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 There are ways to cure cancer, as long as you are happy and do good

   date:2020-09-18 18:51:00     read:39   

There are ways to cure cancer, as long as you are happy and do good



Lei Jiunan's medical view of Buddha

Do you believe that Buddhism can cure cancer?

Lei Jiunan, a cancer expert with a doctor's degree in biochemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, found that after five years of Buddhist belief and practice, spiritual practice is indeed conducive to the treatment of cancer, which is really incredible for the medical profession that only focuses on 'physiological' treatment, but Dr. Lei has her own set of arguments and bases to follow.

Cut off the killing thought and have a good mind and naturally recover

During the ten years of research on cancer treatment, Dr. Lei thought that she could only change her diet. However, when she met several cancer patients, she recovered according to the principle of "vegetarian, free and abstinent", which changed her research direction.

In Canada, a woman suffering from skin cancer was declared to have only three months to live. She thought that since she was going to die, she might as well go to a beautiful place. As a result, she met an eminent monk in Nepal who taught her to 'let go and be vegetarian'. After three or four months, she did not take any medicine, and the disease was all cured.

Another lung cancer patient turned to Dr. Lei for help. She advised the patient that Qigong alone was not enough. He had to cooperate with the release of life, vegetarianism, and do more good deeds. In less than two months, the patient's cancer cells had disappeared after another X-ray.

This seems mysterious, but Dr. Lei believes that there is a reason for it. After a person has stopped killing, he often has good intentions. Once his spirituality is improved, his mood will naturally be happy, and his physical condition will also be improved.

In order to prove the influence of emotion on physical diseases, Dr. Lei visited all over the world. Finally, he found a doctor named R.C. Hamer who specializes in cancer in Germany. There are quite complete clinical cases to prove this.

In 1979, the German doctor's son was suddenly killed, and the couple were extremely sad. Soon, both of them had cancer. This incident made Hamer suddenly realize that cancer seemed to have something to do with emotion.

10000 cancer cases (emotion affects the occurrence of cancer lesions)

In order to find out the evidence, he studied 10000 cancer cases in a row, and found that they had experienced intense emotional conflicts and stimuli three months before the onset of the disease. Through the scanning of brain tomography, it was found that these reactions left 'scars' in the brain, and then the organs of the relevant parts would have cancer lesions within one or two months.

However, once the problem is solved and the mood is calmed, they all recover without medicine and recover quite quickly. This scientific testimony made Dr. Lei more convinced of the importance of starting spiritually.

Dr. Lei believes that although there are many causes of cancer, 'emotion' is definitely a 'trigger point'. If you can 'repair your mind' at ordinary times, and do not react blindly due to changes in the external environment, resulting in excessive emotional fluctuations, you can avoid the invasion of cancer.

From the perspective of spirituality, we should not kill animals, have love, do not hurt others, and feel natural and peaceful; On the other hand, those murderers often think of killing people in their minds. Therefore, the bioelectricity (magnetic field) they emit will affect other people's emotions; If a society is filled with too many negative emotions, personal health will be affected.

Dr. Lei took Peiping as an example. Because the pressure of the whole society in Peiping is quite depressing, the impact of this environment is reflected in the health of local residents - cholecystitis is particularly common, because of the response of the gallbladder owner to the external environment.

According to this conclusion, if we want to keep healthy, in fact, everyone has the responsibility. If we can put selfishness, hatred, annoyance, and harm into people's hearts Removing and treating people with a happy heart will help improve the health of the whole social environment.

From this point of view, Buddhist belief can not only comfort people's hearts, but also help people to remove injuries and diseases. Best wishes to you





































由此看来,佛教信仰不仅可以抚慰人们的心灵,还能在无形中帮助人们祛伤除病。 祝福您



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