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 Pan Gang: A gentle young commander with sharp edges

   date:2020-09-18 18:57:06     read:48   

Pan Gang: A gentle young commander with sharp edges

A teacher at Pan Gang's university said of his student: "He behaves mildly, but what he does is sharp.". Throughout Pan Gang's series of management tracks in Yili, it seems to have fulfilled the teacher's evaluation.

Pan Gang is tall, strong and symmetrical, wearing thin gold rimmed glasses, white shirt, dark trousers, gentle and even a little shy. He looks like a middle school Chinese teacher. During the two-hour interview, Pan Gang listened patiently and carefully to every question of the reporter, and answered in a calm and clear tone. He was neither impassioned nor quoted. He was sharp at the critical moment. A teacher at Pan Gang's university said of his student: "He behaves mildly, but what he does is sharp.". Gentleness is the most easily summarized feature of all people who have dealt with Pan Gang when they talk about him, but only those who have worked with Pan Gang can feel it. Pan Gang, born in a teacher's home, was admitted to Inner Mongolia Agricultural University from a county in Xilingol, Inner Mongolia. Because he majored in food, Pan Gang was assigned to Hohhot Huimin Dairy Factory after graduation. It took him 12 years to go from the front-line worker to the group chairman.

In December 2004, five senior executives including Zheng Junhuai, the former chairman of Inner Mongolia Yili Group, were detained by the public security organ on suspicion of misappropriating the company's huge funds for personal profit. Yili Shares, a listed company of the group, was also suspended by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. At one time, the Erie crisis attracted national attention. As soon as the crisis occurred, investors and media reporters from all over the country were rushing to encircle and suppress Yili, which made dairy farmers, suppliers, consumers, dealers, employees and investors panicked. Pan just took one of the most direct and effective chess pieces: being frank and honest. Pan Gang personally visited the dairy farmers' home to dispel their doubts; Call some large suppliers and dealers to "let them know more about Yili"; Including the media that had been rejected before, Pan Gang also strongly opposed the public opinion, "open the factory door of Yili and let the media visit at will"; Faced with the question from investors all over the country about "whether there is a bigger black hole in Yili", Pan Gang answered sincerely: "As far as I know, it is not, but I still need to continue to understand. And I will tell you what I know in time." This sentence won a lot of impression points for Pan Gang who just came to the stage. After that, we need to stabilize our military morale.

On the second day after accepting the appointment, Pan just convened a meeting of management executives. At the meeting, he raised a question: How big is the business goal of Yili Group in 2005? One opinion is that it is very good that we can maintain the level rate in 2004. Another opinion is that it should not fall too much compared with 2004. That is victory. After you put forward your opinions, Pan Gang stood up and said, "I want Yili's growth rate to exceed 30%, and become the first Chinese dairy enterprise with an income of more than 10 billion in 2005". For Yili's management, this is a typical Pan's expression,

For many years, Pan Gang has always patiently listened to the opinions of each participant before clearly putting forward his own views. Pan Gang said that his confidence came not only from his understanding of the dairy industry, but also from his understanding of Yili's staff team. He used a photo of Erie employees sweeping snow in the field to support his view. Under the circumstances that the key figures of the enterprise were detained by torture and the future of the enterprise was uncertain, a heavy snow fell from the sky. The company did not issue any notice, but the employees picked up tools to clean the snow according to the convention. If the hearts of the people are not scattered, the team can still lead.

The new official took office three times, and Pan just understood that if there is no substantive change, the business objectives in 2005 will become the laughingstock of the industry.

The first thing Pan just did was "cut the vassal.". The "fan" of Yili is the business department. In Yili, each business department is a relatively independent entity of people, money and things, and has considerable autonomy from operation to management. At the top of Yili, a common view is that the important reason why the enterprise can operate normally after the accident of senior executives is the business division system implemented by Yili. However, in addition to the benefits of diversifying risks and mobilizing the enthusiasm of various departments, the business division system has brought about problems such as institutional duplication, increased operating costs, difficulty in sharing resources, and confusion of brand image. As the general manager of Yili Liquid Milk Business Department for a long time, Pan Gang knows the stakes. Pan Gang clearly and firmly conveyed his determination to the general managers of the business unit, but he did not adopt the drastic reform and simply cancelled the business unit system, but chose a prudent and gradual approach. The business unit is still the core of Yili's production and operation, but part of its authority has been withdrawn from the group. The control rights of brand management, channel management and so on are centralized from each business department to the headquarters, giving full play to the advantages of the group and fully integrating resources. The specific measures include adjusting the process, changing the approval authority, standardizing the system, etc.

