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 Zhao Puchu's "endless meaning"

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:31     read:52   

Zhao Puchu's "endless meaning"

Although Zhao Puchu has gone away, his voice and face are like a smile, and his demeanor of a philosopher endures forever. I remember that he often stamped "Endless Meaning" on people's inscriptions. The study was named "Endless Meaning" and called itself "Endless Meaning Buddhist".

People used to call Zhao Puchu "Park Lao". Park is old and not old, and its meaning is endless. Old Park said that "endless meaning" comes from the "infinite meaning Bodhisattva Sutra", which means "endless wishes and endless wisdom". Park always used it to show his love for the motherland, endless gratitude and dedication to the people and Buddhism. Lao Park also said that Su Dongpo had a beautiful sentence of "looking for a long distance in a short hedge, sending me endless". The poet had an insight into the truth that the universe is endless and life is limited, so he can also be open-minded and optimistic in the face of difficulties and difficulties, and take things as they are. "Endless" is the realm of assiduous pursuit, unchangeable ambition, selflessness, selflessness and perseverance. This is probably another comment by Mr. Park on the origin of "endless meaning".

Park Lao also said, "We are all a drop of water. As long as we do our best, the drop of water can rush into the sea and never dry up. Only when we return to the sea, the drop of water can achieve success and virtue." This should be the explanation of the meaning of "endless meaning". The "endless meaning" of dripping water comes from and belongs to the sea, and the "complete merit" of Park Lao also comes from and belongs to his heartfelt love and lifelong dedication to the motherland, people and Buddhist cause. Park Laoshi said, "I believe that this land has deep affinity, and the holy religion has three cars. I swear that the light of wisdom will last for another two thousand years." To continue the "light of wisdom" of Buddhism endlessly, this should be the extension of the extension of "infinite meaning". To this end, Park Laosheng advocated and practiced "human Buddhism" - to repay the kindness, protect the country and benefit the people, take precepts as the teacher, learn from human nature, be merciful to the world, be willing to sacrifice, and respect the "six harmonies".

When this Park old man is a hundred years old, and people are thinking about him endlessly, reading his will, he still feels that Park old's persistent "endless meaning" feelings to people: "Life is solid and happy, and death is also without regret. The flowers are still open, and the water keeps flowing. How can I have a rest? The moon and the breeze are clear, and there is no need to search." Park old probably wants to tell us that he has gone, who is still there sighing "rest" and missing? The bright moon and clear breeze have endless meanings. It's endless to look for things. Although he has reached the state of "getting rid of life and death", his lifelong willingness to love the motherland and his tireless and dedication to the people and Buddhism will surely be passed down from generation to generation.

In recent years, the Chinese Buddhist community has not failed to live up to the wishes of Lao Pu, and has achieved a great deal of protecting the country and benefiting the people. From the worship of Buddha's finger relics in Taiwan in 2002, to the worship in Hong Kong in 2004, and to the performance of Buddhist music on both sides of the Taiwan Straits in the world, to the holding of the Great Dharma Conference of Buddhism on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to pray for the peace of the country and the people in Xiamen after the SARS, to the 2005 Cross-Strait and Hong Kong and Macao Buddhist Roundtable, and to the donation of tens of millions of yuan to the rescue of Indonesian Haixiao within one day by thousands of monks in the 100 monasteries in 2006, until this year's "Shenzhou Harmony" tour in Southeast Asia, "Peace Bell to Taiwan" The Buddhist friendly exchange conference between China, South Korea and Japan held in Beijing has had a wide impact at home and abroad. It is really "the flowers are still in bloom, and the water keeps flowing". In particular, the World Buddhist Forum, with the theme of "harmonious world, starting from the heart", presents the great atmosphere of Chinese Buddhism and shows the "endless meaning" of human Buddhism

The report of the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that we should "fully implement the basic principles of the Party's religious work, and give full play to the active role of religious figures and believers in promoting economic and social development". Buddhism is the largest number of religious people and believers in China. Among the five major religions in China, Buddhism has the longest history except the native Taoism. To play a positive role, Buddhism should take the lead. Therefore, "endless meaning" has a new meaning: in response to the call of the times, stand in the forefront of the times, and innovate again.






   当此朴老百年、人们对他思忆无尽之时,诵读他留下的遗嘱,依然感到朴老向人们 倾诉所执著的“无尽意”之情:“生固欣然,死亦无憾。花落还开,水流不断。我兮何有,谁欤安息?明月清风,不劳寻觅。”朴老大概是要告诉我们,他已经走了,谁还在那里感叹“安息”、思念不已呢?明月清风意无尽,不劳寻觅事无穷啊。虽已到“了脱生死”的境界,但他毕生无限热爱祖国的志愿,为人民、为佛教奋斗不息、奉献不止的事业,定会后继有人,薪火相传。



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