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 Lee Kuan Yew said The mainland will not condone Taiwan independence because of the Olympics

   date:2020-09-18 18:37:36     read:53   

Lee Kuan Yew said

The mainland will not condone Taiwan independence because of the Olympics

Lee Kuan Yew, Senior Minister of the Singapore Cabinet, pointed out that some leaders of the Taiwan authorities thought that the mainland would throw a mouse at Taiwan for hosting the Olympic Games, but he did not agree. He called on Taiwan to listen carefully to what the mainland leaders said. The analysis pointed out that Lee Kuan Yew's talk, on the one hand, kindly advised Chen Shui-bian not to take risks, but also reminded Taiwan people to recognize the reality and not dance with unscrupulous politicians.

According to the China News Agency in Hong Kong, Lee Kuan Yew recently visited China. When he was interviewed by the Singapore media in Beijing, he said that he did not think that the leaders of Beijing were "worried" about the situation in the Taiwan Strait. "They thought about this issue many times and for a long time.". Both the Singapore Lianhe Zaobao and the Straits Times published relevant information on Sunday.

Lee Kuan Yew said that some leaders in Beijing knew that Taiwan mistakenly believed that the mainland would throw a mouse at Taiwan for hosting the Olympics. They will worry about the Olympics or other factors, but Taiwan is their most important national interest. Lee Kuan Yew said in Chinese in particular, "They attach great importance to this issue and are ready. What they said, Taiwanese people must listen carefully."

Lee Kuan Yew also talked about Sino-US relations and believed that trade and the RMB exchange rate would be the main problems, but the biggest problem of the two countries was Taiwan. "If Taiwan goes astray and the United States does not make efforts to ensure that nothing stupid will happen before Taiwan's general election in March, it will have unpredictable consequences."

Lee Kuan Yew's ancestral home is Tai Po, Guangdong Province, and his wife Ke Yuzhi's ancestral home is Tong'an, Fujian Province. For many years, Lee Kuan Yew has been paying attention to cross-strait affairs, often expressing views on the situation in the Taiwan Strait, and changing with the situation. The "Wang-Ku Talks" in 1992 was held in Singapore, where Lee Kuan Yew ruled. It is still a historic event in cross-strait relations. Lee Kuan Yew's views and propositions on the Taiwan issue have always been highly valued by the cross-strait authorities.

In August this year, Lee Kuan Yew also clearly opposed "Taiwan independence" when meeting with Xiao Wanchang and Xie Changting. He stressed that he spoke as an old friend who "cares about the welfare of Taiwan". He said, "I oppose 'Taiwan independence', because it will not only endanger Taiwan, but also affect the stability of the whole region. If Taiwan continues to regard itself as the 'Republic of Taiwan' independent of China, and/or applies to become a member of the United Nations, it will bring disaster."

Lee Kuan Yew stressed that "Taiwan's leaders know that Taiwan's application to become a member of the United Nations is doomed to fail, because none of the five permanent members, including the United States and China, agrees." Lee Kuan Yew said that Taiwan's political parties only want to vote when playing this political game.

The analysis pointed out that cross-strait relations are complex, but "Taiwan independence" has always been an insurmountable red line, because for any Chinese Communist Party leader, it is impossible to tolerate "Taiwan independence. Chen Shui-bian knows this well, but in order to cover up the dilemma of eight years in power without any political achievements, he shifted his focus to promote the" referendum on joining the United States "to cheat votes, maliciously tear up cross-strait feelings, and deliberately put cross-strait relations into a dangerous situation. As a bystander of cross-strait affairs, Lee Kuan Yew's views are not only fair, but also represent the general view of the international community. The people of Taiwan should attach great importance to them. (Fiji)












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