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 A miracle that shocked the world: believing in Buddhism and surviving in the air crash

   date:2020-09-18 18:54:11     read:44   

A miracle that shocked the world: believing in Buddhism and surviving in the air crash



More than 100 people were killed and injured in the 10.2 (1990) air crash in Guangzhou, which shocked China and the rest of the world. Among the three survivors, only the skin was slightly injured, which attracted the attention of many people at home and abroad. Why is there such a miracle? So far, no such secret has been discovered. Recently, the author interviewed these three people and now writes the secret below:

1、 Basic information of the three persons

Feng Jinbiao (male), 32 years old, lives in Zhongxin Road, Shigang, Foshan. He is now the secretary of Foshan Buddhist Association and is a devout Buddhist.

Huang Changhua (male), 37 years old, lives in Qianjin Street, Guangzhou. He is honest and kind, and believes in Buddhism.

Lin Wanming (female), 34 years old, lives in Jiangnan West Road, Guangzhou. He is honest, kind-hearted, and his family believes in Buddhism.

These three persons are all employed by a commercial company as salesmen.

2、 Go to Nanputuo Temple to play Buddha Seven

The three of them came to Xiamen to contact business on August 28, 1990. After the work, I bought the plane ticket from Xiamen to Guangzhou on October 2. I don't know why? Xiao Lin and Xiao Huang always felt uneasy. Xiao Feng's face was black and blue. Xiao Feng said, "The three of us go to Nanputuo Temple to fight a 'Buddha', and ask Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva to protect us from disasters."

On September 30, the three of them came to Nanputuo Temple to participate in the Buddha with great piety. After playing "Pufo", the three of them boarded the Wulao Peak at the back of the Nanputuo Temple and looked at the sea. Their uneasy feelings buried in their hearts disappeared immediately. Xiao Feng's face is also pretty.

3、 After the plane was hijacked

At about 6:00 on October 2, while waiting in line to get the sign of the plane seat, a man suddenly came and stuck in front of them to get the sign of more than 10 seats. It's their turn to get three seats in row 9, ABC. When the plane took off at 7:25, the stewardess announced that the plane was hijacked, but the personal safety of all passengers was absolutely guaranteed. At this time, Xiao Feng said to Xiao Huang and Xiao Lin, "Read the Avalokitesvara quickly, and you will be able to avoid disasters." So the three of them sincerely said the holy name of Avalokitesvara. When Feng closed his eyes and said the holy name, his mind was clear (without distractions), and he clearly saw the light in front of him, in which Avalokitesvara appeared.

At about 9:10, after hovering in the air for more than one hour, the plane ran out of fuel and made an emergency landing at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. As soon as the plane landed, all passengers smiled and applauded. At that moment, the plane suddenly made a sharp turn. The left wing bumped into the head of an aircraft parked on the apron and then jerked up; The rear half of the plane crashed into a Shanghai plane that was preparing to take off. A loud explosion broke the plane in two. The broken part is between rows 10-11. The head of the plane turned two somersaults and fell on the lawn, setting off a raging fire. At this time, Xiao Lin shouted, "Run!" The three of them mustered their full strength, flew out of the sea of fire and ran to the right of the plane. After they ran away for a few seconds, the burning plane heard intermittent explosions, and the airport was suddenly filled with smoke and a sea of fire.

4、 Meditation conclusion

10.2 The air disaster in Guangzhou caused heavy casualties. About 10 people are alive. Except for the three of them, all the others who are alive have broken arms and legs. Why do they have such a miracle? After pondering, the three of them reached the following conclusion:

(1) The three of us, to varying degrees, believe in Buddhism; The belief in Guanyin Bodhisattva is particularly sincere. Work hard at ordinary times, be frank, be helpful and enthusiastic about public welfare.

(2) We believe that the key to avoiding this disaster is to fight "Buddha" in Nanputuo on October 1. Because before playing "Pufo", we always have a feeling of dark clouds pressing the city. After playing "Pufo", my heart suddenly opened up and I felt a sense of security.

(3) After knowing that the plane was hijacked, the three of us sincerely recited the holy names of Avalokitesvara and Amitabha. It is incredible to feel the intersection of Tao.

Some people may disagree with this conclusion. But all three of them believe that this is a true and unchangeable conclusion. So on November 23, they came to Nanputuo Temple again to play "Buddha" and thank Guanyin Bodhisattva for his salvation. He also said that in the years to come, he must be a Mahayana Buddhist, be brave in upholding the Dharma, and be willing to always benefit the world.

5、 Discovery during airport cleaning

When the plane burned and the airport was cleaned up, everything turned to ashes. Only Xiao Feng's "Amitabha Sutra in Vernacular Interpretation", "Bamboo Window Essays", "Zumen Chongxing Record", and the "Buddha's Light" and other books were perfectly presented in front of people. When people found this miracle, they all said that Buddhism was incredible.


(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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