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 Fu Jun, President of New Hualian: Take off the red top and become a businessman

   date:2020-09-18 17:10:46     read:27   

Fu Jun, President of New Hualian: Take off the red top and become a businessman

He did not hide his enterprising spirit or ambition: "Life is only a hundred years. We came to this world not only to eat, dress... love. Family is indispensable, but there is no cause for glory, life

When it comes to New Hualian Group and its president, Fu Jun, people always have to go through a process from being at a loss to being suddenly enlightened. Few people know that the New Hualian Group is actually the founder of many famous brands such as "Jinliufu Wine", "Shangri-La Tibetan Secret", "Hualian Ceramics", "Cheetah SUV", etc.

Fu Jun, a big entrepreneur with nearly 50 companies and a total income of more than 10 billion, whose industries cover real estate, chemical industry, automobile, finance, mining and other fields, is rarely known. Although Hurun "dug" him out in the 2002 China Rich List, he still made a mistake in the picture.

The interview with Fu Jun took a lot of trouble. As soon as he met, he explained with a smile: "There is an old saying in Hunan, 'The wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it'. In China, it is better to do things implicitly, which is a kind of protection for yourself." Being a low-key person and doing things high-profile seems to have become a culture of the New Hualian.

Go to the sea and serve the country

Wearing a dark blue sportswear and sneakers, Fu Jun's hair is a little sparse. Fu Jun is not as dignified as I thought he should be as a "red-topped businessman". His bold and agile nature makes him look very "Jianghu".

In 1990, Fu Jun, then a cadre at the level of the Hunan Provincial Foreign Economic Commission and a promising official, suddenly decided to "take off the red roof and become a businessman". After many years as an official, Fu Jun was soberly aware that the only way to change China was to revitalize the economy. The wise man has never followed suit: "China is not short of political, but very short of economic. China's prosperity depends on the strength of the economy, and the strength of the economy depends on the rise of a large number of excellent enterprises. People with ability should directly create wealth."

At the beginning of going to sea, Fu Jun had an unusual dream - serving the country through industry. After digging the first barrel of gold from Malaysia, Fu Jun has accumulated some experience in the international market. He is determined to return home and show his strength.

The first brand of New Hualian is "Jinliufu Liquor", but even those who have drunk Jinliufu may not know that it is actually an OEM (OEM) of Wuliangye.

In the 1990s, the OEM model was in the ascendant in China. Fu Jun, who dared to innovate, carefully studied the Nike model, and felt that it could be copied to the wine industry. So he decided to seek the most quality guaranteed Baijiu manufacturer in China for OEM production. At that time, the newly established New Hualian could not reach the top of "Wuliangye", but Fu Jun and his assistant Wu Xiangdong did not give up and found a brand under Wuliangye, "Chuanjiuwang", as an agent. In just one year, Xinhualian made this wine the first brand of Baijiu in Hunan. Finally, Wuliangye "secretly promised" in front of the hard numbers. At that time, Wuliangye had a huge capacity of 100000 tons per year, and was looking for new brands to make up for that capacity. The complementation of both sides has created a miracle of Hunan liquor industry - "Jinliufu".

New Hualian has advanced ideas in brand building. Wu Xiangdong said, "A brand should have ideas. A brand without culture is a small brand." Jin Liufu sells more than wine. What it surpasses its peers is that it does not regard the brand as a cold name, but through it, it sends a good wish and blessing, which makes it have the added value of the Chinese nation's festive culture.

Fu Jun said that independent innovation is the biggest competitiveness of New Hualian. Innovation is not only reflected in product research and development, but also in management concepts, business ideas and institutional processes.

In this regard, Hualian Ceramics is a good example.

Liling, Hunan is a famous "porcelain capital". In 1994, Fu Jun took control of a township enterprise in his hometown Liling and established Hunan Hualian Ceramics Co., Ltd. to enter the manufacturing industry. The dual meaning of China made him see overseas business opportunities. Westerners are obsessed with porcelain because they symbolize mysterious oriental culture.

Fu Jun decided to let enterprises stand at the beginning of internationalization. In addition to investing money, he will also give the enterprise "brainwashing and fitness": "After the project is invested, we will follow up the management in time, that is, we will send people to participate in the management. If the money is invested, we can't integrate our own ideas and business ideas, and the project will fail."

