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 Listen: How do the rich and powerful in China raise their children?

   date:2020-09-18 18:34:47     read:30   

Listen: How do the rich and powerful in China raise their children?




Chen Tianqiao Chairman of Shanda Network

"Being a father is more important than being the richest man."

Guo Fansheng, Chairman, HC Group

  A child should have her own life choices. If I were to choose for her, I would let her be a primary school teacher or a doctor, have an easy job and marry a good husband, and that would be very happy.

Lou Zhongfu Chairman, Guangsha Holdings Group What is shaped may not be real. If I don't become a soldier, I would prefer my son to go into politics and become a civil servant. Qian Jinbo Chairman of Red Dragonfly Group "In the future, my daughter will be sent to the UK and my son to the US. The UK has a deep tradition and is a gentleman's country, which is more subtle and suitable for a lively and cheerful daughter, while the US is an immigrant country, which is warm and open and rich in innovation, suitable for a calm and low-key son."

Nan Cunhui, Chairman of Chint Group

  "I often tell my children that I may not have a lot of money to leave you, but my entrepreneurial spirit and hard work are more valuable. It also includes educating you now so that you can gain the ability to learn."

Guo Jiaxue Chairman of Dongsheng Group From a young age, she has to be self-reliant and go on to live and study in a normal state. I would never let her do business. We can't let him be under such painful pressure for the rest of his life. Yu Jinhua, General Manager of Gilda Shoe Company My son goes to a major school in Wenzhou. He usually pays 10 yuan for a taxi to school in the morning and walks home by himself for more than 40 minutes in the afternoon. The daily allowance is limited to about 5 yuan, and he has to pay the bill when he returns. At lunchtime, he eats with his classmates in the school canteen. Once, my son went out to eat a McDonald's meal for a few dozen dollars because there were too many people and he didn't want to queue up, which resulted in criticism from his father. Wu Liangding Chairman of Zhongbao Enterprise Group The requirements for his children are four words: to be well educated, well mannered, full of knowledge and dedicated to society. Huang Ru Lun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Century Gold Group, was very strict with his children. When his eldest son, Huang Tao, was studying, he called his father to send a car to pick him up because he was physically ill, but was refused. His son, Huang Tao, is now a Vice President of Century Gold Group. Cao Dewang Chairman of Fuyao Group At that time, his son Cao Hui often worked in three shifts for the workers in the same workshop in order to earn more money, often working more than 10 hours a day, and earned the nickname "Cao's Grandfather". " Zheng Xiu Kang, president of the Kang Nai Group, when his daughter first learned to walk, wanted to climb to bed by herself, he did not hold up, but took a face plate to demonstrate in front of his daughter, put the face plate upside down on the ground, so that his daughter first stood on the face plate and then climb up. The first thing you need to do is to get the money you need to pay for your children's education. But we really spend very little money on the family, and we are both very frugal. Rong Hai, President of Xi'an Starfish Group I appreciate the American way of education - the emphasis on the quality of education for people. I believe that with a sound personality, there will be a happy life. Wang Linxiang Chairman of Erdos Group "To find a job, I will not help her or arrange for her to come to my company. It's totally impossible for her to take over from me. Let her go her own way." Yin Mingshan Chairman of Chongqing Lifan "I have a son and a daughter, my daughter is still young and studying, my son is already helping me in the business, but he's not that interested in running the business, unlike me who is a workaholic, he obviously doesn't want to be this chairman of anything, so he'll have to let it be." Zan Sundar, chairman of the board of directors of Variety I hardly ever scold my daughter, but I never over-pamper her either, and I never give in to her unreasonable demands. When faced with a willful child, some parents are so accommodating that they fear their child will suffer. However, this will not in fact give the child true happiness. If parents really love their children, they should be strict with them from an early age and train them strictly, so that they do not develop the problem of capriciousness. As she has grown older, the willfulness that was present when my daughter did not know any better has disappeared. Today, she still has a strong personality, is confident and assertive, but not conceited. Niu Gensheng, President of Mengniu Group, cannot leave too much wealth to his children, that would "spoil them", "their lives will not be too problematic when I am alive, but when I am gone and he has problems in his life, it is his own business". Ren Yunliang Chairman of Dalian Huafeng Group The reason why I want my children to associate with people of quality is that on the one hand, I hope they can find like-minded friends in this regard, and on the other hand, I also hope that through this association, they can benefit their own improvement and career development. I hope that the first thing I want my children to achieve in the future is to have good character. Be kind, upright, responsible, compassionate, and the one constant throughout their lives is noble emotions. Miao Shouliang Chairman of Shenzhen Fuyuan Group My son has received a good education and is currently managing Fuyuan's properties in the UK. Huang Qiaoling Chairman, Songcheng Group As long as parents don't take their wealth seriously, their children certainly won't either. Children's words and actions are influenced by their parents. I give my daughter 2,000 yuan of my income, which includes her school fees and pocket money for the year. I would tell her, "Within this range, you can do what you want, but once you go beyond that, you can't." Liu Yongxing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oriental Hope Group My child has never been given any special treatment since he was a child, and I rarely give him any special feelings. My child understands the hard work of his parents and the importance of doing good deeds, and this is what I am most relieved about. Fu Jun Chairman, Xinhualian Group I believe that parents who constantly do for their children what they can do will deprive them of the opportunity to practice, will make them lose the confidence and courage they should have, and will make them feel in crisis. The negative effects of excessive love and giving are dangerous - it tells children that they can "rely on their parents" and it is difficult to raise children who can make a difference. Wu Ruilin, Chairman of the Qiaoxing Group, often blames himself for delaying his children's education and regrets it. Wu Ruilin has spent many years examining what his sons are not comfortable with: "Poor judgement and little drive make it difficult for them to become successful." Tao Xinkang Chairman of the New Climax Group Let my children go to the best universities in the world. Boys should study finance and economic management to make up for my shortcomings, so that they can come and work in my business in the future. Girls have to study many things, such as art, law, architecture. Girls are very flexible. Your child should choose a world-class school, but not a world-class living facility. My philosophy is that the environment should be comfortable and free of worries. My wife and I are very strict with our children and we want them to have a sense of common decency from an early age. Zhao Zhangguang President of Zhangguang 101 The first thing you have to do with a child is to let go and guide him. Don't pull him hard, but guide him, which is crucial. Everyone has a temper, he will remember that my father was right at a certain time. You must not pull him hard, this is very crucial. In other words, "let go of the fish". If appropriate, give him a few pointers. The second issue is spending money. As a parent with a slightly wealthier family, don't be too stingy and spend what you have to. I let my children learn to drive just after graduating from university. My partner said it was dangerous to learn to drive, but he was happy if you let him learn. They especially want to drive, so if you don't let them drive and sneak out for a meeting, something will happen. So I let my kids learn to drive just after they graduated from college.

