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 Uncover Miss Olympic Etiquette The whole process of training

   date:2020-09-18 18:52:11     read:40   

Uncover Miss Olympic Etiquette

The whole process of training [group diagram]

Without careful training, there will be no wonderful performance.

-------Zhuge Changqing

The appropriate dress, beautiful face, sweet smile... Compared with the sweating and fierce competition of athletes on the field, the beautiful women who guide the competition and provide awards are another scenery on the field.

Miss Etiquette at the award ceremony (photographed on August 25). At the awarding ceremony of the "Good Luck Beijing" 2007 Canoe Quiet Water China Open held in the Olympic Water Park in Shunyi, Beijing, the lady of etiquette was dignified, beautiful and graceful, attracting people's attention.

Simulate the awarding process for athletes.

Miss Etiquette is leading the way for the awarding guests (photographed on August 25).

It is understood that at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, about 1250 award ceremony volunteers from Changping Vocational School will be expected to serve the track and field events that produce the most gold medals. They will be responsible for the VIP reception and the opening and closing ceremonies and event services of the "Bird's Nest" venue.

How hard did they work in order to undertake the award ceremony? Recently, reporters recorded their efforts with cameras and words.

Report performance

The etiquette volunteers wore 5cm high heels and wore a book on their head to train their standing posture.

Etiquette display.

The requirements for training and training stewardesses are roughly the same

Teacher Yuan Chunyan, who is responsible for the training of award ceremony volunteers, said: "To meet the requirements, award ceremony volunteers must undergo strict training."

"In fact, the award ceremony volunteer training and stewardess training are basically the same, the only difference is the difference between individual service and group service." Teacher Yuan explained, "For example, when awarding the flowers, several volunteers turn around at the same time, and their steps should be consistent. For example, when bowing the flowers, the forward direction is based on the hip joint axis, and the downward direction is 15 degrees to 30 degrees. Because the flowers are presented in groups of people, when bowing, the time is often inconsistent and the movements are irregular, so we are required to have a consistent beat in our hearts."

Teacher Yuan, while demonstrating the essentials of the action, said: "The action of the tray also has requirements. The distance between the arm and the side waist is about one punch away. When carrying the tray, the thumb is exposed outside the tray. The most difficult part in the training is to control the pace and the connection of the award. The control of the pace is when awarding the prize. After walking for a distance, the distance between the etiquette award volunteers should be the same. It is about thirty or forty centimeters."

Simulation training.

Simulation training.

Simulation training.

Kung Fu standing posture with high heels for 1 hour

"What impressed me most was the practice of standing posture, walking, walking speed, turning and smiling in the etiquette training. In order to make our posture more upright, pace more in place, turn more orderly and smile more natural during the award ceremony, we had to break down and practice each action hundreds of times." said Hao Jingyu, a etiquette volunteer, "Taking standing posture as an example, it is not as simple as we imagine. Each etiquette volunteer must wear 5cm high heels, carry a book on his head, and hold a piece of ordinary white paper between his knees. A standing is an hour. Neither the book nor the paper can fall off, or he will have to do it again. When he breaks, his legs even bend very painful."

Simulation training.

Simulation training.

Show 6 to 8 teeth when practicing smile

"Let's talk about practicing smile. The smile we need at the award ceremony is very different from our usual smile. It is not allowed to open the mouth wide, nor is it allowed to open the mouth small. Even the number of teeth exposed is strictly limited to 6 to 8 teeth. The teacher asked each of us to bite a chopstick to feel when practicing smile. Such a smile would take dozens of minutes, and even the facial muscles would be numb with laughter," Hao Jingyu said, "The same is true for walking, pace, turning and other decomposition exercises. Everyone's feet grind out big and small blisters, and then the blisters are worn out, and then the new blisters are grinded out. So we go round and round, and finally, our movements are neat and uniform."





                                ------- 诸葛长青



 礼仪小姐在颁奖仪式上(8月25日摄)。 在北京顺义奥林匹克水上公园举行的“好运北京”2007皮划艇静水中国公开赛颁奖仪式上,礼仪小姐端庄秀丽、落落大方吸引了人们的目光。























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