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 Magic Chinese characters

   date:2020-09-18 18:36:47     read:53   

Magic Chinese characters

Chinese characters are really powerful. I really feel this after reading the articles of Feng Yan and other friends

Order: "Work harder today", and you will be qualified to command others tomorrow

Frustration: Those who want to "sit" and wait for "hand" in everything must have trouble

Feint: People who pretend to be sheep are actually wolves

Luck: Some people are lucky because of their good relationship

No: People who really oppose you often "don't" appear in the "mouth", but hide in the heart

Praise: "offer" to accept the "hand" of others

Late: Out of date, sometimes it's just that you "left" one foot later than others

Chao: "Call" shows you, keep "walking", you can catch up with others

Cognition: When looking at a "person", we tend to focus on his "words" and ignore his heart

Shu: "Give" to "give" to others. What you get is happiness

Bad: usually "less" and "less", but in the end, it is bound to be inferior

Value: stand "straight", "people" are worth more

Do: If you want to do something, you can't just use "force". You have to have "points" on both sides

Kua: We will eventually suffer "big" and "loss"

Begging: "Qi" means less fighting for "one"

Narrow: "Er" Duo can only listen to good words that are "beneficial" to himself, and his heart must be narrow

Debt: If you owe someone else, you should pay it. This is the "responsibility" of being a "person"

Add: We should not only talk about what we do, but also put our "strength" into action

▲ "Rely", "accuse" and "blame". This word is to tell you clearly that it is wrong to rely on others.

▲ "Lai", the word is half "bound" and half "negative", that is to say, relying on others is equal to bondage and debt.

▲ "bitter" means "eat ten years of grass", can eat ten years of grass, what else can't bear?

▲ The word "name" means "name", which is hung on the mouth of others after sunset.

▲ Order: "Work hard today", and you will be qualified to command others tomorrow.

▲ Cheating: Once seen through, the "horse" will be seen "flat".

▲ True: "straight" is its foothold.

▲ Feint: "people" pretending to be "sheep" on the surface are actually wolves.

▲ Frustration: people who want to "sit" and wait for "hand" in everything must be in trouble.

▲ Hui: Even the "heart" and "ash" of failure can ignite the flame of hope.

▲ Luck: Some people are lucky because of their good relationship.

▲ No: People who really oppose you often "don't" appear in the "mouth" but hide in the heart


▲ Convenience: it is convenient for "people", and "more" is convenient for themselves.

▲ Hold: "offer" to accept others' "hand".

▲ Late: just "left" one foot later than others.

▲ Refers to: Once some people hold the "edict" in their "hands", they will tell everywhere.

▲ Chao: "Call" shows you, and keep "walking", you can catch up with others.

▲ Recognize: When you look at a "person", you often only pay attention to his "words" and ignore his heart.

▲ Jue: Some corrupt officials have gone to the dead end, and all have thousands of "silk" ties with "color".

▲ Sorrow: "Where to synthesize sorrow and leave people's hearts for autumn".

▲ Heart: where to synthesize the heart, "A hook in the sky, the oblique moon with three stars"

▲ Flying: Flying "dragon" is in the sky, and two points on the right are a pair of wings.

▲ Closure: It is "closure" to pile up the earth inch by inch; Latch the door horizontally, vertically and obliquely with wooden bars, which is "closed".

▲: holding an umbrella alone, wandering in the long lonely rain lane.

▲ Cry: What a "big" person with two bigger eyes, but stingy tears.

▲ Extinguish: add a cover on the "fire" to prevent fire.

▲ Nao: There is actually a market in the door. Isn't it busy?

▲ Cut: When "dagger" and "knife" meet, it is inevitable to start to "cut" things.

▲ All: People are king. If one person is king, he has everything.

▲ Sun: There is actually a small dot in the seal character, sunspot.

▲ Kill: A death sentence, with a cross seal yoke (X) on it, a small head exposed in the middle, kneeling with legs close together, two hands on the ground, waiting for someone to behead!

▲ "An" women live at home, that is, "An". For men, with women, there is a home; With women, it is "An". Another meaning of "An" is that women are safe, quiet and comfortable only when they are at home. Professional women also take returning to family as their final destination. After work, women are rushing home.

▲ With the word "home", raising a pig under a tiled house becomes a home. In fact, this "dolphin" is not a real pig, but a child. Just imagine that when people are young, they have no feeling or fear of "dirty, messy, and poor". They feel like a pig in the mud. The ancients then classified children and pigs into one category, "home", which means that. From the perspective of the shape of the family character, it is quite like the wooden building structure of the Miao people living today: people live on the upper floor, and animals are tied at the bottom of the building.

