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 Calm is the real power

   date:2020-09-18 18:53:49     read:69   

Calm is the real power



Be calm, calm, not limited by the situation, not hindered by the environment. As long as you are the best, you should be calm and stable. Mr. Pan Shiyi wrote this article very well, which is thought-provoking

A particularly close friend told me that he had no mind about what he had done recently. He felt powerless, soft and didn't want to do anything. I talked a lot with him about strength and the source of strength, and I also thought a lot about it.

Around us, whether in real life, or in television, the Internet, or various media, we can see the most power is the power of guns, weapons, especially nuclear weapons. Sometimes it is not even the power of nuclear weapons themselves, but the power that threatens the peace and life of the world in the name of nuclear weapons. At the same time, there are also the power of protest, intimidation, fist, abuse, slander, deception, and so on. But these forces do not seem to have brought benefits to our lives, not only to others, but also to the originator himself. What they have brought is destruction and insecurity. When you abuse and slander others, there will be blank, boredom and emptiness at a loss. In order to make up for this boredom, you have to use worse language to abuse and slander others. The worse the language is, the more serious the emptiness and boredom will appear. These are more pale and powerless than power, because they are the opposite of real power in essence.

What strength does a healthy person and team need? I think it is the power of tranquility, justice, unity, truth, love, science, and benevolent language... These forces can enrich themselves. Only when they are enriched can they do their own things well, and these forces will also help them to do things.

I remember one time last year, I went to a meeting with my colleague. At this meeting, the other party suddenly hurled insults, broke out in a rage, and even personally attacked my colleague. My colleague just sat quietly, without tit for tat, and did not leave his seat. He just sat there politely. After the other party's venting, there was an embarrassing blank, about three or five minutes, but it seemed that three or five hours had passed. From the eyes and expressions of the other party, we can see his inner shame and embarrassment. Then the work and meeting continued. After leaving the conference room, I said to my colleague, "You have done very well, because you believe from the bottom of your heart that the power of justice and the power of benevolent language outweigh the power of intimidation and abuse. This is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of your strength and strength." In fact, he was very moved.

Indeed, the power of love will prevail over the power of guns; The power of honesty and morality will surely defeat the power of deception; The power of science and the pursuit of truth will also defeat the power of superstition. In our life, we should always remind ourselves that we should use the power of justice to defeat the power of evil. Only with the power of justice can we finally defeat the power of evil. Why? There must be a secret behind this. It always lets those shameless people fall into the shackles of their own design. Those who are pure in heart and behave properly can always get your help and enter the kingdom of happiness and freedom. This is exactly what Confucius said: "A gentleman is honest, and a villain is always in distress."


    遇事要冷静,要沉着,不要被形势所限制,不要被环境所阻碍,只要你是最好的,你就要沉着稳定,潘石屹先生这片文写得很好,令人思考,“君子坦荡荡,小人常戚戚。” ---------- 诸葛长青





  记得去年有一次,我与我的同事去参加一个会议。这次会议上,对方突然恶语伤人,暴跳如雷地发作,甚至对我的同事进行人身攻击,而我的同事只是安静地坐着,没有以牙还牙地谩骂,也没有离开自己的座位,只是在那里有礼貌地坐着。等到对方发泄结束后,有一阵让对方尴尬的空白,大约只有三、五分钟,但当时的感觉好象是过了三、五个小时。从对方的眼神、表情中我们看到了他内心的羞愧和不好意思。之后工作和会议又继续进行着。出了会议室,我对我的同事说:“你做得很好,因为你从心底相信正义的力量、仁慈语言的力量胜过恐吓和谩骂的力量。这不是软弱的表现,正是你强大,有力量的表现。” 事实上也是如此,他很感动。


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