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 Liu Dehua converted to the Buddhist name "Huiguo"

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Liu Dehua converted to the Buddhist name "Huiguo"



Jet Li was suddenly rescued from the flood and believed in Buddhism even more. In addition, there are not a few artists who believe in Buddhism in the performing arts circle, such as Andy Lau and Faye Wong. Many of them are laymen disciples who send their names, such as Anita Mui, Jackie Chan, Zeng Zhiwei, Alan Tam, Qi Qin, Peng Dan, and so on. They often visit the Buddhist masters in the temple and ask them to guide them or share their worries. The first thing they learned was to give - to give money to do good. Worship of Buddha is actually about one thing: caring and caring for others

-----Zhuge Changqing

If a song is used to describe Andy Lau's life, it may be summarized as "Wooden Fish and Goldfish". Wooden fish represents his religious belief - he believes in Buddhism and worships many Guanyin; Goldfish represents his rich and colorful amateur life, and is at ease within a certain range.

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Andy Lau is a devout Buddhist who is a convert disciple of the old monk Miaolian of Lingyan Mountain Temple in Taiwan. His Dharma name is "Huiguo". According to Andy Lau, the parents at home believe in Buddhism, and have been exposed to Buddhism since childhood, but they all go to the monasteries to worship, visit and visit, and can be said to have a partial understanding of the Buddhist doctrine. It has been a matter of recent years to truly understand Buddhism and convert to Buddhism as one's own religious belief.

Jet Li, who has been converted to Buddhism for many years

Jet Li, who has been converted to Buddhism for many years, believes that life is only a process of reincarnation because of his belief in Buddhism. He said, "I believe in reincarnation, so even if I know that the time limit is coming, I will not be afraid, and I will not regret or regret anything, because I have done well to take care of my wife, family and treat others well, and absolutely nothing can't be left behind."

Faye Wong attended the closing ceremony of the Buddha Finger Sacrifice Prayer Conference

Faye Wong, a pious Buddhist, once sang Buddhist scripture music with a beautiful voice. This album has also become the best medicine for her to recover her mood when she is upset. She said that "she will listen to it at three or five", and the money collected from this album is all used to help build temples.

After being exposed to Buddhism, Faye Wong admitted that her faith made it easier for her to calm down. Some ups and downs would not be so important. It made her more open-minded, more able to put down, live more freely, and more loyal to her feelings. Even if she was upset, she would be calm when she turned over the Buddhist scriptures. And Faye Wong's belief in Buddhism has also exerted her influence, affecting the beliefs of friends around her, including her former boyfriend Nicholas Tse, from understanding to believing in Buddhism.

Chen Xiaodong has been influenced by his family since childhood and believes in Buddhism

Chen Xiaodong was inspired by his family to believe in Buddhism when he was young. He said: "After serving as the ambassador of the United Nations Children's Fund, I have seen many tragedies around the world, and the rich people do not know how to cherish the blessings and help the poor, which makes me often reflect on the meaning of life, and then find comfort in Buddhism, and have a deeper understanding of Buddhism."

The Secret School cultivates Jinchengwu and follows all circumstances

In 1997, Takeshi Kaneshiro converted to the sect of Nankachu Rinpoche. Takeshi Kaneshiro said that his mother was a pious Buddhist, giving him a better chance to approach Buddhism, and he was quite fond of Buddhist stories. Takeshi Kaneshiro laughed that his attitude to practice was "all along with fate", and also revealed that he was not a practitioner because he often did not need to recite sutras.

Peng Wenchun, a famous advertising director who has cooperated with Takeshi Kaneshiro for many years, said that Takeshi Kaneshiro has matured a lot after practicing Tantra. He, who has never been easy to endorse the platform for commodities, took one day out of his busy schedule to fly back to Taipei from Hong Kong to participate in the lecture of Zongnan Kachu Rinpoche, which can be seen from his attention.

Zeng Zhiwei has believed in Buddhism for 11 years

Zeng Zhiwei has believed in Buddhism for eleven years. As for the reason why he decided to believe in Buddhism eleven years ago, he mainly felt that Buddhism was not only religious, but also academic. He thinks that artists are very suitable for believing in Buddhism, because the most difficult thing for artists to face is the pressure of falling from the peak. Buddhism often says that impermanence, what we have today, may be lost tomorrow. He thinks that this will prepare artists mentally.


                           ----- 诸葛长青













密宗修行 金城武一切随缘





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