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 Incredible examples of cause and effect

   date:2020-09-18 18:57:19     read:56   

Incredible examples of cause and effect



Taiwan Buddhist information: Recently, a reader surnamed Zhang, who lives in Hukou Township, Hsinchu County, wrote a letter, listing many causal stories that he had personally experienced or heard. He said that these stories were real and true, and he hoped that they could be published on the basis of evidence, so that more people could get alert and lessons from these experiences, and then abide by the ancient motto of "Don't do evil, do good", In order to help improve the social atmosphere. Now I would like to quote the main contents as follows:

(1) The retribution of killing animals: Before I learned Buddhism, I could say that my nature was cruel, and I seldom felt pity or compassion for the animals. I remember that when I worked in a shoe factory more than 20 years ago, a master bought a dog from outside because he liked to eat dog meat, and the dog was put in a sack, and he motioned to me to kill the dog, At that time, I didn't hesitate to pound the dog's head with a big hammer, and the dog immediately screamed and wailed. I could continue to hammer without any hesitation until the dog's head was broken and blood was no longer struggling. In addition, if I happen to see a snake, I will catch it by all means, and then break or break its head with stones. At this time, the snake keeps twisting and turning before dying. I also turn a blind eye to these painful struggles. I don't think there is anything wrong with this cruel and inhumane behavior. Unexpectedly, a series of accidents and illnesses came to me one after another. About seven years ago, when I was working in a construction site tunnel, a construction vehicle suddenly backed away. I was unexpectedly hit with concussion without warning. After being hospitalized, I gradually recovered after a long time. In order to treat these diseases, I visited famous doctors in various hospitals and took famous Chinese and western medicine, but it didn't work. Finally, I had to listen to some folk folk folk remedies. Because these folk remedies all need some sentient meat (such as dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, centipedes, chickens, ducks, etc.) to be fried, boiled, stewed, roasted, etc, As a result, many lives were killed. After taking this medicine for a long time, my condition not only did not alleviate, but also worsened day by day. Later, when I went to a large hospital for examination, the doctors thought that it was not enough to save lives without a quick operation, so I had to let them operate, and more than two-thirds of my stomach was cut off, and even part of my duodenum was also cut off. It can be seen how serious the situation was at that time.

When I was working in the factory last year, my finger was accidentally run over by the machine, and my skin, blood, meat, and bone were suddenly broken. I felt pain in my heart and lungs, screamed loudly, and nearly fainted. When I saw the broken, bleeding, and trembling injured hand, I could not help thinking of the bloody scenes of beating snakes and killing dogs before, so I also constantly suspected that I had been suffering from illness and many accidental injuries for more than ten years, Is it all a result of my killing in the past.

(2) Keratitis caused by eating fish eyes: A colleague of mine, surnamed Chen, once told her friend at a casual party that her father has a hobby, that is, he especially likes to eat fish eyes. If there are fish on the table when eating, he must dig out all the fish eyes with chopsticks before enjoying them. In order to enjoy the delicious food regularly, he often told his family to buy more fish, especially live fish, In order to have a good meal. Unexpectedly, one of her father's eyes suddenly became inflamed and the condition was very serious. Many famous doctors were helpless. Later, they were completely blind. The doctor had to dig it out and put a fake eye on him. After a year, her father suffered from glaucoma in the other eye, and soon lost his sight quickly. Now he has to live a dark and miserable life.

(3) I have a classmate named Chen, who is a professional soldier. He often takes a long vacation home after every mission. When he comes home, I see him take fishing tackle to fish, or take iron clips to catch small animals, or take a shotgun to shoot birds everywhere for fun. Later, some unfortunate things happened in his family. First of all, when his brother was working at the construction site, he accidentally fell from the balcony on the second floor to the ground. There were many disorderly steel bars on the ground. Unfortunately, his brother was stabbed through his neck by these steel bars. Because of his serious injury, he soon died. Later, the classmate and his wife had a lot of quarrels and incompatibilities, and had to divorce. The original happy family suddenly turned into a tragic end of divorce, which is really impressive.

(4) Hit a bird on the head with a slingshot and get hit: There is a colleague in my service unit who likes to hit a bird with a slingshot very much, and he shoots very accurately, almost 100 shots, and hits the key everywhere, especially the head, so almost all the birds are shot. For several years, everyone has been amazed and admired by his unique skill. However, unfortunately, it happened later. Last year, when our company was repairing a crane, a hook broke suddenly due to the iron wire, and fell from a high altitude. At this time, it hit the head of the next repairman impartially. Because of the heavy iron hook, the head that was hit was also smashed like a watermelon on the spot, and the brain spilled, The blood was all over the ground. It was shocking to see. Who do you think is the dead repairman? This is the colleague who is good at fighting birds.

(5) Eat pig's feet, chicken wings and chicken feet, and have sore body: I have an elder who usually likes meat very much, especially pig's feet, chicken wings and chicken feet. Not only do I have three meals, but also I often get together with three or five friends. One party is also indispensable to enjoy the above side dishes. Therefore, I can say that I have a special appetite for meat, and I can never get tired of eating it. Unexpectedly, when he was old, the elder's hands and feet were bent into the shape of "characters" due to excessive uric acid, and there were many terrible sores on them. Some of his skin even rotted. Although he sought medical treatment everywhere, it seemed that he could not cure them. Once he accidentally fell down and broke his thigh bone. After moaning for several days, he died. According to his family, a few days before his death, he often cried out in a trembling and frightened voice: Someone is coming to catch me! Someone wants to catch me! Come and stay with me! ' It's really creepy.

(6) Retribution for stealing: Our hometown parents often tell a cautionary story to our young people. Thirty years ago, the life of ordinary people in Taiwan was still very poor, and many businessmen were selling goods door-to-door. Once, a cloth seller took a batch of goods to a group of women. They took the cloth and passed it around. They took turns to comment, but no one bought it. The cloth seller had to take back the goods. However, after counting, they found that there was a piece of cloth missing. At this time, everyone said with one voice that they did not take it, One of the women not only said that she did not take it, but also vowed in front of everyone, "If I did, I would be killed by a car in the future." Unexpectedly, after the woman returned to the Golden Gate, one day she was at home, and was killed by a large truck that directly broke through the door wall and burst into the living room because of the sudden failure of the steering wheel. After the news came out, everyone talked about it. At the same time, they also felt that karma was very incredible.







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