"At the beginning, some people, even some senior executives, really felt unacceptable, but a month or two later, the efficiency of the adjustment showed up, and many people accepted it." After the crisis, the revenue in the first quarter increased by 34% year on year, the voice of opposition began to weaken, and executives of business units began to consciously adapt to the new management model. While the control power was centralized from the business unit to the parent company of the group, Pan Gang tried to break down some of the powers that had been concentrated on the president to the functional departments of the group. Some investment projects, contract approval rights, financial approval rights, etc. began to be the responsibility of the functional departments of the group. "I hope that through this reasonable centralization and authorization, the upper and lower levels can interact."

Pan Gang immediately took the second step - to implement accurate management. "Under the background of increasingly fierce competition in the dairy market and a huge reduction in the average profit margin of the industry, in order to improve the executive power of enterprises and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises, it is necessary to implement extremely sophisticated scientific management." Pan Gang believes that paying attention to details is not only an attitude, but also a professional approach. Digital management and dredging workflow are the key contents of accurate management. Pan Gang requires that the links that can be quantified and assessed must be clearly recorded, and that there should be no general analysis report. At the same time, on the premise of accurate positioning of customer needs, we should boldly reform and innovate business processes and working methods. Paying attention to customers' needs is also one of the important links of refined management.

"We should not only regard consumers and customers as customers, but also establish relationships between customers and serve each other between departments within the enterprise and between superiors and subordinates," Pan Gang said. In order to infiltrate the idea of fine management into the blood of every employee, Pan Gang attached great importance to the establishment of the members and organizational structure of the fine management promotion team. The group leader is the executive director, and the heads of each functional department and the general manager of the business unit are all members of the group. In addition to letting the fine management promotion group take the responsibility of implementing this management idea in an all-round way, Pan Gang has also virtually set up the fine management organization at the grass-roots level in this way. The innovation of management has made Yili achieve rapid development while its management costs have dropped significantly: compared with 2004, only one special train can save 200000 yuan, while in the first nine months of 2005, it saved 90 million yuan.

The third step is to adjust the market strategy and move to the second and third levels. For a long time, most dairy enterprises prefer to fight consumptive wars in first-tier markets such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, rather than invest more resources in second-tier and third-tier markets. "In 2004, I visited the market in a small town in Yueqing, Zhejiang Province. The local consumption level is quite high, and people's food, clothing, housing and transportation are close to the urban level. However, the consumption situation of dairy products is very backward. Large brands of milk can only be bought in larger supermarkets, while in small and medium-sized stores, only local small brands. In fact, there is a big gap between the quality of these products and Yili." Pan Gang recalled his discovery of secondary and tertiary market space. The selling points in cities and towns are relatively scattered, and the promotion cost is relatively high. Moreover, compared with the RV, the people's awareness of quality and brand is relatively weak when choosing milk. This requires a bit of adventure. Pan Gang first chose a small market in the south of Zhejiang to try. "At that time, I was ready to invest 10 million yuan in the initial stage." However, two months later, the sales volume in the region doubled, which is equivalent to digging up another market of developed prefecture-level cities. Pan Gang, who has tasted the sweetness, announced that Yili will increase the development of secondary and tertiary markets in 2006, especially in Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places, and the national top 100 counties are also the focus of its plan. The biggest problem of seizing the secondary and tertiary markets is the milk source. If we can find a suitable milk source locally, the cost will undoubtedly be reduced a lot. In the search for milk sources, Yili has adopted the strategy of merger and integration, which is precisely why it cooperates with Fujian Changfu Dairy.

