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 Centenary "King of Medicine" - Sun Simiao

   date:2020-09-18 18:56:20     read:51   

Centenary "King of Medicine" - Sun Simiao

Sun Simiao, a native of Jingzhaodong (now Sun Jiayuan, Yao County, Shaanxi Province), was born in the first year of Kaihuang in the Sui Dynasty and died in the first year of Yongchun in the Tang Dynasty. He lived 102 years (or 141 years). He is a famous medical scientist and pharmacologist in the history of China and even the world. Historically, it has been regarded as the "King of Medicine".

When Sun Simiao was 7 years old, he could "recite thousands of words every day". I can recite thousands of words of articles every day. At the age of 20, I can talk about the theories of Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, and I am very familiar with the classic works of Buddhism. I am called "Holy Child". However, he thought that it was too sophisticated to be a high-ranking official in the official career, and could not be at will, so he thanked the imperial court for many times. Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty asked him to be a doctor of the state, but he also said he was ill. After Emperor Taizong ascended the throne, he summoned him to Beijing. When he saw that people in his 50s could look, look, and walk like teenagers, he was very impressed. He said, "So, people who have the way are really worthy of respect! Such immortals as Xianmen and Guangchengzi are actually in the world. How can they be false?" He also wanted to grant him the title, but was still rejected by Sun Simiao. After Emperor Gaozong succeeded to the throne, he was invited to be a doctor of advice, but he was not allowed. When Sun Simiao retired, Emperor Gaozong gave him a good horse and the residence of the late Poyang Princess. Even the famous scholars Song Lingwen, Meng Shen, Lu Zhaolin and others respected him very much and waited for the courtesy of the teacher to serve him.

Once, Lu Zhaolin asked the teacher a question: "What is the reason why famous doctors can cure difficult diseases?" Sun Simiao's answer was very wonderful, which also shows his profound medical attainments. He replied: "Those who know the change of the law of heaven must be able to participate in politics and human affairs; those who know the disease of human body thoroughly must also be rooted in the law of the change of the law of heaven. There are four seasons and five elements in the weather, which change each other, just like rotation. So how does it work? The qi of the law of heaven is gentle and turns into rain; anger turns into wind; it condenses into frost and fog; it spreads out and spreads out to be a rainbow. This is the law of heaven, and people also correspond to the five internal organs of limbs, which move around the day Sleep at night, breathe the essence and breathe the new. Personal qi flows into the whole body to form camp qi and guard qi; Manifesting in the will will manifest in the spirit; It is the natural law of the human body. The way of yin and yang is the same as that of man and nature. When the body's yin and yang lose their normality, the body's Qi and blood rush up and get hot; If Qi and blood are not available, cold will occur; The accumulation of qi and blood generates tumors and neoplasms; Qi and blood subsided into carbuncle; The more vigorous the blood is, the more asthmatic it is; The exhaustion of qi and blood will lead to mental exhaustion. All kinds of symptoms are shown outside, and the changes of Qi and blood are also shown in the appearance. Isn't that the same with heaven and earth? "

Sun Simiao also summarized the diagnosis methods of good doctors: "The courage is big but the heart is small, the wisdom is round and the action is square; "Small heart" means to be cautious at all times as if walking on thin ice and landing on the edge of a cliff; "Zhiyuan" means to make the situation flexible and flexible, not rigidly bound, and have the ability to take advantage of the enemy; "Xingfang" means not to be greedy for fame, not to seek profits, and have a spacious world in mind. This is Sun Simiao's request for a good doctor. In fact, not only the doctors, but also from the point of view of being a person, I'm afraid it is not contrary to this principle to be a person with tolerance and responsibility!

Sun Simiao is a famous expert in medical ethics in ancient and modern times. His emphasis on medical ethics is particularly important, and he has spread a good story for future practitioners and practitioners. In his "Thousand Golden Prescriptions", he also put the medical ethics standard of "great doctor's sincerity" in an extremely important position to set up a special topic and focus on discussion. He himself is also one of the representatives of virtue, virtue and art, and has become a great figure respected by doctors and people of all ages.




  一次,卢照邻问了老师一个问题:“名医能治愈疑难的疾病,是什么原因呢?” 孙思邈的回答十分精彩,也足见其医学上的造诣颇深。他答道:“对天道变化了如指掌的人,必然可以参政于人事;对人体疾病了解透彻的人也必须根源于天道变化的规律。天候有四季,有五行,相互更替,犹似轮转。那么又是如何运转呢?天道之气和顺而为雨;愤怒起来便化为风;凝结而成霜雾;张扬发散就是彩虹。这是天道规律,人也相对应于四肢五脏,昼行夜寝,呼吸精气,吐故纳新。人身之气流注周身而成营气、卫气;彰显于志则显现于气色精神;发于外则为音声,这就是人身的自然规律。阴阳之道,天人相应,人身的阴阳与自然界并没什么差别。人身的阴阳失去常度时,人体气血上冲则发热;气血不通则生寒;气血蓄结生成瘤及赘物;气血下陷成痈疽;气血狂越奔腾就是气喘乏力;气血枯竭就会精神衰竭。各种征候都显现在外,气血的变化也表现在形貌上,天地不也是如此吗?”



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