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 Mao Zedong -- the hero in the eyes of the Chinese people

   date:2020-09-18 18:39:25     read:51   

Mao Zedong -- the hero in the eyes of the Chinese people

Mao Zedong

In a recent online survey of "My Hero" launched by China News Network, nearly half of the respondents chose "Mao Zedong" when answering the question of "Which Chinese name will remind you of a hero", ranking first among the candidates composed of Yang Liwei, Ren Changxia, Liu Dehua, Li Jiacheng and Li Suli. When asked "what kind of hero is in your mind", in addition to the great leaders, the most answers are "people who stand up in a critical moment" and "people who have made outstanding contributions in their posts".

Zhang Yiwu, a professor of the Chinese Department of Peking University, said in an interview, "This shows that despite the continuous development of the society, the basic values of the society and the admiration for positive people have not changed much, and the inherent influence of the great leader and traditional hero image is still there." The author believes that the reason why Mao Zedong is still deeply loved by the masses, in addition to his contribution to the country In addition to his great achievements for the nation, what is more important is that his personality quality and charm have penetrated into the hearts of countless Chinese people, and such a positive image just conforms to the development trend of today's society.

With the continuous development of the whole society, the values of our society are also showing a trend of diversified development. Many traditional values have been gradually integrated into the diversified value system of modern society. For example, we used to emphasize that individual interests should be subordinate to the collective and national interests, but now we are slowly changing it to a more humane one: "I am for everyone, everyone is for me; harmonious society" and so on. The author believes that such a change is a development and change that conforms to the trend of the times and is more in line with the natural laws of human society, and is the inevitable result of the development of a healthy and orderly social pluralistic value system. This is very similar to Darwin's "evolution theory", that is, the values of human society are also "advancing with the times", which will make the harmonious structure of the whole society more solid.

At the same time, we are also very pleased to see that even in such a society with diversified development of social values, Mao Zedong still firmly occupies the "hero list" in the minds of most people. It can be seen that the worship of Mao Zedong by modern people is no longer the worship in the form of consciousness that was decades ago, but has been given new connotation, is a kind of worship and admiration from the heart, and what is the reason?

When human society gradually enters a stage of relatively modern civilization, in fact, everyone will be eager to find their proper position in the society, and everyone will be eager to succeed, that is to say, there will be a hero image in everyone's heart. The reason why Mao Zedong was able to stand out among the candidates such as Yang Liwei, Li Ka-shing and Liu Dehua is that Mao Zedong has more heroic qualities and charm than other candidates. We know that Mao Zedong is not only a great revolutionist, politician and strategist, but also a famous poet and calligrapher with strong physique. Such a charming historical figure, no matter in which society or era, is naturally the idol pursued by everyone!

Therefore, no matter how the times change and how high the social civilization has risen, Mao Zedong has always been able to become a hero in the eyes of the vast majority of people. It also just proves that the mainstream values of our society are developing healthily, and the life ideals and goals people pursue are developing in a higher and more humanized direction. Isn't that what we expect?!











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