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 Inspiration deeds of Bodhisattva, the King of Tibet in the Beiyue Temple of Jiayi

   date:2020-09-18 18:55:03     read:39   

Inspiration deeds of Bodhisattva, the King of Tibet in the Beiyue Temple of Jiayi

In the Qing Dynasty, there was a Huazi in the city of Jiayi, surnamed Xu Liangsi. He was loyal and honest, but he was poor and had no place to live. He was suffering from an incurable disease of hunchback from childhood and could not run away. He begged for food all the time and stayed in the Fude Temple in the street at night

One day, a woman with a child came to the betel nut stall at the corner of the cross road of Ximen Street to buy betel nuts. She lost 50 silver and walked away.

Fortunately, Liangsi picked up the silver seal and hid it when he passed by and begged for money. I think it was lost by the woman who bought the betel nut. I'm afraid someone else would take it for granted. Silence paused for a while, waiting for the lost person to come and wait for him. After waiting for him, he heard the woman and the betel nut seller making a noise. Liangsi also came around the crowd, intending to inquire into the cause.

When you see Liangsi coming, you can talk loudly and carefully, drink and scare. What's your way to solve the problem? Liangsi has no answer.

The woman said that she was banned from breaking the official law for her husband. Today she can hand over the bail. Because of an emergency, it is not easy to sell the land. She sold a man today, and only got 50 liang silver to bail in the county. She bought betel nuts in order to ask the Yamen. She was upset and lost.

After hearing this, Liangsi thought to herself that her woman was carrying a child and was pregnant again. If she didn't find this silver, she would die three lives. Liangsi is disabled and not like a person in this life. She wants to stop suffering from hunchback in the next life. She sent out her loyalty to recognize the truth and will return the original silver. She told her to try to do something quickly. She didn't mention her name and address. It was only a complete matter.

After a few days of Liangsi Festival to the end of July in the lunar calendar, it was the Lantern Pudu in the Dizang Nunnery, and then came to the Yunxiao Cuo to beg for food. It was raining at noon, and it didn't stop until midnight. Then I went to Sanchuan, the Temple of Dizang Nunnery, and stayed overnight.

It is known to all the earth that if people have good wishes, heaven will follow them.

It was late at night, and the neighborhood heard the voice of someone crying for pain and suffering. All the people who heard it were trembling. When I opened the temple door in the morning, I saw Huazi Liangsi turned into a man in good health.

The temple wishes asked the reason. Liangsi replied, I slept in the temple until late last night, and felt the majesty and splendor of the King of Tibet Bodhisattva. His eyes were like electricity, and the wind and rain were very fierce. When I was asleep, I dreamed that the King of Tibet Bodhisattva would have one god on his head, the other god on his lower part, and his legs were being beaten, causing pain and suffering all over the body, and the vast air was lost, so I cried out. I can't think of becoming a complete body now.

I think I am in good health and can walk. I want to change my way and carry water to make a living, but I lack the capital of a pair of buckets. An old uncle in the audience heard that Liangsi's heart was back to work and moved his heart. He liked to give up the bucket and the audience began to disperse.

Liangsi then took the bucket back to the Bujiefu Temple.

Later, the woman who lost her silver coins, whose husband was Lin Dengzhang, ran a Guangdong store in Bujie (now Chengrenli). One day, Liangsi carried water to Lin Dengzhang's store, and was recognized by his wife. He introduced her husband to meet him, and described the cause of the previous lawsuit. His husband immediately raised a huge sum of money and invited his partner to do business. Because the business made profits month by month, resulting in family property.

Later, all the property of Lin Dengzhang and his wife's native place was handed over to Xu Liangsi.

Time flies like an arrow, and the sun and the moon fly like a shuttle. Liangsi is very old and has no future. With the consent of Lin Dengzhang and his wife, Shang gave all the industrial fields to Bujiefu Temple. A private building is built at Bujiefu Temple.

The people in the territory not only have compassion, but also have a strong sense of loyalty and dedication. They feel that they have inherited virtue. Later, they set up a stone tablet in the temple called Xu Lin's second uncle, and enjoy the sacrifice of Spring and Autumn Festival, which is still in existence.

(At present, the Fude Temple on Chengren Libu Street in Jiayi City is to praise his good deeds in life and enlighten the good models of future generations. This is the reason for the inspiration of the Tibetan King Bodhisattva in the north hall of Jiayi City.)




















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