▲ Restaurant. "Food is the most important thing for the people". What if there is no food to eat? The word "rice" starts from "food" on the left and "anti" on the right. If you go to the left, that is to say, people will lose their jobs. Then, there is only one way for people, that is, "anti". Against whom? Look at the "Pavilion" again. The so-called "pavilion" is the place where "officials" eat "food". Most dynasties and most people have nothing to do with the "pavilion". However, when most people have no food to eat, their anger will point to "officials" like a flame. When the word "restaurant" is removed from the left side, it is not "anti official".

▲ "corruption"="government"+"meat", the government always feeds the people, or an unrestricted government feeds itself by plundering the people. The "mansion" is padded with "meat". There are two kinds of meat, one is cattle, sheep, pigs and dogs, chicken, duck, fish and shrimp, tortoise, octopus, abalone, sea cucumber, and "sea, land and air" animals. The second is human flesh, the home of the emperor, and three thousand harems; There are many wives and concubines in the first place of the official family. No corrupt official has not rolled over on countless women in the rough seas, but also fell into the deep cliff from women.

▲ "Defeat", "Bei" and "Wen". When a person, an organization or a country has money, and many people are idle and do not engage in direct material production, the sign of "defeat" appears.

▲ "Qun", "Jun" on the left, that is, the king, and sheep on the right, that is, sheep. "Qun" is just a group of sheep that are driven and slaughtered by the king. Just like when we face sheep, we can rinse it if we want, and roast it if we want.

▲ Marry: "woman"+"home". A woman who goes to another home is called marry.

▲ Women: After getting married, a woman went to her husband's house and became a woman. So she took a broom and said that from now on, the housework will be done by women.

▲ Family name: When the word is coined, it must be in the matriarchal clan period. The children born by women follow the mother's family name.

▲ Men: men are people who want to work in the fields. The main job of men in agricultural society is to work in the field, so if men want to be a real man, they must earn money to support their families.

▲ Education: This refers to the education of children. The word "education" refers to filial piety first, and the word "education" refers to the education of children. The education of children must start with moral character, and filial piety first. First, good moral character, and then supplemented by cultural education, to educate children into a useful person.

▲ Circle: A closed door word indicates that the foundation of the family has no gap and is stable. The family has a population, property (shell, which means money and property), a thriving population, and a good harvest.

▲ Zhe: What is said in "mouth" can become "philosophy" only after a big discount.

▲ Flattery: "trap" carefully set by those with ulterior motives with "language".

▲ Reason: In feudal autocratic society, "truth" is always in the hands of "king".

▲ No: "Disagree" with what others say in their mouth is "negative".

▲ Achievements: It is not only the packaging of "Splendid", but also the "responsibility".

▲ Character: The so-called "character" means that the person should be able to stand up to the discussion of "mouth".

▲ Style: Only by taking "people" as the "foundation" can a leader's style be truly reflected.

▲ Traders, Mao Bei. Mao is the concept of time, that is, from five to seven in the morning. Here is a shell, which is money. Get up early in the morning, and then go to the market for business. This is trade.

▲ Wealth: on the left is Bei, Qian, and on the right is Cai, Cai. Only with talent can you become rich.

▲ Thin: Why not be thin for an old man who is ill?

▲ Blind: the eyes (eyes) are damaged. Blindness: The eyes (eyes) are dead.

▲ Preface: "Guang" and "Yu". The preface before the book is to promote and advertise "Yu" (oneself).

▲ Yu: Who says that it is flawless? What is the black dot in the lower right corner?

▲ said: lay a tongue flat in your mouth and say: "......".

▲ Love: You want to hold your friend with your paws and don't let go, and then you have "love"!

▲ Hate: I think the other side has less conscience! So "hate"!

▲ Love: It is a green heart. Keep it green forever and don't let it wither and die!

▲ Hope: every minute and every second, look around eagerly, and the beautiful eyes "hope".

▲ "Harmony", "Harmony" means "everyone has food to eat", and "Harmony" means "everyone has the right to speak". If we can achieve these two points, then society can basically be called "Harmony".
























▲ “靠”,“告”“非”也,这个字就是明明白白告诉你,靠别人是不对的。




▲ 令:“今”天努力一“点”,明天才有资格指挥别人。




























▲“安”女人居家,即为“安”也。对男人而言,有了女人,就有了家;有了女人,即为“安”。 “安”的另一层意思,即:女人只有在家,才是安全的、安静的、安逸的。职业女性也把回归家庭作为最终的归宿。一下班,女人们都争着往家赶。




▲“败” “贝”+“文”,当一个人、一个组织或者一个国家,有了钱,并且有很多人游手好闲、不从事直接的物质生产的时候,“败”的迹象就出现了。


















▲ 瞎:目(眼睛)被“害”了。盲:目(眼睛)死“亡”了。








▲“和谐”, “和”在于“人人都有饭吃”,“谐”则是“人人皆有说话的权利”,能达到这两点,那么社会基本可称“和谐”了。

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