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 Dharma Master Huishen testified that karma is true

   date:2020-09-18 18:52:13     read:55   

Dharma Master Huishen testified that karma is true





Dharma Master Hui Shen, the host of Taiwan's China Broadcasting Corporation's "Merciful Light" program, is very accomplished in Buddhist scriptures, can speak in simple terms when preaching, and often uses actual experience or real stories as metaphors. Therefore, he is very popular with the general audience. Recently, the author was fortunate to know this Dharma Master and ask him for advice and exchange views, and deeply benefited from it. In terms of causal phenomena, The mage also provided many valuable insights and examples, which I think are very valuable for reference.

Dharma Master Huishen believed that she had studied Buddhism for 30 years in her life, and felt deeply that all the principles revealed in the Buddhist scriptures were correct truth. She had not yet seen any contradiction or doubt, and the phenomenon of karma was no exception. She said that Sakyamuni could have six divine powers (heavenly eye, heavenly ear, fatalism, his mind, divine foot, and leakage), which could understand everything in the world, and could know the past Now and in the future, we can see the process of all laws and changes of the universe and all living beings. The prophet with such superb wisdom has repeatedly announced the principle of karma to all living beings. We believe that this must be a universal and certain law. However, because the factors involved in karma are sometimes very complex, it is not easy to see or immediately appear, so many living beings are often confused and unwilling to believe it, Many intellectuals even readily denounce it as nonsense or superstition, but refuse to study it in an objective and modest manner. This phenomenon of self-denial of the truth is really regrettable. She frankly said that with her lifetime experience and countless facts, almost all of them prove that everything in the world is a causal phenomenon. Such examples are too numerous to enumerate.

She said that there was a man in Jiayi (Gu Yin's name) who once confessed to him privately. He said that he liked reading pornographic novels or similar books and periodicals very much when he was in middle school. Later, influenced by these novels, he mistook the nuns in some temples for misbehaving, so he often went to the temple with his backpack to watch the nuns' behavior and whereabouts. Once he thought that he was suspicious, he would go back to the temple and make a big announcement, He did his best to slander, so he was very immoral. Shortly after that, he suffered a car accident, and his eyes were inserted by the glass fragments of the car window. As a result, he was completely blind because of the injury. At this time, he deeply realized the bitter consequences of evil and retribution. Although I regret it, it's too late.

In ancient times, Emperor Liang Wu was enthusiastic about Buddhism, so he often communicated with monks who became monks. Once he played chess with a monk in the palace. In the middle of the game, Emperor Liang Wudi suddenly felt anxious. Before going to the toilet, he saw that the chess game could eat the other side's son, so he shouted "kill", then left the table and went back to the original place. At this time, we couldn't see Dui Yi's monk, so we asked the left and right where the monk was going. The guard next to him told the emperor. Just now the emperor ordered to kill the monk, so he had to act according to the order and drag the monk out to be executed. Emperor Wu was surprised at the misunderstanding and wrong killing of the guard, but also felt very sorry. He further asked the guard how the monk said before he was executed. The guard said: The monk appeared very calm, but sighed and said: 'The previous life was killed in vain, and the present life was killed by mistake, everything is cause and effect, everything is certain.' This happened to fulfill a sentence in the Buddhist scripture: 'If you are not killed by thousands of calamities, you will receive the rewards when you encounter the fate.'

In addition, many listeners also wrote to tell her about the strange experience of cause and effect, which has repeatedly proved that the phenomenon of cause and effect is not false.

The following is a typical example. A listener in the north (Gu Yin's name) wrote that she was a woman selling pork. In order to earn more money, she usually poured more water into the pig's viscera, so that the kidney that was originally only 60 yuan could be sold for more than 100 yuan, sometimes only 15 liang for one kilogram of meat, and sometimes the sow that was about to be produced was slaughtered, even the piglets in the stomach were not spared, It's cruel to think of it. The money she has made in recent years is indeed very considerable, but what makes her feel very distressed is that her physical pain seems to be increasing and more serious. Since she was in her twenties, she often felt the sound of water in her stomach, and felt very sad. However, no matter what medicine she took, it was not effective. After examination, she knew that it was severe gastroptosis. After the age of thirty, she felt sick all over. Especially when the kidney disease broke out, she felt as if she was filled with water, as if she was about to crack. The degree of pain could not be too much compared to hell on earth, which could not be described in words. Due to the suffering of illness for many years, he is now haggard and out of shape. In addition, Master Huishen once told her that the killing of a family would not be complete, and she found that the same was true. Her husband had a secret conversation with a married woman not long ago, and later moved on to live together. Moreover, the two people were addicted to gambling and often ignored the family, which made her very sad, disappointed, sad and helpless. Once I heard from a friend that an old colleague's face was swollen like a pig before he died, and he kept moaning and wailing, which was shocking. Now when I think of this tragedy, I can't help but feel waves of heartache and fear. At the same time, I really don't know how to make up for all the killing karma and sins I have created in my life, so I very much hope that the mage can enlighten and instruct me to redeem my past mistakes.

Dharma Master Huishen believed that if a person can realize the former wrongs, put down the butcher's knife, sincerely repent, repent, and practice hard, the past karma, no matter how deep, will have a day to clear up the grievances, and even to achieve the results. The way to achieve this goal is not only to stop doing evil, so as not to increase the karma, but also to cultivate wisdom and blessings. The so-called cultivation of wisdom is to learn all kinds of valuable wisdom, such as Buddhism and all kinds of truth and experience of life. The so-called cultivation of happiness is to practice charity and relieve the pain of others and all living beings with a compassionate attitude. The types of charity include financial charity, dharma charity and fearless charity. Among them, the greatest merit is dharma charity, because only persuading people to be good can make people understand the truth of life and the purpose and true meaning of life, Only then can everyone have wisdom, no longer be foolish and ignorant, and be able to further develop their hearts and become a real good person.

Money and fearless giving are also extremely valuable, but think about it. Once these rescued or rescued people recover from health or pain in the future, if they are ungrateful or do evil, it will not only be beneficial to the social population, but will also form a disaster. Therefore, the merit of "almsgiving" to save people's soul is often greater than that of the almsgiving to save people's body or help people in difficulties. For the reason of duty, one should not only be enthusiastic about giving rice, clothing, medicine, coffins to the unfortunate people, or building bridges and roads to serve the public, but also make more use of opportunities to persuade people to be good, educate all living beings, or donate and print Buddhist scriptures, good books or publications that are beneficial to the hearts of the people of the world, or fund the activities of preaching or speeches that have purification and education functions, because that is the only way, The real purpose of our charity will not be lost. Finally, Master Huishen hopes that readers can provide more opinions and support for the program of "The Light of Mercy" hosted by her.












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