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 Learn to smile

   date:2020-09-18 18:37:39     read:83   

Learn to smile


The face God gives us is not used for making up or eating, but for smiling, If you see someone who doesn't smile, please give him a smile

-----------Zhuge Changqing

I remember a philosopher said that smile is a person's most beautiful look; The ugliest person, as long as he shows a sincere smile, will suddenly become beautiful. Looking back, all smiles are beautiful, and the six palaces are pink and colorless! I'm afraid that's the reason.

Smile is closely related to our life. Smile is an advanced nutritional cream. When applied to our face, we will become more beautiful and moving; Smile is cool mountain water, which moistens your heart and calms others' anger. Smiling with friends is the communication between heart and heart; Smiling at strangers is the shortening of points; Smiling at relatives is caring; Smiling at the enemy is a confident response.

There are thousands of different languages in the world, but smile has no country. It can instantly express your enthusiasm, friendship and goodwill. When you smile when you are alone, it is a sincere smile! Face everyone around you (including yourself) with a sincere smile in life, and then you will become more confident and popular. The marketing god of the Japanese insurance industry, Yuanyiping, is short and unattractive. The secret of his success is his smile. It is said that he can laugh in thirty-eight ways, of which the most praiseworthy is his childlike innocent smile, which is the most moving. The boss of McDonald's said: "Smile is one of the most valuable commodities." Smile is an important element to show the comprehensive quality and taste of the service industry.

Give life a sincere smile—— Whether you are at the peak of success or at the bottom of frustration, whether you are happy for love or sad for hate, as long as you learn to smile, you will find the most essential, primitive and simple tolerance and open-mindedness for your soul at the beginning of life. All laughter and tears will become frank and free, and you will have a vast sky in front of you.

Give life a sincere smile—— Whether you are facing a billionaire or a poor beggar, whether you are meeting old friends or new friends again, as long as you learn to smile, you will understand love and respect, and shake off the triviality, embarrassment and lead dust in life. All the disturbances from the outside and the shackles from the inside will become insignificant, and your surroundings will be full of warmth and friendliness!

Smile is a kind of detached mood, a kind of calm and calm. If you treat marriage, family, life and work with a smile, you will be happy and satisfied. Smile makes you happy.

Smile is a kind of inner temperament, which comes from personal culture and cultivation; Smile is a transcendent realm, which needs the practice of life and sincere appreciation. The hustle and bustle of the world, the busy work, the tired life, the body is bound, the mind is not bound, as long as your mood is clear and cloudless, your life will not be dark and cold. In fact, all this - just a knowing smile is enough.

Smile is a kind of indifference, and smile is a kind of free and easy; Smile is a strong, smile is a mature; Smile is a kind of confidence, and smile is a kind of charm; Smile is a kind of wisdom, and smile is a kind of love.

A smile is a kind of appearance, a kind of demeanor, a kind of language. A sincere smile also gives people respect, hope, encouragement, warmth and fragrance. A smile is the spring breeze in March, which can sweep away the clouds on your face; Smile is the rainbow in the world, which can build a bridge of friendship. Smile is the exposure of virtue; It is the display of wisdom; Smile is a symbol of art.

Smile makes your heart richer, and smile makes your life richer.

Everyone yearns for others to smile at him. Especially when you are a stranger in a foreign country, you feel that the friendly smile others give you is a winter sun and a summer breeze. However, there are not many people who can appreciate this scenery in life. We should learn to smile.

When you learn to smile at yourself, you learn to love life; When you learn to smile at others, you learn to cherish the beauty; Learn to smile at all life, and your life will be full of sunshine everywhere!

Smiling is actually very simple, but the corners of the mouth are slightly upward, and the eyes are slightly narrowed, making the appearance of narcissism. Smiling is just a simple and subtle action. But maybe you can't imagine that the power of smile is magical, and the effect of smile is incomparable. Smile can't be artificial. An artificial smile is awkward, embarrassing and hypocritical. Smiling depends not only on facial muscles, but also on heart. The smile must be from the inside out, real and full of love.

I shouted "one, two, three". Would you please smile with me?


                 ----------- 诸葛长青









   微笑是一种淡然,微笑是一种洒脱; 微笑是一种坚强,微笑是一种成熟; 微笑是一种自信,微笑是一种魅力; 微笑是一种智慧,微笑是一种博爱。







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