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 China's space technology that makes the United States helpless

   date:2020-09-18 18:38:55     read:50   

China's space technology that makes the United States helpless

Asia Military Outlook recently visited several international strategic experts, including the United States and Europe, on the "space program" of China and Japan. See how they view China's space program (partial excerpt)

Martin Klauskin of the Fisher Hughes Institute of International Relations (NASA)

China's so-called space program is an absolute threat to the interests of the United States for the United States. Personally, I think the main reason is that the United States cannot fundamentally control and restrict China's space program. Because in the field of space station planning, as well as in the capacity of Chinese rocket to carry payload, it has reached or exceeded the level that the United States cannot tolerate.

In January 2006, China announced the successful development of the latest high-thrust rocket engine. This synchronized Chinese military project is the future df5m, 6 plan. The 50-ton static load power system was completely developed by China. Before 1995, the United States and Russia required China to agree to open its space program, launch vehicle technology and other fields to the United States and Russia.

In 1996, China agreed to cooperate with Russia to adopt the Russian ground simulation weightlessness simulation module, and temporarily suspended the development of its own ground weightlessness simulation module. For this reason, during the reporting period of Shen6, there was a ground simulation test with Russian participation.

However, in 1998, China was once again discredited by the United States, and its affiliated Academy of Aerospace Sciences spent US $40 million to develop China's ground weightlessness simulation module. So far, neither the United States nor Russia has any ability or means to adopt peaceful restrictions on China's so-called manned plan.

In 1997, China has realized the global satellite monitoring network. His so-called "scientific physics experiment satellites" are currently on the head of the United States, which were successfully launched between 95 and 00 years ago. These satellites are equipped with high-precision "Terrain Synthetic Aperture Radar", which can effectively provide the Chinese military with detailed information from various US military bases. This is a move that greatly challenges the interests of the United States. As the nqr-3 military reconnaissance satellite that the United States monitors China, the observation of China is mainly based on the United States' concern for the current situation of human rights in China from the perspective of safeguarding world security. China's monitoring of the United States is based on its strategic intention to counter the United States. (This is the high-sounding reason of the United States. How shameless. To deal with these seemingly gentlemanly scoundrels, we should do more on the surface than they do and have more Confucian moral demeanor. We should stab these dogs in the dead with Mitsubishi secretly.) These Chinese reconnaissance satellites operate according to the orbital mode, which is different from the fixed monitoring of the United States.

Therefore, the above questions show that if China wants to get the cooperation response of the United States in China's space program. Then, China must stop the development work in the two fields of "high-resolution observation" and "long-term information interference control". But at present, China has basically realized the above plan. Moreover, China must submit all the technical information and data of all space programs to Nasa of the United States and snasa of the Ministry of Defense to prove that they have nothing to do with military affairs. Otherwise, the United States is still resisting the future God 7 and the plan to go to the moon.

The European International Strategy mfg Asia-Pacific Affairs Agency (serving the European International Asia-Pacific Affairs Research Institute), Ani Martinez, said:

For the United States, China's space program and rocket program have never been able to be interfered with and contained by anyone. They can complete all the design and construction plans by themselves. Even if China will present the latest 50-ton thrust rocket. When applied to ballistic missile technology, the plan of 5-10 separate guided missiles can be fully realized, and the United States cannot impose any technical restrictions on it. Moreover, once China establishes a permanent manned space station in outer space, this technology is likely to be used in the short term by China to counter ballistic missiles, combat reconnaissance satellites and break through the US space interception plan. Once that happens, the so-called nmd outer space interception plan currently being used and promoted by the United States and the most advanced outer space interception measures of the tmd missile defense plan will lose their effect. So the US $410 billion building is a horseshoe?

Therefore, if China does not integrate its key aerospace core technologies, such as liquid thrust and main rocket power system. Space separation technology, space multiple orbit conversion technology, and so on. However, once China hands over these technologies, the so-called space program is just a beautiful foam for China. Therefore, the space interests of China and the United States are under the military interests confrontation. Therefore, there is no possibility of cooperation between China and the United States in the absence of understanding and negotiation in military confrontation.

Europe's initiative to cooperate with China is not entirely political. It is also the only way out for Europe's future space program. It is impossible for the United States to agree that the capability of European aerospace is independent of the United States and has a manned launch plan alone. In terms of cooperation, the main goal of the European Permanent Space Station, the Galileo Plan, is still the potential new hegemon of foreign space-China. This is determined by the development of scientific and technological trends. It is not determined by political or military force. Personally, I think that if the United States really curbs China's attempts to enter space. At present, the only thing the United States can do is declare war directly against China!

However, this is a bit "crazy" and even more inconsistent with the objective facts. Although, there are many anti-China media in Europe who take the stand of the United States against the cooperation in space technology between Europe and China. However, in the peaceful use of space technology, China gives the world a better impression than the United States. In the 1950s and 1970s, the "outer space combat plan", which was widely publicized by the United States, was the Star Wars plan. It can be said that the real space strategy of the United States is to threaten all space technologies that do not conform to the interests of the United States (Gao Congjie)







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