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 Shi Yuzhu's sword and Ma Yun's sword

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:19     read:61   

Shi Yuzhu's sword and Ma Yun's sword

Shi Yuzhu has not updated his blog for two months, and the last update was on September 3, with the title of "Comments of righteous people on Shi Yuzhu", which is an excerpt from "in the tide of accusations and revils".

Since "Journey" broke through 1 million people online at the same time in July this year, Shi Yuzhu has launched a blog marketing "Journey" on Sina. As a result, the eight-party tiles have been smashed, including "Online Open Casino", "Black Money", "Abandoned Career Family", "Slot Machine Director", and so on. Shi Yuzhu's online game business model is not full of words to seek commercial interests at the edge of the moral bottom line.

Business ethics is always a controversial topic. In the eyes of another group of people, Shi Yuzhu and his journey are respected and appreciated as the rise of another legend. Since his second venture in 1998, he has been marketing platinum and gold partner; Cash out from Qingdao Jiante and Stone Holdings; Holding shares in Huaxia and Minsheng Bank; IPO of Giant Network.

In addition to brain platinum, in online games, he also wielded the knife of "fast marketing" to perfection, bombarded online games to adhere to the old rules, broke the "inexplicable rules set by the Korean people", and created a 2D game of how to use it instead of 3D game in his own way; When others charge, he is free, and others do it for free, he introduces a two-track system of charging; The first is to spread the online game advertisement to CCTV, grafting the marketing method of health care products, and arranging the second and third tier city channels and promotions with a large population of ten thousand people. He uses a special account to hide in the player, watch the player chat, fight and do business, capture the player's psychology, and carry out lottery, gambling and killing between opposing countries in the virtual world.

Shi Yuzhu won a surprise victory with creativity and marketing mode, won the status, won a comeback, won a fortune, but also attracted the name of wanton killing. For this marketing prodigy, business is just the Jianghu, while he is a swordsman who is constantly caught in the whirlpool of criticism and slander, between good and evil.

The sword of marketing and entrepreneurship. Shi Yuzhu's sword is faster than Ma Yun's sword, but Ma Yun can win more reputation.

Author: Xie Yanglin

For more entrepreneurs, the spiritual symbols of Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun are more meaningful than their business models and management methods. If Shi Yuzhu and Ma Yun can stay in the Jianghu indefinitely in difficult times, then legend will continue to happen to the later generations. As Ma Yun said, "If I can succeed in entrepreneurship, I believe that 80% of young people in China can also succeed in entrepreneurship." If Shi Yuzhu can stand up after a failure like a giant, what kind of failure will be devastating as long as I don't give up?












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