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 Nine things that touched me in the past six years in the United States

   date:2020-09-18 18:39:00     read:46   

Nine things that touched me in the past six years in the United States

 美国6年 让我感动的9件事


The United States has many shortcomings and many advantages. The ancients said that learning from others' strong points to make up for their own weaknesses can enhance wisdom This is an article written by an American overseas Chinese, which is very readable.


... I have been in the United States for nearly six years. I read before I work, and I have tasted the ups and downs. But I want to write some things that deeply touched me:

Not long after I came to the United States, when I went to the hospital once, I saw a long card placed at the front desk. The words written on it were unforgettable for me all my life. The translation is: "No matter what race you are, whether you have money or not, and no matter what status you are, you have the right to get treatment here". In other words, hospitals will not refuse to treat poor people, even illegal immigrants. When I hear that illegal immigrants are seriously ill, they go to the hospital and usually give a false address. After they leave the hospital, they can't receive the bill anyway. The hospital naturally has funds to pay for this fee.

A friend's wife (also a student) had an appendectomy and stayed in the hospital for a week because of severe inflammation in the early stage. The friend said that he accidentally saw the bill one day in the hospital, which was more than 80000 dollars, which did not include the doctor's fees, but at last he did not have to pay a penny, because after paying a small part of the student's medical insurance, the rest could apply for the hospital's charity fund. A friend's father came to visit his family from home and had a heart operation without spending money. Many students or family members gave birth to children during school, because their income was below the set limit, not only did they spend no money on inspection and production during pregnancy, but also they could receive milk and food after birth. Several times, the person next door came to me with milk and said that we couldn't finish drinking. I'll give you some.

2 Once I went to the school to pick up my son, and saw a notice on the school corridor, which said that according to the law of a certain year, all children in this jurisdiction have the right to receive education in this school, whether you are a resident here, or you are a relative living here, or even you are homeless. That is to say, even if you live under a bridge in this area, your children can still get free education in this school. You know, this is the best local school.

3 A few years ago, I went out to play with my friends and went to a desolate place. Unfortunately, my car fell into a sand dune, and my mobile phone had no signal, so I couldn't call a trailer. I was at a loss when a four-wheel drive off-road vehicle came. The driver spent six times pulling my car out, and in the meantime, he pulled several ropes on his car. When we left, the driver told us that when we just missed the car, he was thinking that my two-wheel drive car would fall into the sand dune, so he went back to check it out, and sure enough.

Four years ago, I went fishing with my friends because I couldn't open the package of the fishing gear I just bought. So he asked the old lady who wanted to drive away next to her if she had scissors, and told her that she didn't have them, so she had to watch her friend fishing. After more than 10 minutes, I suddenly found that the old American who had just left drove back and specially brought scissors from home.

Every time I see the school bus put out the stop sign, the traffic in the same direction and in the opposite direction will stop quietly and wait for the children to get on, get off and cross the road. And every time you hear the sound of an ambulance, all the vehicles lean to the side and wait for the ambulance to pass.

When my son went to the kindergarten the year before last, he was naughty and made a lot of complaints by the teacher. When it came to class, he could never be quiet, lunch was not good, and he had to disturb other children, so he didn't queue up when drinking water. So the teacher said to let me go to the kindergarten to attend a meeting to talk about his son's education. He thought it was a casual chat. Unexpectedly, three teachers came to the school, and two children's education experts were invited from outside to observe his son's performance in class the first day, Then attend the meeting And we talked for an hour and a half, from the analysis of the son's problems to the parents, what the teacher should do to help the son, and also suggested that the follow-up meeting should be held once a month to evaluate whether the son has improved. The son did not pay a penny for kindergarten, but also provided free breakfast and lunch, and sometimes organized to go to the amusement park, The zoo also doesn't pay (kindergarten is not free in most places. Maybe the place where I studied at that time belongs to a low-income area, and there are many government subsidies, so it is free). I am deeply moved to help my son grow up with so much enthusiasm and benefit.

7. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, the convenience of return is incomparable in China. Generally, goods can be returned without any reason within 3 months. So I can buy things at ease and boldly. If I'm not satisfied, I can return them.

