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 Ten positive attitudes you should have

   date:2020-09-18 18:36:35     read:53   

Ten positive attitudes you should have



A positive attitude is the engine, which makes your car full of power. The road in the world, how much power you have, how far you can go

---Zhuge Changqing

Once put forward, the slogan "Attitude determines everything!" of Roman Vincent Pier, an American success scientist, spread throughout Europe, America and the world as the most sonorous expression of positive thinking power. He himself was made into the film "Life". Napoleon Hill regards positive attitude as the first principle of success. But what kind of positive mentality should we cultivate? Both masters have taken it with one stroke.

A person's mentality is the product of his growth. He has been cultivating his own mentality all his life, some in the direction of positive thinking and some in the direction of negative thinking.

Positive thinking brings good qualities: self-confidence, optimism, integrity, selflessness, generosity, tolerance, loyalty, courage, firmness, firmness, decisiveness, enterprising, fraternity, responsibility, trust, respect, perseverance, etc;

Negative thinking forms all negative qualities: inferiority, pessimism, meanness, narrowness, hypocrisy, cowardice, deception, arrogance, blame, greed, hesitation, fear, depression, resentment, anger, impatience, avoidance of responsibility, etc.

Obviously, a positive attitude brings light to life, while a negative attitude brings darkness to life.

Lin Yutang said that Chinese people are too familiar with three words: impossible! These three words are the characteristics of negative mentality.

The characteristic of positive attitude is still these three words. Just pause when you say these three words, and don't deny them all at once. That is: No, it is possible!

But if that is all, it is still just a vague psychological hint, not a clear and operable positive attitude. After self-learning and various lectures, many people have decided to turn themselves into a truly active person. But where to start is still unknown. Many successful lecturers also know nothing about it, but only encourage it. I conclude that there are ten attitudes that people generally lack, which are also the ten positive attitudes that must be possessed for success.

1 Investment mentality

Investment is to invest existing resources into a project and obtain greater benefits from it. Investment mentality is the mentality of believing that everything you do will be rewarded. Reading is an intellectual investment, doing good is a moral investment, helping people is an emotional investment

2 Normal mentality

The so-called ordinary state of mind is the state of mind that calmly accepts all facts. It may be good or bad. Ordinary mind is not only the attitude towards honor and luck, but also the attitude towards frustration and failure.

3 Risk mentality

Adventure mentality is the psychological state of not being afraid of risk or even actively seeking risk value.

4. Gratitude

Gratitude is the psychological state of being grateful to others and even to nature.

5 Zero mentality

The zeroing mentality is the mentality of clearing everything in your heart and returning everything to zero. A good zeroing mentality is an essential psychological weapon to deal with failure, and it is also a necessary psychological state to keep forging ahead and achieve success.

6 Service mentality

Service mentality is the mentality that you do everything to serve others, society and mankind. One of the principles of success is the service principle, and the service mentality is to implement this principle.

7. Contentment

Greed is one of the six human natures. Many people are often unhappy because of discontent. They spend all their minds on things they don't necessarily need. If it is not greed, how many people will be happy and how many people will achieve!

8 Sharing mentality

The sharing mentality is the psychological state of wanting someone to share the results of labor with themselves.

9. Win-win mentality

The principle of cooperation is one of the principles of success. The win-win mentality is the mentality of self-interest. It is to think for yourself while not forgetting the rights and interests of others, so that both parties can benefit. The win-win mentality is the necessary mentality to achieve cooperation and the only way to success.

10 Childish mentality

The tempering of life makes us mature, but it may also erase one of the most important things in us: childlike innocence. The so-called childish mentality is the mentality of looking at problems like children. There are two characteristics of childlike innocence, one is curiosity and the other is tolerance. Curiosity and tolerance are valuable wisdom in life.


                                --- 诸葛长青


  美国成功学家罗曼-文森特-皮尔“态度决定一切!” 的口号一经提出就作为积极思维力量的一句最铿锵的表达而传遍欧美,传遍世界。他本人被拍成电影《一生》。拿破仑-希尔把积极心态作为成功的第一原则。可是我们到底要培养什么样的积极心态呢?两位大师都一笔带过。








  1 投资心态


  2 平常心态


  3 冒险心态


  4 感恩心态


  5 归零心态


  6 服务心态


  7 知足心态


  8 分享心态


  9 双赢心态





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