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 I was shocked by it! --So I will never kill!!!

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:25     read:43   

I was shocked by it!

--So I will never kill!!!

This is a good article that is moving to tears. Why is it so expensive? Life is the first thing between heaven and earth Human beings, don't kill any more.

-------Zhuge Changqing

I have seen an extraordinarily tragic death. It was the death that deeply shocked me. I never want to hurt even the smallest life again

It was in the process of hunting the bantakin. The gazelle, also known as the blue sheep, looks like a domestic goat and is good at jumping. Each adult gazelle weighs more than 30 kilograms. It is gentle and gentle, and is the favorite animal of hunters.

At that time, our hunting team blocked closely and forced a group of more than 60 antelopes onto the Life-breaking Rock in Brown Mountain, trying to force them down the rock to die, so as not to waste bullets. After holding each other for about 30 minutes, a big male bantakin suddenly roared, and the whole bantakin group quickly divided into two groups; The old Ban Ling is a group, and the young one is a group. I can see clearly, but I can't understand why they should be divided into two groups according to their age?

At this time, a male antelope came out of the old antelope group. The hair on the neck and chest of this bantakin is long, and its face is wrinkled, and its two horns are incomplete. It can be seen from a glance that it is very old. It walked out of the queue and gave a "baa" to the group of young bantakins, and a half - old bantakin responded. One old, one young, two Bantakins walked to the edge of the Broken Life Rock and retreated a few steps. Suddenly, half of the Banling ran forward. Almost at the same time, her husband, Banling, also raised his hoof and ran up quickly. Half of the Banling ran to the edge of the cliff, jumped and jumped across the mountain stream. Her husband, Ban Ling, followed her closely and jumped out of the cliff at the first hook. The old and the young jump in a slightly different order, and the range of the jump is also slightly different. The angle of the husband Ban Ling is slightly lower, which is equal to one before and one after, one higher and one lower. I was surprised to think that suicide should also be in pairs, one by one to die? These two gazelles, unless they have wings, can never jump to the opposite rock.

Sure enough, half of the antelope only jumped to a distance of about four or five meters, and its body began to fall, and a terrible arc was drawn in the air. I think it will inevitably fall into the abyss in a few seconds at most. Suddenly, a miracle happened. With her skilful jumping skills, her husband, Ban Ling, appeared under the hoof of the half of the Ban Ling at the moment when the half of the Ban Ling fell from the highest point. The husband, Ban Ling, has a good timing. When his body appears under the hoof of Ban Ling, it is just at the highest point of the jumping arc. Just like two spaceships docking in the air, the four hoofs of the half-sized Bantak kicked on the back of her husband Bantak. Like a springboard, it took off again in the air, and its falling body miraculously rose again. The husband, Ban Ling, is like the shell of a rocket that has been delivered with fuel, and automatically disengages from the spacecraft. It is even more tragic than the shell of a rocket. Under the strong kick of half a bantakin, it fell straight down like a bird with suddenly broken wings. However, the second jump of that half of the Bantak is far less powerful than the first jump, and its height is only half that of the jump from the ground, but it is enough to span the last two meters. In an instant, only half of the bantakin landed on the opposite mountain, and with an excited "baa", it disappeared behind the rock. Test jump succeeded! Then, a pair of bantakin leaped up in the air, and a dazzling arc was drawn over the mountain stream. All the old bantakin fell to pieces. I didn't expect that at the critical moment of the family extinction, Banling could think of a way to win the family's survival opportunity by sacrificing half to save half. I didn't think that the old antelopes would go to death so calmly - willingly use their lives to open up a path of survival for the next generation.

I was shocked by it-- So I will never kill!!!

I have seen an extraordinarily tragic death. It was the death that deeply shocked me. I never want to hurt even the smallest life again

The last article should be called "Banling Flying across". It seems that it has been selected into students' extracurricular reading materials. It is an unforgettable good article.

I also saw a post with the same name, which was posted to you:

I was shocked by it-- So I will never kill

Last night, when I saw this moving scene from Hunan Satellite TV, I couldn't help crying and crying! There is a desert area in Qinghai Province that is particularly short of water. It is reported that only 3 jin of water per person per day is transported by the garrison from far away. 3 jin of water, not only drinking, rice washing, vegetable washing... but also feeding livestock.

The animals are thirsty!

Finally, one day, an old ox, who has always been regarded as honest and loyal, was very thirsty. He broke free of the reins and forced into a road that must be passed by a water tanker in the desert. The old ox waited for a long time with his earth-shattering recognition, waiting for the military vehicle to carry water. The old ox quickly climbed up, and the soldiers carrying water had also encountered the situation of cattle blocking the way for water before, but those animals were not as stubborn as the old ox.

According to the regulations of the army, water tankers should not "run, leak, drip" or feed water casually. These regulations seem ruthless, but in fact, they are unavoidable. Every drop of water is a person's "ration". In the desert, people and cattle were so consumed that they lasted for a long time, and finally even caused traffic jams. The driver at the back began to swear, and some impatient drivers tried to drive away the old cow with gasoline ignition. But Lao Niu didn't move, just like Mount Tai, and didn't relax. Until the owner of the cow is found. The owner of the cow was so guilty that he took a long whip and beat the thin old cow hard. The old cow was beaten so that his veins were all blue, but he still didn't move. Finally, the blood drained from the whip marks dyed the whip red, the cattle red, the yellow sand red, and the sunset red. The sad moo of the old cow and the cool wind in the desert seemed so solemn and stirring.

The water transport soldier on the side cried, and the driver who was in a traffic jam also cried.

Finally, the soldier carrying water said, "Let me break the team rules once, and I will accept punishment." He took out his water basin, put about 3 jin of water from the water truck, and put it in front of the old cow. The old ox didn't drink the water he got from fighting with death in front of him. Facing the sunset, he looked up and roared, as if he was calling. In the sunset, a calf ran behind the sand pile not far away. The injured old cow watched the calf drink water greedily, stretched out his tongue and licked Aizi's eyes. The child also licked his mother's eyes. In the silence, people saw the tears in his mother's eyes.

The last glimmer of light lit up in the sky, and the mother and son set off on their way home without waiting for the master to call them out. One night in the 20th century, when I saw this heartbreaking scene on TV, I thought of my mother who worked hard. Like many viewers in front of TV, I shed tears.




                            ------- 诸葛长青







(This article is an original article by Zhuge Changqing, and the pictures are selected from the Internet. Welcome to forward it, and please indicate the source for forwarding)

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