When I was interning in a government department in New York the year before last, there was a meeting held by the heads of all districts and counties (equivalent to the top leaders in China). At lunch, everyone went out to eat fast food, and others bought a bottle of drinks from the vending machine, and a little snacks for lunch, and then we continued the meeting in the afternoon. After the current government departments go to work, there are also meetings attended by mayors and township heads. The meeting will be held at 9 o'clock, and the meeting will end at 10 o'clock, and they will return to their units. It is said that there is no food because there is no budget.

The current unit is in charge of and allocates tens of millions of project funds from the federal government every year. The source of funds for the annual staff dinner is the coke bottles recycled by colleagues after drinking Coke. In addition, the company does not have a bus, so it needs to drive its own car when it needs to be used, and then it will be reimbursed according to the mileage.


                  ---------- 题记


  1 刚来美国没多久,有一次去医院的时候,进门就看到前台摆放着一张长卡片,上面写的东西让我终生难忘,翻译出来就是:“不论你是什么种族,不论你有没有钱,也不论你是什么身份,你都有权利在这里得到治疗”。也就是,穷人,甚至非法移民来治病,医院也不会拒绝治疗。我听到非法移民有大病时去医院,一般给个假地址,出院后反正也收不到帐单,医院自然有基金来付这笔费用。


  2 有次去学校接儿子,在学校走廊上看见一则公告,内容是根据某年某法案,此辖区内所有孩子有权在这所学校受教育,不管你是这儿的居民,或者你是寄居在这儿的亲戚家,甚至你是无家可归者。也就是说,你即使住在这个地区的某个桥洞下,你的孩子仍然可以在这所学校得到免费教育。要知道,这是本地最好的学校。

  3 几年前与朋友出去玩,到了一荒凉之地,不幸车子陷入沙丘,手机无信号,无法叫拖车,正手足无措之际,一四轮驱动越野车开来,司机花了6次将我的车拖出,其间拖断他车上几根绳子。离开之际,司机告诉我们,刚跟我们错车时,就在想我的两轮驱动车会陷入沙丘,于是特意返回察看,果不其然。

  4 几年前与朋友出去钓鱼,因为我刚买的渔具包装怎么也打不开。于是问旁边欲开车离去的老美是否有剪刀,告知没有,于是只得在一旁看朋友钓鱼。10多分钟后,突然发现刚刚离去的老美开车返回,从家里特意拿来剪刀。

  5 每次看到校车将停车标志一伸出来,同向和反向车流乖乖停住,静等孩子们上车,下车,过马路。还有每次只要听到救护车的声音,所有车辆往边上靠,等待救护车过去。

  6 儿子前年上幼儿园时,调皮捣蛋让老师告了不少状.说到上课从来不能安静,中午饭不好好吃,还要去打搅别的小朋友,喝水的时候不排队.因此老师说让我到幼儿园参加会议谈谈儿子的教育.本以为是随便聊聊,没想到学校来了三个老师,还从外面请来两个儿童教育专家先在头一天去观察儿子在班上的表现,然后参加会议. 并且一起聊了一个半小时,从儿子的问题分析到家长,老师该怎么做来帮助儿子,并且还建议之后每月一次的后续会议,以评估儿子是否有改进.儿子上幼儿园不但一分钱不交还有早餐和午餐免费供应,有时组织去游乐园,动物园也不交钱(大部分地方上幼儿园不是免费,可能我当时读书的地方属于低收入区,有不少政府补贴,所以免费).为帮助儿子的成长这么兴师动众,并且让我受益非浅,也深受感动。

  7 买了东西后,如不满意,退货之方便是国内不可比的。一般3个月之内不需要任何理由就可退货。所以我现在买东西是尽管放心大胆买,如果不满意拿来退就行了。

  8 前年在纽约某政府部门实习的时候,有一次各区县头头(相当于国内的一把手)来单位开会,中午吃饭大家都是各自去外面吃快餐,还有的就在售货机上买瓶饮料,一点小点心当午餐,然后下午大家继续开会。到现在的政府部门上班后,也是有各市长,乡镇长参加的会议,9点开会,10点多散会,各自回单位。据说没饭吃是因为没有这方面的预算。

  9 现在的单位一年掌管和下拨联邦政府来的几千万的项目资金,每年员工聚餐资金来源是靠同事们喝完可乐后回收的可乐瓶换来的钱。并且单位没有一辆公车,需要用时开自己车,然后按里程数报销。

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