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 Pay attention to cause and effect and be cautious in speaking (Master Xuanhua)

   date:2020-09-18 18:35:12     read:65   

Pay attention to cause and effect and be cautious in speaking (Master Xuanhua)



Buddhists should also pay attention to cause and effect. They should be cautious in everything and should not slander people casually. Here I want to tell you a story, but it is true. There is an old resident in Hong Kong, named Liu Guojuan, who has been taking vegetarian food since he converted to me. Every time I speak in the West Park, she must arrive, otherwise she will feel uncomfortable. But it was strange that she was deaf and couldn't hear a word. The West Park is built on the mountain. It is difficult to climb more than 300 rugged stone steps to climb the mountain. She still goes up the mountain in person at her age, which is sincere.

One day, Amitabha was being recited in the temple, when she heard a sentence: "Buddha and Bodhisattva will meet in the South Lotus Pond". Her hearing was restored and she was no longer deaf. From then on, she believed in Buddhism more sincerely.

However, if you want to become a Buddha, you will be subject to evil; If you want to learn well, you will find the wrong. Guojuan had met one thing in her previous life; She refused to believe it, so she had to repay her doubts in this life. Once, several hungry ghosts ran into her stomach. In the evening, she dreamed that three fat children had penetrated into her stomach. From then on, she would eat seven or eight meals every day and a big meal every hour. She always felt that she could not be full. After looking for traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, I couldn't find out what the problem was. If so, it took more than a year. One day she came to me and said, "Master, I have something in my stomach. Talk to me."

I asked, "What did he say?"

"When I was making pancakes this morning, a voice in my stomach suddenly muttered and said," I don't like this! "I answered him," Whether you like it or not, it is enough to eat. "So I said," Even if you are pregnant, the fetus will not speak in your stomach. It must be a monster. Before you go to bed tonight, burn a column of incense beside the bed to see what realm appears. "

That night, she lit a stick of incense at the bedside according to my method. When she was about to fall asleep, she saw Bodhisattva Weituo holding a bowl of noodles and put it in front of her bed. At once, the three little fat men came out to grab noodles. Bodhisattva Weituo grabbed their ears and drove them away. From that day on, Guojuan felt relieved that her stomach was really empty, and she didn't have to eat seven or eight meals per husband.

What are the three monsters in her stomach? I tell you, it's two big geckos and one big frog. Why did she get this strange disease? It turns out that in her previous life, she met a person who suffered from the same disease. Later, a mage cured the man and explained to her that the three monsters in the patient's stomach were two geckos and a frog. At that time, Guojuan did not believe it. She said, "This is too superstitious!" That is, she said the wrong sentence, and this life will have to be rewarded by her own experience. Think about how powerful the cause and effect is!

The so-called "Bodhisattva is not afraid of the cause and is not afraid of the result". The Bodhisattva is very careful on the ground and is not wrong. He will not be afraid when he receives the reward. But ordinary people are stupid, and they are usually not afraid of the cause. They kill, steal, gamble, take narcotics, and dare to change. But when they receive the reward, they cry bitterly. Whoever kills his father also kills his father; Anyone who kills his brother also kills his brother. Plant good causes and get good results; Plant evil causes and get evil results. Be filial to your parents in this life, and your children will be filial to you in the future. Therefore, he said, "A family that accumulates good will have Yuqing, and a family that accumulates evil will have Yuyu."

There is another case: when Zen master Baizhang is lecturing; An old man with a white beard often comes to listen to scriptures. One day, everyone else left, leaving the old man alone. Zen master Baizhang asked him, "Uncle, what's your name?" The old man said, "My family name is Hu, and I am a fox behind the mountain. I was also a monk. Once someone asked me," Do you want to overhaul the pedestrian, but not cause and effect? "At that time, I replied," overhaul the pedestrian, but not cause and effect. "Because I said a wrong word, I lost my body. I have been reported by the fox for 500 generations. Now, please point out my confusion."

Yehu then asked, "Is the cause and effect of overhauling pedestrians?"

The teacher said, "Don't be ignorant of cause and effect".

The old man suddenly understood, and then said goodbye: "Now that I understand, I can go back to life. Tomorrow, ask the mage to go to the back of the mountain to deal with the matter of the dead monk."

The next day, Zen Master Baizhang led the crowd to the back of the mountain. Sure enough, he found a dead fox under the stone cliff, and then cremated it with the dead monk ceremony.

From this case, we know that we should be careful in everything we say and do. Therefore, I often say, "You can't live, sit, and lie without this. You can't leave without this."

(Excerpt from "Looking at the World" published by the Sino-American Buddhist Association)


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