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 See how Master Xu Yun uses his wisdom

   date:2020-09-18 18:33:42     read:36   

See how Master Xu Yun uses his wisdom




Outline of the previous text:

After Yuan Shikai took control of the National Government, the local warlords went their own way and ran riot at will, killing the people. The young generation of Chinese who suffered from foreign aggression and internal suffering blamed their unfortunate fate on the Manchu government at first. When the Manchu government fell, they transferred all their resentment to "superstition".

At this time, Li Gengen, the commander of the Yunnan New Army, was a returning young general who had studied in the German Army. He always hated the superstition of God and Buddha. Since he was promoted to the commander of the Yunnan New Army, he had long wanted to break the superstition. There happened to be two unruly monks fighting with prostitutes, which was caught by the new army and added to Li Yuanyuan's bad feeling. He led the cavalry of the new army to the Jizu Mountain with a new rifle and a Makbi machine gun under the pretext of armed resistance. These thousands of soldiers will demolish and bomb Buddhist temples and arrest monks all the way.

At this time, Xu Yun was talking in the Zhusheng Temple, and suddenly heard that the monks were rushing to report the news. Xu Yun decisively and firmly decided to go down the mountain to dissuade Li Yuanyuan. The crowd's dissuasion was ineffective, and every tear fell into the rain, crying down to the ground......


Xu Yun ignored the crowd and stepped down the mountain with arrogance. He came to the gate of Xitan Temple. The guards were all local people. They knew Xu Yun well. When they saw him coming, they were frightened and stopped.

"Old Xu!" said the guard squad leader, "Run for your life! The commander is about to catch you and shoot you! Run for it!"

Xu Yun said, "Let the Marshal shoot me! Please ask the squad leader to shoot me to see the Marshal!"

The guards said, "Old Xu! The Marshal sees you old, and you are still alive? We dare not go back for you! Go quickly, or it will be too late!"

"Then I will go into the hall to see the Marshal myself!" Xu Yun said, "Please let me in, monitor!"

"Old Xu!" The guards couldn't stop him. Xu Yun had entered the hall.

There are two people sitting in the Grand Admiral's chair on the hall. One is a soldier in the military uniform of Grand Marshal, and the other is Zhao Fan, the political envoy of Sichuan Province. The latter has always worshipped Xu Yun and hurried up to meet him.

"Old Xu! How did you come?"

I saw the thin old monk with white beard and white hair floating on the steps. He was extraordinary and calm. Li Gengen could not help but be surprised: "Oh! So this is the virtual cloud! It is indeed a little unusual!"

"Mr. Zhao!" Xu Yun said modestly, "I didn't expect to see you here! It's been a long time! Yes, Xu Yun is here today to visit Li Dashai."

"Oh!" Li Gengen said arrogantly! "You are the virtual cloud!"

"It's the bitch!"

"I was about to catch you!" Li Gengen snapped: "How dare you bring it to your door! Just in time! You are probably not afraid of death? I ask you! How many lives do you have?"

Xu Yun held his head up and said calmly, "Marshal! Xu Yun has only one life! He is not a hero who is not afraid of death, but a monk. Today, he came to see the Marshal at the risk of death to save Buddhism. He came to ask the Marshal for help! Please stop demolishing the temple and destroying the Buddha immediately“

"Are you really not afraid of death?" Li Gengen sneered and pointed a Browning pistol at Xu Yun's temple. "I just press the trigger and you will be reimbursed! What can you say? What can you do?"

Without fear, Xu Yun smiled gently and calmly: "Xu Yun has long been willing to die for the Buddha. Please shoot at any time! If Xu Yun dies, he will fulfill the wish of the Buddha. Why would Xu Yun waste his life? If Xu Yun listens to me before he dies, he will not destroy the Buddha from now on. Xu Yun is willing to die!"

Li Gengen sneered and shouted: "Xu Yun! Do you dare me to kill you? Are you really not afraid of me?"

Xu Yun said, "No! It's not easy for Marshal to kill Xu Yun? Marshal wants Xu Yun to be afraid, but it's impossible!"

Li Gengen snapped: "OK! Xu Yun! You have seed! Close your eyes and wait for my trigger!"

"I don't have to close my eyes, please do it."

Li Gengen was so angry that he was about to pull off the gun with his fingers. He was so anxious that Zhao Fan shouted hurriedly, "Marshal!" but he dared not say it again.

Li Yuanyuan sneered, But suddenly took back the pistol: "You are right, I want to kill you, it is not easy? I want to call you dead without complaint! You answer me first! You keep saying that you want to die for Buddha, and ask me not to destroy Buddhism! I ask you! What is the benefit of Buddhism?" Xu Yun replied with a smile: "The Buddha set up Buddhism to be merciful, to benefit the world and the people, to save all living beings, to get rid of suffering, to persuade the world to be good and evil, to cultivate virtue, and to treat people by oneself! Buddhism first teaches people to govern the heart, which is the source of all troubles, and should be right, while all things are peaceful, and the world is peaceful! The world is peaceful."