陈天桥 盛大网络董事长


郭凡生 慧聪集团董事长

  孩子应当有自己的生活选择。 如果让我替她选择,我就让她做小学老师或医生,有一个轻松的工作,嫁一个好丈夫,那会很幸福。

楼忠福 广厦控股集团董事长  塑造出来的,未必是真实的。 如果不当兵,我更加希望儿子去从政,做一个公务员。钱金波 红蜻蜓集团董事长  “以后我女儿要送去英国,儿子要送到美国。英国传统深厚,是绅士国家,比较含蓄,适合活泼开朗的女儿;而美国是移民国家,热情开放富于创新精神,适合沉稳低调的儿子。”

南存辉 正泰集团董事长


郭家学 东盛集团董事长  从小要自立,在正常状态下去生活学习。 我绝对不会让她干企业。我们不能让他一辈子处于这种痛苦的压力之下。余进华 吉尔达鞋业公司总经理  儿子在温州一个重点学校念书,一般早上花10块钱打车到学校,下午则自己走40多分钟的路回家。每天的零用钱控制在5块钱左右,回来还要报账。中午和同学们一道在学校食堂吃饭。一次,儿子因为人太多,不想排队了,到外面花几十块钱吃了一顿麦当劳,结果遭到了父亲的批评。吴良定 中宝企业集团董事长  对子女的要求是四句话:知书达理、风度翩翩、满腹经纶、奉献社会。黄如论 世纪金源集团董事局主席  对孩子非常严厉。长子黄涛读书时,因身体有病,打电话让父亲派车接,遭拒绝。 其子黄涛现任世纪金源集团副总裁。曹德旺 福耀集团董事长  当时儿子曹晖为了多挣工钱,经常替同车间的工友三班倒,一天上班的时间常常达到10多个小时,并落下个“曹氏葛朗台”的雅号,“与工人同吃同住,吃得了苦。”郑秀康 康奈集团总裁  女儿刚学走路的时候,想自己爬到床上去,他不是把抱上去,而是拿了一个脸盘来,在女儿面前示范着,把脸盘倒过来放到地上,让女儿先站在脸盘上再爬上去。李兴浩 志高空调股份有限公司董事长  这些年来,老婆自己工作有工资拿,我也就不额外给她钱,家用和孩子的零用钱都是她来付,我管大一些的开支,比如孩子的教育经费。但是家用真的花很少钱,我们都很节约。荣海 西安海星集团总裁  我比较欣赏美国的教育方式——重视对人的素质教育。我相信,有了健全的人格,才会有幸福的生活。王林祥 鄂尔多斯集团董事长  “要找工作,我不会帮她,不会安排她到我的公司里来。她来接我的班是完全不可能的,她自己的路就让她自己去走吧。”尹明善 重庆力帆董事长  “我有一儿一女,女儿还小,正在念书,儿子已经在企业里给我帮忙,但是他对经营企业的兴趣并不那么浓厚,不像我是个工作狂,他显然并不想当这个什么董事长,那也只好由他了。”昝圣达 综艺股份董事长  我几乎没有打骂过女儿,但也从不过分宠爱她,对她不合理的要求绝不满足。面对任性的孩子,有些家长一味迁就,怕孩子受苦。然而这样做,事实上不会给孩子真正的幸福。家长要真爱孩子的话,就要从小严格要求孩子、严格训练孩子,不要让他们养成任性的毛病。随着年龄的增长,女儿不懂事时的任性已荡然无存。如今,她依然很有个性,很自信,很要强,但不自负。牛根生 蒙牛集团总裁  不能留给子女太多财富,那会“坏了他们”,“我活着的时候他们的生活不会有太大的问题,我离开了人世,他生活有问题了,是他自己的事情”。任运良 大连华丰集团董事长  我之所以希望我的孩子们能跟有素质的人交往,一方面是希望他们能就此找到志同道合的朋友,另一方面也是希望他们能通过这种交往,对自身的提高、事业的发展有好处。杨卓舒 卓达集团总裁  我希望我的孩子将来第一条要做到的是品格好。要善良,正直,有责任心,悲天悯人,终生不变的是高贵情感。缪寿良 深圳富源集团董事长  我的儿子接受了良好的教育,目前富源在英国的物业就由我儿子管理。黄巧灵 宋城集团董事长  只要父母不把财富当一回事,孩子当然也就不会当回事。孩子的言行是受父母影响的。我的收入中有2000元是给女儿的,这里面包括她一年的学费和零花钱。