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 Luo Guanzhong is a strategist

   date:2020-09-18 18:54:19     read:44   

Luo Guanzhong is a strategist

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which is more than 700000 words long, describes the continuous wars for nearly a century from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the beginning of the Jin Dynasty. The author uses the ever-changing literary style to describe the beginning and end of a series of wars, reflecting the thinking of ancient Chinese military techniques in a concrete image. It is not only the expansion of the simple way of war recorded in the historical books, but also infiltrates the author's own life experience, War knowledge and full of literary and military strategies. The author writes that war is not about the fight between two sides, the fight of "white swords and precious swords", but is full of fighting strategies in the fight. In the fighting force, the fighting method runs through. Countless battles, large and small, are changeable and have different characteristics. The contradictions between warlords, military, political, economic and diplomatic integration, make the flexible and flexible strategy and tactics more diversified. In ancient war techniques, the form, the formation, the use of skills, and the attack, The thoughts of deception, surprise and use are full, true and vivid in front of the reader. The voice and face of the slow strategist and strategist can be seen everywhere. Reading this novel carefully is like entering a vivid and vivid military teaching classroom

Luo Guanzhong is a military strategist and a military strategist. The writer is the mother of the artistic figure, and the artistic figure must be the spiritual son of the writer. Without a full of strategy, Luo Guanzhong would not have those think tanks and strategic groups in the Romance that will make the world peace

Luo Guanzhong, who was born in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, and was also known as the Huhai San Ren, lived in the late Yuan Dynasty and early Ming Dynasty. At that time, the foreign invasion, the displacement of the people, the decline of productivity, and the vast number of working people were in an extremely difficult life situation. This is very similar to the social situation of warlords fighting in the Three Kingdoms era, where the people were unable to live. Think of heroes in times of turmoil. Luo Guanzhong lived in an era where the story of the Three Kingdoms had been widely circulated among the people. The people highly respected Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, these heroes. Luo Guanzhong has collected many stories of the Three Kingdoms that have spread among the people. These stories not only prepared materials for Luo Guanzhong's artistic creation, but also became his enlightening teacher for studying the tactics of war

At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, various social contradictions were very sharp, and the peasant uprising was surging. Luo Guanzhong was later directly involved in the vortex of this struggle. Luo Guanzhong was a "aspiring king" with extraordinary ambitions. At the climax of the national revolutionary uprising at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, he joined the peasant uprising, and served as a staff under the account of Zhang Shicheng, the leader of the rebel army. He personally experienced and heard and witnessed some major military struggles at that time






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