After hearing this, Li Gengen nodded and said, "That's all right! You are eloquent! But what's the use of these clay and wood idols? These idols lead people into superstition in vain! Monks do not engage in production, but borrow Buddha to collect money! Actually, they are social parasites!"

Xu Yun said calmly and respectfully: "The Buddha's words and signs! The Buddha's words and signs are used to express the Dharma, not the Dharma, and not the Dharma. The sculpture of the Buddha's image is to symbolize the solemn mercy of the Buddha, and to make people admire and fear. If the people's heart is not in awe, then all evil will be done, and chaos will be achieved. That is to say, in terms of the secular world, the sculpture of Nishan, the sculpture of Dinglan wood, the ancestral halls of all Chinese clans, and the bronze statues of Western countries are just to make people see and believe. Although the Buddha's image is made of clay, we worship it It is not the soil and wood itself, but the worship of the Buddha and Bodhisattva, which symbolizes the great mercy, so as to have the mind of all kinds of good things, and to be self-reliant, and to see the Buddha's image with the enthusiasm of faith. The effect is incredible! In the extreme, if you see all the different forms, you will see the Tathagata! "

Li Gengen nodded and said with a smile, "It's not unreasonable to listen to you! OK! Please sit down."

He then ordered: "Adjutant! Send someone to serve tea to the old mage!"

Xu Yun said with a smile, "Don't be polite, Marshal! I can't get meat oil tea."

Li Gengen said: "The old monks are really different! However, I think most of you still don't do good deeds, but do many strange things, lead people to superstition, don't do production, and become the parasite waste of the country and society! Some monks drink, eat meat and fight, compete for land and produce, which is not a thing!"

Xu Yun smiled: "Monks are the common name of Buddhist monks. There are differences between saints, sages and inferiors. We should not spurn the whole monk because of one or two unworthy monks! That is, can we scold Confucius because of one or two unworthy scholars? That is, like the commander in command of the army, although the military discipline is strict, there is no doubt that most officers and soldiers obey the military discipline, but can everyone be as wise and upright as the commander? The sea does not discard fish and shrimp, so it is big. Buddhism regards nature as the sea, all-embracing, and both good and bad, and everyone has his own nature In practice, it is also inevitable that there are enlightenment and mystery, Buddha and devil. But generally speaking, the vast majority of monks are devout to the Buddhist law and abide by the rules and regulations. They adhere to the Buddha-like principles, protect the three treasures, and help all living beings. They are imperceptibly influential. They are used to improve the people's minds and public order in the country and society, in the ethical order, in the law, and in academia...... They have great intangible contributions, not waste! When it comes to not doing production, most monks are self-cultivation and self-sufficiency, not all of them depend on society. The monks' management of the economy, learning, educating the world, and improving customs, that is, production! The significance of production is not only limited to the cultivation and weaving of crops, but also to all kinds of industries. It can be seen that it has direct or indirect production for the society! Buddhist monks and nuns also contribute to the cultivation of social groups!

Li Gengen nodded: "Old monk, these are all you can say! But I am not convinced! What cause and effect do you talk about, what reincarnation do you talk about, these superstitions! They are all vague and unscientific! I am a person who studies science and military in the West, and I despise these ancient superstitions the most! So I am determined to eradicate them! I want to hear how you can quibble?" Xu Yun smiled: "First of all, I want to explain what is superstition! The so-called superstition refers to the ignorance of truth and the ignorance of good and evil, and the blind attachment of good and evil. For example, killing people to sacrifice evil gods, slaughtering cattle, sheep, chickens and ducks to worship ghosts and gods, using gold and silver to seek the blessing of ghosts and gods for wealth, engaging in fornication to seduce ghosts and evil gods, profiteering from ghosts and gods, engaging in immoral and immoral evil deeds by faking ghosts and gods, or teaching people to behave disloyally and unjustly by faking ghosts and gods Stealing, adultery and killing, teaching people to cheat and extort, and encouraging cruelty...... All these are superstitions! If you teach people to be loyal, filial and benevolent, advocate faithfulness and peace, uphold etiquette, uphold integrity, carry forward the great compassion of Buddha, save all living beings from suffering and bliss and peace, teach the world to be compassionate and help each other, teach the world to be compassionate and benevolent, and cultivate the world with six degrees and ten thousand actions as the basis of hard work, pursue good but evil, and convert to right and discard evil, how can there be superstition in this kind of faith and wisdom? "

Li Gengen listened quietly and nodded his head. The violent look on his face gradually disappeared. He said, "Old monk, these words are very reasonable! But you still haven't clarified the cycle of cause and effect, which is not scientific!"

Xu Yun said, "The so-called science is the accumulation and discussion of human intelligence and knowledge. It goes on and on, knows the future, and proves the unknown from the known! This is the knowledge of verification, which never stops, and must continue to explore! It is the true spirit of science! Although the scientific knowledge at the current stage has made great progress compared with the past Middle Ages, is it already omniscient? Is it a complete understanding of the mysteries of the universe?"

