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 Can you eat "moon cakes"?

   date:2020-09-18 18:53:30     read:46   

Can you eat "moon cakes"?

On the Mid-Autumn Festival, every family should eat moon cakes. However, eating moon cakes is also exquisite:

1、 Eat salty first and then sweet. If there are sweet and salty mooncakes, they should be tasted in the order of salty first and then sweet, otherwise they will not taste

2、 Taste moon cakes with tea. Too many moon cakes are easy to get greasy. If you drink a cup of light tea (scented tea is appropriate), you can eat and drink while eating, the taste is even more wonderful

3、 Eating moon cakes should be appropriate. The moon cakes contain high sugar and fat. Eating too much will cause gastrointestinal discomfort, especially for the elderly, children or those with weak gastrointestinal function

4、 Eat fresh moon cakes. People often buy many moon cakes at a time during the holiday season, and the moon cakes can easily cause the stuffing to deteriorate and food poisoning after eating. Therefore, it is best to buy and eat the moon cakes at any time

Most of the mooncakes bought by families during the holiday can last for a longer time or even after the holiday. In order to prevent the deterioration of the mooncakes, the leftover mooncakes should be properly stored

The filling of moon cakes is generally divided into two types: soft and hard. The soft filling contains a lot of water and can only be stored for about 7 to 10 days, while the hard filling can be stored for about 1 month. For those families who have not used refrigerators, moon cakes should not be stored in sealed containers for a long time. It is better to store them in bamboo baskets, cover them with a piece of clean paper, and then hang them in a ventilated and cool place. For boxed moon cakes, the box cover should be opened to keep them ventilated. In addition, Because moon cakes contain a lot of fat, they should also be stored away from light to prevent fat oxidation and rancidity

The Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake is a seasonal food. It is best to produce, sell, buy and eat it now. It should not be left for too long to maintain the color, fragrance, taste and special flavor of the moon cake.

So, how should we keep moon cakes?

The moon cakes should be handled with care, especially the Soviet-style moon cakes are most easily broken because of their crisp skin. If the cake peel falls off, it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the taste and quality, and it will be easily affected by moisture.

The moon cake is rich in oil and sugar, and it is very easy to mildew and deteriorate when it is heated or damped, so it must be stored in a cool, cool and ventilated place. Generally speaking, the moon cake is soft, moist and easy to deteriorate. It is best to put the moon cake together with the packaging box into the refrigerator freezer and take it out an hour before eating to ensure its taste. Under the temperature of 25 ℃, the moon cakes with almond and fruit filling can be stored for about 15 days; The storage time of moon cakes filled with bean paste, lotus seed paste and jujube paste should not exceed 10 days; If the temperature exceeds 30 ℃, the storage time of moon cakes should also be appropriately shortened, generally not more than 7 days; As for fresh meat, shredded chicken, ham and other moon cakes, you should buy and eat as you like.

When storing moon cakes, they should not be put together with other foods and sundries, so as not to cross taste and lose their proper taste and characteristics. During storage, attention should also be paid to prevent cockroaches, ants, mice and other encroachments to prevent infectious diseases. In order to ensure the quality and freshness of moon cakes, when purchasing moon cakes in boxes or in bulk, the date of production or delivery should be clearly seen so as to grasp the shelf life.
















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