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 be careful!! Kindness is sometimes a sin

   date:2020-09-18 18:51:12     read:42   

be careful!!

Kindness is sometimes a sin

During World War II, such a thought-provoking story happened:

After a battle, the troops led by Captain Cather won the battle. They captured many weapons and equipment and captured more than 200 people.

At that time, the captain received orders from his superiors to persuade the captured soldiers to surrender and not easily hurt their lives.

However, Captain Cather was puzzled when trying to persuade the captured soldiers to surrender. Maybe these prisoners were determined that Captain Cather would not kill them, so they behaved extremely stubborn. Three days before being captured, all the prisoners fought with hunger strike. Their fearless attitude made the captain very angry. The captain sent people to investigate for many times, but could not find out who led them to hunger strike.

That morning, the captain gathered more than 200 prisoners in a square to give a lecture. However, he stood on the stage for a long time and could not speak a word, because the more than 200 people were protesting loudly below with no intention of stopping. Captain Cather roared and his face was purple with anger. He ordered the soldiers to fire a warning, but to no avail.

At this time, someone handed Captain Cather a microphone and whispered to him for a while. The captain hesitated for a while, then cleared his throat, picked up the microphone and said aloud: "Now, I will execute those who speak loudly and disobey orders." His words were immediately drowned by the screams from the stage.

The very angry captain pointed at the crowd and said, "You, come up to me." Two soldiers quickly went to take the prisoner to the stage. But the howling sound under the stage is still the same. The captain looked grave and ordered the soldiers to raise their guns to aim at the two prisoners on the platform. He shouted into the microphone: "5... 4... 3... 2...". At this time, the crowd was furious, and there was a riot, with angry cries rising one after another. When everyone thought the two prisoners were about to die, the captain shouted, "Stop!"

All the people on and off the stage were shocked. I wonder why the captain changed his mind again. At this time, Captain Cather pulled the two shivering prisoners to the front of the stage, pointed to the audience, and said in a loud voice, "Listen, the fate of these two people is now in your hands. If you follow the command and stop talking, I will spare these two people. Otherwise, I will kill them." It is strange to say that just after the captain's words, the originally noisy crowd immediately quieted down.

The captain was very satisfied and finally finished the lecture with ease.

In the next few days, in the same way, he let the prisoners eat and do everything obediently, and then succeeded in persuading them to surrender.

When telling the story, the military analyst said: "Sometimes people are not intimidated by the strength of the other party, but defeated by their own softness and kindness. When the string of kindness in the bottom of your heart is rung, your behavior and behavior may run counter to the result you want to adhere to, but often, you can only accept the status quo reluctantly, and watch the target go farther and farther away from you, but can no longer do anything."

Zhuge Changqing: Kindness is our foundation - the best kind is like water. But the good people sometimes have to use the unkindness to achieve the purpose of doing good - how can a bodhisattva show his heart without using the thunderbolt? We sometimes have to resort to means for behaviors that violate the law. Zhuge's original intention is based on this thinking. For example, these prisoners went on a hunger strike - the result was their collective death. If some techniques were used, they would all survive, which is the great good deeds






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