Li Gengen said, "Of course not!"

Xu Yun said: "At this stage, scientific knowledge, whether chemical physics, mathematics, astronomy and medicine, has been very developed, but has not really touched the mysteries of the universe itself. Today, people know about science, and have not yet gone deep into the universe to study it! The Middle Western Age is still under the rule of the church in the" dark age ". What is the earth is square, what is the heaven and earth, and what is the center of the universe, The sun rotates with the earth...... These paradoxical fallacies! But the Buddhist classics, as early as thousands of years ago, have already stated that the universe is an infinite universe. There are days outside the world, and there is an infinite world outside the world. We also know that the earth is traveling around the sun, and we also know that the universe has billions of stars and nebulae! Western science didn't have the invention of microscope until the 18th century, and bacteria and microorganisms were found. However, the Buddhist scripture has said thousands of years ago that there is infinite life in a drop of water. The Buddhist scriptures have pointed out that the universe is infinitely large and infinitely small. These concepts are in the Dharma Sutra, Huayan Sutra, Shurangama Sutra, and the universe is as big as the Sutra...... And so on. Many scriptures have been put forward. If you read them carefully, you will find something. Is it unscientific? "

Li Yuanyuan said happily, "Master! Please be more explicit! The more I listen, the more interested I am! You are right!" Xu Yun smiled and said, "The Buddhist scriptures have been searching for the truth for thousands of years ago, and have learned that the universe is endless, and that matter will be born and die, and will regenerate when it dies, but it is only different in form and color transformation. But until now, western scientists have only said: the law of material immortality"! All the "energy" of matter and immaterial in the universe is in a cycle of endless birth and death. The Buddhist scripture has already said that the world is in harmony with all living beings, which is completely in line with the laws of cosmic physics. Why do you say that reincarnation is not scientific? "

"But..." said Li Gengen, "reincarnation means that when people die, they will reincarnate for animals..."

"Not bad!" Xu Yun said: "People who don't have enough scientific knowledge of cosmic physics will not believe the theory of reincarnation when they hear it, and will regard it as superstition! Now I try to give a simple example to illustrate reincarnation! For example, one of the cats and dogs raised by someone today died of illness, and he buried his body in the soil under the root of the tree. The body of the cats and dogs decayed and was eaten up by bacteria. All the remaining mineral elements in the body, such as iron, potassium and calcium, etc., were returned to the soil, but were grass The wood absorbs, and then becomes a part of the vegetation. The vegetation and its flowers and fruits are eaten by the animals, and the elements become part of the animal's life. This is the material cycle, which can't be simpler. "


      李根源冷笑着,却忽然收回手枪:“你说得对,我要杀你,还不容易?我要叫你死而无怨!你先答我话!你口口声声要殉佛,又叫我勿毁佛教!我问你!佛教有何益处?” 虚云微笑答道:“佛陀设立佛教,立下大慈大悲,济世利民,普度众生,脱苦度厄,劝化世人为善去恶,修行修德,自度度人!佛教首先教人治心,心乃一切烦恼之源本,本得其正,而万物以宁,而天下太平!世界安宁。”
      李根源不住点头:“老和尚,这些都算你会说能言了!但是,我是不心服的!你们和尚讲什么因果,讲什么轮回,这些迷信观念!都是渺茫无科学根据的!我是个在西洋学科学与军事的人,我最瞧不起这些古老迷信!所以我决心要铲除它!我倒要听听你又怎样狡辩?” 虚云微笑道:“首先,我要说明什么是迷信!所谓迷信,乃是指不明真理不知究竟而且不辨善恶;不分正邪之盲目附从。例如,杀人以祭邪神,宰牛羊鸡鸭生灵以拜鬼神,用金银赂求鬼神佑得财富,行淫乱以媚妖鬼邪神,籍鬼神而敛财营私,假鬼神而行丧天害理之邪行,或者假鬼神而导人行不忠不义不仁之事,教人偷盗奸淫杀生,教人欺骗敲诈,鼓励残暴无道。。。。。。凡此种种才是迷信!若夫教人以忠孝仁爱,倡导信义和平,崇扬礼仪,坚修廉耻,发扬大慈悲之佛心,普度众生出于苦厄而极乐平安,教导世人以慈悲为怀互助相扶,以慈悲仁德教化世界,以六度万行作为精进之本勤力修持,趋善却恶,皈正弃邪,此种正信正智,又何迷信之有?”
      李根源欢喜道:“老法师!请再多明示!我是越听越有兴趣了!您说得对!很对!” 虚云微笑道:“佛经在几千年前早已穷究真知,知道了宇宙是生生无穷的,物质生了会灭,灭了会再生,只是形态不同,色相转化而已。而直到如今,西洋科学家才讲:物质不灭定律”!宇宙中一切物质与非物质之“能”,均是循环不悉生灭的,佛经早已讲过世界相续与众生相续,这都是完全符合宇宙物理法则的,为何你说轮回不科学?”
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