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 Madman "Shi Yuzhu" Build wealth in the voice of controversy

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:44     read:56   

Madman "Shi Yuzhu"

Build wealth in the voice of controversy

Appearing on the New York Stock Exchange in sportswear attracted a different look. 50 billion personal wealth piled up in controversy——

On the evening of November 1, Giant was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. A "geek" who once dominated the business world has once again returned to people's attention.

Giant Network issued at $15.5, opened at $18.25, and raised $1.045 billion. Shi Yuzhu, who had experienced great ups and downs in the business world, held 68.43% of the giant's shares, and the shares of Minsheng Bank and Huaxia Bank held by Shi Yuzhu. In one night, he had a value of nearly 50 billion yuan. At the same time, Giant's listing has set some "largest" records: China's largest private IPO in the United States, the largest IT IPO outside the United States. These are enough to make Shi Yuzhu, who has set foot in the "Internet Jianghu", become the focus of public attention again.

Shi Yuzhu, who started from scratch with Hanka, failed with Giant Group, revived with "Brain Platinum", and raised the waves of online games (news, gallery, forum) with "Journey (news, question bank, club, gallery)", may have been used to all kinds of right and wrong around him. Many people have some complex feelings about Shi Yuzhu's re-raising. Although Shi Yuzhu has tens of billions of yuan in assets, his path to success and his products with high market share have been questioned repeatedly. His success has been measured repeatedly by people in terms of market, business and morality.

■ The NYSE "special approval" Shi Yuzhu enters the stadium wearing sportswear

On November 1, Shi Yuzhu appeared on the New York Stock Exchange wearing sportswear in an alternative manner as always. Even Shi Yuzhu himself said that when I wore sportswear, the locals felt strange and looked at me with strange eyes. The New York Stock Exchange may be the first time to let people without suits in. Therefore, a special approval was also made for this matter, because the New York Stock Exchange stipulates that you must wear a suit to enter. And all the people who came here also consciously wore suits.

As for Shi Yuzhu's "alternative", many insiders commented that it is difficult for you to understand some ideas of Shi Yuzhu. When the signs of his success begin to show a little, you can try to think about what he has done, just as Shi Yuzhu broke into the online game industry halfway home. At that time, few people believed that Shi Yuzhu could succeed.

In 2004, the marketing methods adopted by the online game "Journey" in the process of product promotion stunned the peers. Thousands of marketing personnel launched an offensive against the second-tier and third-tier cities with huge potential market for online games, and this team once created the sales miracle of "brain platinum" and "golden partner". At that time, many senior game commentators said that it was impossible to sell online games in such an alternative way. However, according to IDC statistics, the highest number of online users of Journey in the second quarter of this year was 1.07 million, and the average number of online users was 515000. According to the prospectus of Giant Network, "Journey" is simply a money printing machine. In the first half of 2007, Giant Network had a total revenue of 687 million yuan and a net profit of 512 million yuan.

According to witnesses, the giant employees who watched the live video of the listing in the Shanghai office on the same day were all beaming. Giant Network went public and produced 21 billionaires and 186 millionaires.

■ Shi Yuzhu returns to be a "conservative"?

In 1997, because of the greed of the Zhuhai Giant Building, Shi Yuzhu owed hundreds of millions of dollars, becoming a veritable "China's first burden". Shi Yuzhu recalled his own history and said, "The creditors came to the door one after another, and the capital flow was completely paralyzed. At that time, it was poor. The creditors pressed for debt, the lawsuits were tangled, and the accounts were all sealed up. How poor was it? All the mobile phones that had just been allocated to senior executives were taken back and sold, and I was the only one in the company who had a mobile phone, and we didn't receive a penny of salary for a long time."

In just 10 years, Shi Yuzhu not only paid off the debt, but also quickly completed a new round of capital accumulation, directly paving the way for later entry into the most interesting online game market. However, due to the failure of the giant building, Shi Yuzhu claimed to become a "complete conservative". At present, his most important thing is the company's cash flow. "With 500 million people lying on their faces, they will no longer be afraid," Shi Yuzhu said.

After the giant went public, Shi Yuzhu still talked about the failure. He said, "It was a failure experience that made him win the trust of Wall Street. Because entrepreneurs without failure experience do not know what is risk."

■ Brain platinum advertising language is "scolded" every year

It can be said that the listing of "Journey" has once again pushed this controversial figure to the forefront. Some people say that Shi Yuzhu, who has risen again, is like a mystery. The reason why people are suspicious is that he has many contradictions. For example, his marketing theory of "never paying attention to the industry rules" still makes people feel strange.

In that year, Shi Yuzhu made a comeback with brain platinum, and the slogan "give brain platinum as a gift" was continuously rated as the most disgusting advertisement. A person in the advertising industry joked that "the best advertising award has changed year by year, but this sentence can be said to occupy the most disgusting advertising words." Although the advertising words are referred to as vulgar, the sales revenue of brain platinum has increased at an alarming rate. Some people say that from "Giant Group" to "Brain Platinum", Shi Yuzhu has been carrying the name of love and hate. It was not until he sold most of the shares of "Brain Platinum" and "Golden Partner" in 2003 and transformed into an investor that Shi Yuzhu temporarily faded out of public controversy.

■ The grand grievances have not been solved yet

The release of "Journey" also made him and Chen Tianqiao, the chairman of Shanda Network, have a period of resentment in the Jianghu that is still widely spread in the online game industry. It is reported that when Shi Yuzhu wanted to enter online games, he met Chen Tianqiao through Duan Yongji, and Chen Tianqiao warmly received Shi Yuzhu, and also let Shi Yuzhu contact with a grand game team. Almost as Shi Yuzhu left, Chen Tianqiao received the news that the project team of "Age of Heroes" resigned on a nearly collective scale, and the reason for the resignation was unanimously written as "seeking self-development".

Later, there was a rumor that the team of the grand "Age of Heroes" was poached by Shi Yuzhu. The reporter interviewed some insiders yesterday. He said, "Up to now, the core of Journey is still the Age of Heroes." He even said that some of the current employees of Journey were in which department of Shanda.

Of course, there are also some rumors that it is the grand team that is going to leave to start their own business. Although there is no way to find out which version is true, there is no doubt that such rumors make Shi Yuzhu's experience in online games full of controversy.

Others said that "Journey", an increasingly crazy game, has also triggered controversy about wealth morality. It is reported that after "Journey" has reached level 50, players are allowed to make money through some tasks. "Escort" is one of them, but they need to pay money as a deposit. Once they are robbed, the deposit will be confiscated by the system, and the robbers will be rewarded with money. One player said, "This is to encourage 'escort robbery'.".

An online game expert commented that Shi Yuzhu was a weirdo. But this industry is already facing some serious issues of moral wealth. We just hope that new entrants will play a beneficial role in the development of the whole industry.

With the listing of Journey, Shi Yuzhu successfully completed the difficult action of "salted fish turn over". His wealth was piled up from the controversy. Shi Yuzhu himself admits that he is a gambler. However, it may take the next decade to verify how his "Journey" is.







以汉卡白手起家、以巨人集团失意、以“脑白金”起死回生、以《 征途新闻题库论坛俱乐部图库)》掀起网络游戏新闻图库论坛)波澜的史玉柱,也许早已经习惯了围绕在他身边的各种是是非非。而很多人对史玉柱的再次发家,都有一些复杂的心情。尽管史玉柱坐拥数百亿元资产,但他成功的路径、他的市场占有率极高的产品却屡遭质疑。他的成功被人们用市场、商业、道德的尺度反复丈量。




















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