After a series of major reforms, Huaci has developed products with independent intellectual property rights and owned its own brand. At the same time, it has become one of the earliest ceramic enterprises with ISO9000 certification in China. In a subsequent bidding, Huaci successfully won the order of 700000 dollars from Marlboro. The key is that they are the only bidding enterprises that have passed this certification. This is inseparable from Fu Jun's international vision and advanced consciousness.

Today, Hualian Ceramics has become the leader of China's daily-use ceramics industry, earning nearly US $50 million in foreign exchange in 2006, and becoming the only enterprise in the industry authorized by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

At present, the new Hualian Group under Fu Jun has owned several industrial sectors, such as wine industry, real estate, chemical industry, ceramics, mining, and urban gas, with an annual operating income of more than 10 billion yuan. It has been ranked among the top 500 Chinese enterprises and the top 100 Chinese private enterprises for three consecutive years, and has been praised as the "roadmap of diversification" by the domestic media.

good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations

In Fu Jun's view, the success of the New Hualian is also inseparable from the help of some friends. This made him understand that "human capital is more important than monetary capital".

New Hualian has many talents with low academic qualifications. It is Fu Jun's unconventional and bold appointment that makes them stand out. For example, Xu Junqi, general manager of Hualian Ceramics, Wu Xiangdong, general manager of Jinliufu Liquor, Zhang Jianhong, chairman of Dongyue Chemical, and so on. Fu Jun said that when he first met Zhang Jianhong, he believed that he could achieve great things - "active thinking, passion, can be seen from drinking!" After investing in Dongyue Chemical, he unexpectedly gave up the position of chairman to Zhang Jianhong. In response, he said: "The enterprise is involved in a strange field, and needs a professional management team. It is more important for the development of the enterprise than who is the chairman."

"One should have a mind. Without a mind, one cannot accomplish great things. For example, can you dilute shares? Can you trust professional managers? Can you use people who are more capable than yourself? Are you willing to thank employees who have made contributions to the company? Can you motivate your team with high salary and high treatment? These questions are too specific, but they test the mind of an entrepreneur. At the beginning of New Hualian, my shares 70%, now 31%. I gave almost 40% of my shares to 390 senior executives. " Fu Jun said so and did so. The advanced management concept, flexible incentive mechanism and broad development platform have attracted many excellent management elites and professionals to join Xinhua Union to show their skills. Zhang Jianhong appreciated Fu Jun's personality and praised "he has the simplicity of farmers, the preciseness of intellectuals, the shrewdness of businessmen, and the integrity of entrepreneurs. He is a rare partner". Relying on the "favorable weather, place and people", the Group has been growing at a rate of more than 20% every year since its establishment for 17 years. This is a remarkable achievement in private enterprises. As for the future, Fu Jun's thinking is as clear and accurate as ever. In the future, many people have questioned the diversification of New Hualian, because many private enterprises have failed to diversify. In response, Fu Jun said: "Diversification is not impossible. The key is how to do it. It cannot be done without principles. Only after each field is bigger, stronger and specialized can it be expanded in the corresponding fields." On how to adjust the layout in the future, Fu Jun said his principles are: "Efficiency first, whether the industry can remain the first, whether it can become the main business of New Hualian, and whether it can be sustainable." At the beginning of the founding of New Hualian, Considering the domestic environment and the enterprise itself at that time, non-industrial instability became Fu Jun's investment principle. When the group has a certain scale, he believes that industry must be combined with the capital market to become bigger and stronger. Fu Jun bluntly told China Economic Weekly (domestic mail code 2-977): "In three years, I will get 10 billion yuan back from the capital market." Next, the bold Fu Jun once again played the role of being the first in the world, announcing that New Hualian will focus on mining, and strive to integrate one sector for listing within three years. He said: "At the end of November, people will be sent to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to develop copper mines there." "Whoever controls resources will have the future. Enterprises who control resources overseas will make the greatest contribution to the country!" Some economists have analyzed the law of price fluctuations of non-ferrous metals over the past century, but Fu Jun does not believe the so-called law. He said: "There are nearly 600 million mobile phone users in China, computers, air conditioners, color televisions... why not use nonferrous metals? Is there such a huge demand for a hundred years? Only demand can determine the viability of an enterprise. The future demand makes me unwavering." In addition to mining and chemical industry, investment finance is another plan of Fu Jun. "The financial sector is the driving force for the economic development of any country," he said. He has successfully invested in Changsha Commercial Bank and initiated the establishment of Tianjin Binhai Commercial Bank. The layout of New Hualian is gradually clear from north to south. Fu Jun encouraged all private enterprises to go out and occupy the markets in Malaysia, India, Vietnam and other places, especially the fast moving consumer goods market. Perhaps even today, he still remembers an old leader who said to him 17 years ago: "Only when a man goes far can he fly high." However, today's journey is no longer his own, but the whole enterprise and even the country. Since its establishment 17 years ago, New Hualian has paid more than 2 billion yuan of national taxes and contributed more than 80 million yuan of various kinds of donations. Fu Jun has fulfilled his promise to go to the sea, but his pace will not slow down. When he was still the secretary of the Commune Party Committee, he said to his wife that he must have a special car in the future. At that time, only the cadres at the level of the department and bureau would have a special car. He did not hide his enterprising spirit or ambition: "Life is only a hundred years. We came to this world not only to eat, dress... love. Family is indispensable, but without the glory of career, life will lack vitality." ceo.icxo.com
























