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 Karma: helping others avoid traffic accidents

   date:2020-09-18 18:55:17     read:45   

Karma: helping others avoid traffic accidents





Since the seventy-three years of the Republic of China, the author has successively published five series of good books on cause and effect, such as "The Unbelievable Cause and Effect Phenomenon", "How to Harvest, How to Plant", "How to Change My Destiny", "Why I Believe in Cause and Effect Phenomenon" and "Why Do Good, More Wisdom". After the release of these good books, it can be said that they have spread widely, not only in China, but also abroad.

People should do more good deeds, do more good deeds, and do it silently.

Letting go of life, printing scriptures, donating money to help the poor, providing voluntary services, preaching charity, and so on are all supreme merits.

A letter from a reader surnamed Chen in Hualien said: "When I helped distribute the good books you sent, and remitted the money in the name of my family to the Society and the Society, my family and myself have also had some unexpected good things, and the bad luck in the past has changed 180 degrees. Especially my husband, who has always been arrogant and selfish, has changed a lot miraculously recently. He not only works happily, but also has recently been paid a salary adjustment Four thousand yuan. My two daughters have also become more clever and docile, and my mother-in-law is no longer scolding me as often as before. Now, the harmony and happiness in the family is what I dare not dream and expect in the past. My father used to be both fond of gambling and drinking, which was a nightmare in our family. However, since I did good for him, I don't know why he would not want to go out, just like to help take care of family affairs at home, and he didn't drink. I feel very happy in my heart. "

These warm and touching letters make the author feel infinite comfort and heartfelt gratitude. At the same time, I also feel that there are still many warm-hearted and kind-hearted people in today's society who are silently doing good deeds and helping others, acting as volunteers, constantly contributing love, and actively promoting various activities beneficial to the community. This is a very gratifying phenomenon. May more people be able to show their love, have wisdom, and be able to "refrain from all evil and pursue all good".

In the past, a man asked the Buddha, "I have always been in poor health. I have been asking for divination everywhere, but it is of no help. Please tell me whether to believe in God or not?"

The Buddha listened and asked him kindly: "Please look at the farmers in the village ahead. If they don't go to the fields and sow seeds in spring, they just pray for a good harvest in front of God every day. Do you think that God will give them a good harvest in autumn?" "I don't think so." "That's a good answer. Now I ask you again, if a farmer works hard to cultivate, sow, irrigate, fertilize and weed in spring, but he doesn't ask God for a good harvest, do you think he will have a harvest in autumn?" "I think he will still have a harvest." "Now I ask you again, if a person doesn't work hard and doesn't exercise, do you think his family will be good? Will he be healthy?" "It is impossible."

From these teachings of the Buddha, we can know that there is no achievement without effort, no accidental or lucky success, and everything in the world is formed by the aggregation of "karma". Therefore, the blessings that everyone yearns for can only be obtained by serious cultivation, rather than by empty prayer. In order to make readers have a correct idea, this book is called "Happiness is born, not sought".

Mr. Zhou, the neighbor of the author, is a driver of the highway bureau. He once told the author that he has been a loyal member of the Charity Hall since the Charity Hall began to give alms ten years ago. Every time he takes part in the charity work, he always feels infinite comfort in his heart.

Perhaps it is because I am often very happy in spirit, so although I have been driving regular highway buses between Taipei Jiayi and Kaohsiung every day for more than ten years, I have always kept the safest record, and almost no accidents have occurred, so I have been praised as a model worker almost every year.

In addition, he also felt that his body had become extremely healthy, and he had hardly suffered from colds or other diseases for more than ten years, so he felt very strange.

Mr. Zhou also said that before the charity event, he once told a colleague who worked as a ticket seller whether to participate in the charity event. The lady immediately expressed her willingness to donate to help after knowing the nature of the event.]

After giving alms for many times, one time, the young lady and her male colleague went on a business trip to Minxiong, and the colleague drove her along the provincial highway to the turn of Shuangfushan. Unfortunately, she collided with an oncoming truck, and the locomotive crashed at the brake. The colleague also fell down and was injured, breaking a leg. The most surprising thing is that the young lady came running from behind, panting after the accident, to help deal with the rescue work.

The colleague later asked her why she was not on the locomotive when the accident happened. She said, 'I was also puzzled at that time. Why was it that when I was about to turn a corner, a strange force suddenly asked me to run down, and I left the locomotive with it. Unexpectedly, the locomotive broke down within a few seconds. I never dreamed of such a miracle.' The reason why this lady was so lucky to escape a disaster can't be explained by common sense.
















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