to leave her and proposed. And she never looked back.

We are together because we don't understand, and separate because we understand

This "maxim" seems to have been circulating for a long time. The theoretical basis is that "distance produces beauty". The so-called "looking at a flower from a distance, looking at a lump of hemp from a distance".

Therefore, this kind of love and marriage guidance has also arisen. It is said that in marriage, both parties should also maintain a sense of mystery, and do not often expose their naked bodies in front of the opposite party. A friend of mine recently divorced, and his ex-wife followed this dogma. When she took a bath, her husband must not go in. If she did not go in carefully, she would shout and cover her body with a bath towel, such as a rogue. The friend's comment was: "Is it necessary? Where haven't I seen her?"

Is it so easy to know someone? In just a few years, you learned about a very different opposite sex from you and got tired of her? Only love based on understanding is profound and lasting.











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