  “一个人要有胸怀,没有胸怀是做不成大事的。比如说你能不能稀释股份?能不能相信职业经理人?你能不能用本事比自己还大的人?你愿不愿意去感激对公司做出贡献的员工?你能不能高薪水、高待遇去激励你的团队?这些问题太具体了,但很考验一个企业家的胸怀。在新华联,开始的时候我的股份是70%,现在是31%。我差不多拿出40%的股份给了390个高管。”傅军如是说,也如是去做了。先进的经营理念、灵活的激励机制和广阔的发展平台,吸引许多优秀的管理精英和专业人才纷纷加盟新华联来大显身手。  张建宏很欣赏傅军的为人,称赞“他具有农民的朴实,知识分子的严谨,商人的机敏,企业家的诚信,是不可多得的伙伴”。  靠着“天时地利人和”,集团成立17年来,每年以20%以上的速度增长,可谓一路飘红。这在民企中可谓了不起的成就。关于未来,傅军的思路一如既往的清晰精准。  未来的加减法  很多人曾经质疑过新华联的多元化,因为很多民营企业多元化都失败了。对此,傅军认为:“多元化不是不能搞,关键是怎么搞,不能无原则地多元化。只有把每一块领域做大做强做专之后,才能在相应领域拓展。”  关于未来如何调整布局,傅军说自己的原则是:“效益优先,产业是否能保持第一,是否能成为新华联的主业,是否能可持续发展。”  在新华联成立之初,从当时的国内环境和企业自身考虑,非实业不稳成了傅军的投资原则。当集团有了一定的规模,他认为实业一定要和资本市场相结合,才能做大做强。傅军豪爽地对《中国经济周刊》(国内邮发代号2-977)表示:“3年内,我要从资本市场拿100个亿回来。”  下一步,大胆的傅军再一次发挥敢为天下先的本色,宣布新华联要重点进军矿业,争取3年内整合一个板块上市。他说:“11月底就要派人到赞比亚和刚果(金)去,在那里发展铜矿。”“谁控制资源谁就拥有未来。企业到海外去控制资源,才是对国家最大的贡献!”有经济学家分析出有色金属百年来价格波动的规律,但傅军不相信所谓的规律。他认为:“中国有近6亿手机用户,电脑,空调,彩电……什么不用到有色金属?一百年来有这么大的需求吗?只有需求才能决定一个企业有没有生命力。未来的需求让我毫不动摇。”  除了矿业、化工以外,投资金融是傅军的另一个打算。他说:“任何国家经济的发展,金融领域都是驱动力。”他已成功入股长沙商业银行,并发起组建了天津滨海商业银行。一北一南,新华联的布局渐渐清晰。  傅军鼓励所有民营企业走出去,占领马来西亚、印度、越南等地的市场,尤其是快速消费品市场。也许时至今日,他还记得17年前一位老领导对他说的一句话:“男儿远走才能高飞。”只是,今天的远走不再是他自己,而是整个企业乃至国家。  新华联成立17年来,上缴国家税收超过20亿元,各类捐款达8000万元以上。傅军已经实现了自己当初下海的承诺,然而他的步伐不会减速。还在当公社党委书记的时候,他就对老婆说,自己将来一定要有一辆专车,那时只有司局级干部才有专车。 他并不掩饰自己的进取心或者说野心:“人生不过百年。我们来到这个世界上,不只为了吃饭,穿衣……爱情。家庭固然不可或缺,但是没有事业的增光添彩,生命就会缺乏生机。”ceo.icxo.com

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