我会告诉她:"在这个范围里,你可以自己支配,可一旦超过这个范围就不行了。"刘永行 东方希望集团董事长  孩子从小到大,一直没有受到特别待遇,我很少给他特别的感觉。孩子懂得父母的辛苦,懂得行善的重要性,这是我最宽慰的。傅军 新华联集团董事长  我认为,父母如果经常替孩子做他们力所能及的事,就会让孩子失去实践的机会,会让孩子失去应有的自信和勇气,更会使孩子感到危机。我们必须培养孩子的独立性,超常的、过分的爱及给予,引起的负效应是危险的——无疑是告诉孩子“可以依赖父母”,这样培养出来的孩子难以有所作为。吴瑞林 侨兴集团主席  常为当年耽搁孩子的读书而自责、而追悔莫及。吴瑞林多年考察儿子们不放心的地方:”判断力不强,魄力不大,难成大气。”陶新康 新高潮集团董事长  让我的孩子到世界上最好的大学去学习。男孩要学金融、学经济管理,以弥补我的不足,将来可以到我的企业来工作。女孩要学的东西可多啦,比如,艺术,法律,建筑。女孩子可塑性非常之大。 孩子要选择世界一流的学校,但不要选择一流的生活设施。我的观念是,环境舒适而没有忧虑。我和我太太对孩子的管教严格,我们为了让孩子从小就有有平民意识。赵章光 章光101总裁  对于孩子你首先就是要放开,引导他。不要硬拉,要引导他这个很关键。每个人都有脾气,他到一定时间会想起来那个事我爸爸说得对。你千万不能硬拉着他,这个很关键。也就是说“放手养鱼”。适当的时候指点指点他。第二个花钱问题很关键,作为家庭稍微富裕点的父母,别太抠,该花就花。大学刚刚毕业我就让我的孩子去学车,我的老伴说学车多危险,可你让他学他也高兴。他们特别想开,你不让他开偷偷出去开会出事情。所以我的孩子大学刚刚毕业就让他们学车去。



 1. Do not kill a living being with your own hands.


  2. Do not abet others to kill.


  3. Do not help others to kill.


  4. Abstain from eating meat.


  5. Do not engage in trades related to killing.


  6Whenever there is worship, regardless of what is being worshipped, use vegetarian dishes, flowers and fruit, not animal gifts.


  7. If you see someone killing a human being, you should discourage them or buy the animal to be slaughtered with money and release it. If this does not work, or if the person does not sell the animal, then you should have compassion for the slaughtered animal, and even better if you can recite the Buddha's name or mantra for it.


  8. Do not abuse the animal.


  9Other actions that are contrary to killing.


  10. Abstain from killing and releasing animals yourself, and advise others to do the same. 












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