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 Retribution for injuring animals

   date:2020-09-18 18:33:02     read:36   

Retribution for injuring animals



On March 17, 985, the Xingshan Hall of Jiayi City, Taiwan, went to the Jiasheng Kindness House in Xindian, Taipei, for a regular donation. On the way, a very enthusiastic member and reader, Mr. Wang, said to the author that he agreed with the phenomenon of cause and effect after reading the book "Cause and Effect" written by the author. He said that his hometown (a town in Jiayi County) and the surrounding areas had several events that were enough to cause alarm after hearing. He said that these events are absolutely verifiable.

He said that several years ago, a neighbor in his hometown always found that the stored feed had decreased a lot every time he fed pigs. He was curious and secretly investigated who was stealing. A few days later, it was found that the "suspect" who stole the feed was a big bitch. In a fit of anger, he managed to trap it. Then, in order to vent his hatred, he put the bitch of the current criminal into a cloth bag, tied the mouth of the bag tightly with hemp rope, so that it could not escape, and then carried it to the river, threw it into the water, and let it struggle to drown. At that time, many passers-by accidentally saw that the cloth bag in the water was constantly shaking. They were curious and questioned. Only then did they know that this was a female dog that was stealing food and was caught by him, so he was executed. After knowing this, many people said that this person was too cruel, and there would be bad results sooner or later. Unexpectedly, after a month, the cruel man suddenly became incoherent and talked nonsense all day, which became a serious mental disorder.

In addition, there was a young man who, since he was discharged from the army, could not find a suitable job all the time. Later, he was introduced to work as a substitute for others to kill pigs. He was paid by piece every day to make a living. Once, when he was about to kill a big pig, he suddenly found that it was a big sow, and its belly was very big. At that time, an experienced friend nearby told him that this was a sow that would be born soon after it was pregnant with a pig fetus. At this time, although the sow kept making shrill and miserable cries, and also showing the eyes of begging and begging, he was still indifferent. In order to earn wages, he took up the kitchen knife and cut the throat of the sow without hesitation. Suddenly, the red blood gushed from the wound, and then died in a burst of helpless struggles and continuous and painful convulsions. At this time, he suddenly found that the swollen belly of the sow was constantly moving violently, which made him very surprised and surprised. At this time, a companion deliberately threatened him with a half-joking tone, saying, "You killed the sow and killed many piglets in its belly. They will come to you to settle accounts for their lives later. You are terrible!" He did not listen, but after listening, he became more and more afraid, and even stood still and opened his eyes on the spot, Unable to speak. Unexpectedly, he has been unable to return to normal after the event. Until a few years later, he still keeps his mouth open and eyes open. He is dazed, looks like an idiot, and cannot speak. It sounds really chilling.

Mr. Wang said that there was another similar thing. Not long ago, a man in their village found that a neighbor's female cat often came to steal their fish. He was very angry and tried to catch it. After catching it, he put it in a cage and threw it into the cooking stove, so that the cat was burned alive by the raging fire. Less than a month after this cruel and terrible thing happened, the man suddenly mumbled to himself, sometimes laughed for no reason, sometimes suddenly beat his chest and feet, and cried bitterly. As the situation was very serious, he had to be sent to a mental hospital for medical treatment. Therefore, we should not only treat humans kindly, but also treat other animals and all sentient beings with compassion and love. We should never kill or abuse them arbitrarily, otherwise all sentient beings will be equal and will still suffer due retribution in the future.

Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered what Mr. Lu, a very enthusiastic member of the Jiayi Charity Hall, said. Once he told the author that he knew a doctor in the central part of the province (Gu Yinqi's name). The doctor once had two sons, but both of them died soon after their graduation from university. The doctor lost his son in old age, and his hope was empty. Therefore, he was always worried about his fate, and his eyebrows were locked all day long, sighing. Later, someone suggested to him that he might try to ask God, and maybe he would know the reason for their death. Curious, he went with his friends to the temple to worship and asked the gods for instructions. Later, he also received the instructions of the gods, believing that the matter was the result of a causal cycle. At the same time, he also claimed that the doctor had killed two crows in the field in his previous life. In order to verify the fact, he also told the name of his previous life, the place where he lived, and the name of his wife, At the same time, it also indicated that one hundred dragon silver that he had previously hidden could be found somewhere on the roof beam where he lived in his previous life. After hearing this, although the doctor was dubious, he still went to the designated place (in Pingtung area) and tried to verify it in the registered residence management unit. It turned out that there was indeed this person's surname. Later, according to the address, there was also this former residence. At the same time, the hidden dragon silver was found in this residence. Therefore, this doctor was amazed and surprised. At this time, I have to believe that everything is the result of the past.

Another time, Mr. Zheng, an enthusiastic reader in Takesaki Township, once told the author a similar story. There was a farmer in his village (whose name was hidden) who was very cruel to the cattle he raised. Every time he tied the cattle, the rope was not left, which made it extremely inconvenient for the cattle to move or rest. Even it was difficult to shake his head to catch the mosquitoes and flies on his body. The usual whipping of cattle is also extremely excessive, which makes many bystanders often feel impatient and often persuade him to be lenient. Once again, the cattle were whipped wantonly, and then even their eyes were injured. Because of the serious injury, they soon became blind. Unable to continue working, he sold the cow for slaughter. Strange to say, after a short time, the farmer's body often felt sick and uncomfortable, and it seemed that he had no improvement to seek medical treatment everywhere. However, in order to live, sometimes I have to go to work with illness. Once, when driving a cow with sugarcane, his eyes were injured by sugarcane, and his medical treatment was invalid. He soon lost his sight and became a "one-eyed dragon". Many people think this is the best example of "an eye for an eye" and "self inflicted". It can be seen from this that one should not arbitrarily harm the living creatures, so as not to plant the evil cause of the injustice, and will not cause the unfortunate consequences in the future.








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