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 Zhuge Changqing: Why did she dream of children and gusts of wind?

   date:2021-09-29 09:47:45     read:42   

Zhuge Changqing: Why did she dream of children and gusts of wind?



To learn Buddhism and practice, you should have real kung fu, at least learn to transcend.

... Zhuge Changqing

To learn Buddhism and practice requires real kungfu.

What is the real kungfu of learning Buddhism?

Zhuge Changqing, learning Buddhism and practicing true kungfu includes three aspects: first, understanding the wisdom of Buddhism; Second, learn to live beyond others; Third, learn to promote the Dharma and promote life.

These three real kungfu skills determine a person's level of cultivation.

Zhuge Changqing believes that learning Buddhism should at least learn to transcend. Otherwise, even one's own ancestors, ancestors, creditors, attached beings, aborted baby spirits, and attached beings cannot transcend. How can one be called a practitioner?

Giving food can save lives beyond others. Those who are destined can learn to give. If you are not a beginner, you can refer to Zhuge Changqing's feeding ritual (15-step concise version)

Xiuhui students who like the traditional culture of traditional Chinese culture, have great compassion and dedication, and continue to do a good job in the five-in-one transformation of Zhuge Changqing's traditional Chinese culture. In particular, he has continued to give alms for several years, exceeding the limitless sentient beings, and has achieved great merit. His personal cultivation has reached the intermediate level.

She dreamed about some things during the Tomb Sweeping Day, and she answered them at first. Zhuge Changqing thinks that these contents can provide you with reference, and shares them as follows.

Xiuhui classmate: Amitabha in Nanwu, the Blessed Life is boundless. Good morning, Mr. Zhuge Changqing. This is my second time to write to you for help. In recent years, there are reality in practice, and there are some appearances in dreams that do not know what they represent. Please kindly take the time to give instructions. (There are too many words. I can't stop talking. I hope the teacher can listen to me mercifully~~thanksgiving)

1. Recently, on the Tomb-sweeping Day, I dreamed of two children twice. For the first time, a little boy in red appeared in my dream. The clothes I was wearing were the paper clothes I burned to the baby spirit at home three days before the Tomb-sweeping Day. He didn't say a word. He just stood in the distance and looked at me. He didn't say anything. The expression is neither happy nor sad. It may also be the first time to report a dream to me, and you are not brave enough to ask me for anything. When I wanted to talk with him, he suddenly disappeared. I woke up. This point is like three or four in the morning. I have told my teacher before that every time I dream of these images, it is this time period.

Zhuge Changqing: Blessed life is limitless. amitabha.

Dream of children, this is your abortion baby spirit. Thank you, they have been fed by you. Good sense.

2. It's also around the Tomb Sweeping Day, which day I forgot. In the dream, one of the two halls in the sun is my aunt and the other is my aunt who came to me (she is my sister-in-law). The little aunt lives in the house behind my mother's house. She always knows that I study Buddhism and practice. Then the little aunt brought her to me. Actually, I have nothing to do, and I don't know if I can help her. Because I usually read sutras and chant Buddha, popularize Buddha, repent, release and give food. Last month, I went to the temple near my mother's house to participate in the two-day and one-night large-scale eight-guard fasting dharma meeting (I don't know whether it is for this reason). This is common practice for Buddhist disciples.

Without much to say, take back the above, the dream is in a junior or senior high school classroom. I wear a sea green mantle and hold a rosary. Just as they entered the classroom, the little aunt said bitterly: niece, your aunt is not comfortable these days, and the doctor said it's all right. When we still want to talk, at this time, there are several gusts of overcast wind in the dream, and the sky becomes more gray. I immediately said that everyone would follow me to recite "Namo Amitabha" while taking them around the Buddha. I stand first, and my aunt and uncle stand behind. Around. There were several more overcast winds, which were more overcast and colder than last time. I shouted, "Don't be distracted, keep reading.". This time, the window looked out at the dark clouds. It looked like a big storm. They were afraid to stop reading, but I continued to chant. Suddenly, I felt that there was a child chanting with us behind me. As soon as I looked back, a little girl wearing an ancient black dress gown appeared between me and my aunt (they were really invisible at this time, I don't know why I saw it, I can't believe it). I saw that his face was covered with black dirt. It turned out that he had been chanting Buddha with us from the beginning. Then I grabbed his small hand. I said, have you been making fun of her and making her uncomfortable? She said nothing and looked very frightened. Neither admit nor deny. Then, like the wind, it floated to the stairs outside the classroom and ran down. I chased out and shouted, "You should convert to the Three Treasures and practice well. Amitabha will lead you to the west.". Don't be greedy, angry and foolish. She answered downstairs, I know, I know. Then he drifted away. Then I woke up again. I immediately looked at my mobile phone at 4:24 in the morning.

In addition, my aunt's life is very hard. When she was young, her husband died of illness and raised a daughter and a son. The son did not grow up and hurt others (the other side was not dead, I don't know). I came out a few years ago and got married. My aunt prefers boys to girls. She has three daughters, one son, and the eldest daughter is also not good at school. She falls in love with male classmates in the same school (primary school or junior high school), and then she is pregnant and has an abortion. The youngest son gave birth to a baby girl after his marriage. The daughter-in-law said that she was a girl when she was pregnant with the second child, and then took her to the hospital. Then he finally gave birth to his son in a few years. So I don't know which of the two children in the dream is the baby spirit, or whether it is the baby spirit of my family.

Zhuge Changqing: Blessed life is limitless. amitabha.

This dream is very good. It bodes well for your leap in practice.

(1) I dreamed that your aunt and aunt were looking for you. Why did they look for you? Because you continue to work hard and have the light of Buddha, their gods and creditors can sense it, so they come to you for transcendence.

(2) When you see the wind gusts and the woman appears, it indicates that your Buddha eye magic power will gradually improve, continue to improve, and become better and better.

(3) This woman is the creditor of your aunt. She has been hurt by your aunt for many years. The enemy comes to collect the debt. Zhuge Changqing suggested that you talk to her in the void and ask her not to worry. Just ask her to participate in your almsgiving and accept the excess.

(4) Their aborted baby spirit needs to be transcended.

You will continue to improve, be great, and work hard to become a pillar of talent who will carry forward the traditional culture of traditional Chinese culture.

Don't do any evil, and do all good.

Zhuge Changqing, I wish you success.

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Introduction to Zhuge Changqing: Zhuge Changqing, the inheritor and promoter of traditional Chinese culture, is willing to work with like-minded people in the world to "inherit traditional Chinese culture, promote good morality, revitalize China, and benefit the world".





























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Introduction to Zhuge Changqing: Zhuge Changqing, the inheritor and promoter of traditional Chinese culture, is willing to "learn from sages, promote virtue, revitalize China and benefit the world" together with people with the same ideals in the world.

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