Reform the management system, improve the management level, and adjust the market strategy. The three fires that Pan Gang burned in the first year of his term of office were clear and implemented in place, which made his heroic words at the beginning of his term of office become reality. The power of frank communication is with people who are not very familiar. Pan Gang is not a talkative person; When it was time to speak, Pan Gang said a lot.

After presiding over the work, Pan Gang's first thing was to say, "I was tired of dealing with it every day. Every day, I received a group of investors and a group of media, repeating the same words and answering the same questions". Perhaps it is the experience of part-time secretary of the Youth League Committee for many years that makes Pan Gang form the habit of paying great attention to communication. Pan Gang believes that frank communication is the best way to eliminate misunderstandings.

When dealing with the enterprise crisis in 2004, in order to eliminate all kinds of speculation and doubts among employees, "In those days, I held many meetings in succession, such as the Party members and cadres meeting, the staff meeting of all business departments, etc., to inform all employees of the situation of the enterprise and communicate directly with them. Only by being frank with each other, seeking everyone's understanding and support, facing together, leading the big family positively, mobilizing their enthusiasm, and giving full play to their spirit of ownership can I ensure the continuous development of the normal production and operation activities of the enterprise."

Pan Gang and Niu Gensheng, Yili's "enemy" in the same city for many years, took the initiative to communicate and invited Niu Gensheng to visit the "mother's home". Although this could not change the reality that the two companies were still fierce competitors, it defused the situation of the two companies' fierce fighting, and helped Yili to strive for a relatively loose external environment. Pan Gang is bookish, which is rare among entrepreneurs in traditional industries.

His parents, who were teachers, left Pan Gang with mild and even weak personality characteristics. But in an environment with many "aggressive", "aggressive" and "aggressive" enterprises, frank communication can bring a sense of security. Caring about employees and gathering people's hearts in the CCTV "Best Employer" selection activity, Yili employees' happiness index is the highest. Pan Gang said that Yili's biggest asset is people. If he can't even activate the biggest asset in his business, everything else is meaningless.

On New Year's Eve, Pan Gang, who had just flown back from Switzerland, ate dumplings with his employees in the production workshop. "Enterprises should be able to reflect the happiness of their employees. If they are not happy, they can not create performance, and if they are not happy, they can not be engaged in work. For dairy industry, this year's major events continue, so far Yili has not had any quality problems, which means that employees are very happy and dedicated." Pan Gang said: "I can understand whether our employees are happy or not. In the process of development, our own employees have very little mobility. As long as we join the employees of Yili, we all love the enterprise very much and actively participate in the management of the enterprise. For example, in the first quarter of this year, our employees put forward 1500 valuable suggestions for the company, and we adopted many of them, many of them were put forward after work."

Pan Gang also set a hard target for the human resources department to plan at least two or three new benefits every year to let employees feel the concern of the enterprise. "We order all kinds of clothes for employees, including spring clothes in spring, summer clothes in summer and winter clothes in winter, including regular travel for employees. In addition to some insurances stipulated by the national labor law, two new insurances have been added this year, and the benefits of employees have also increased year by year, such as birthday gifts, wedding and funeral gifts, etc.".

For Pan Gang, who grew up as a front-line worker, caring for ordinary employees is a habit. An Erie senior provided the reporter with such a detail: at a staff meeting, Pan Gang found that a young man in the equipment maintenance team had yellow hair. When he learned that it was caused by the ammonia water used to clean the equipment, he immediately assigned relevant departments to study and improve it, and solved the problem after investing hundreds of thousands of yuan. In addition to welfare benefits, in order to make employees have confidence in the future, Pan Gang proposed that if there are new positions, they should first be recruited openly inside the enterprise. Only when there is no suitable person inside the enterprise can they be recruited externally.

◆ Born in 1970; Graduated from Inner Mongolia Agricultural University in July 1992, and was assigned to the Huimin Milk Food Factory (formerly the predecessor of Yili Group);

◆ From July 1993 to November 1994, the director of the quality inspection department of Yili Group Frozen Food Company, and from November 1994 to November 1996, the director of the production department of Yili Group Frozen Food Company;

◆ From November 1994 to 1999, part-time secretary of the Youth League Committee of Yili Group;

◆ From November 1996 to December 1999, Chairman, General Manager and Secretary of the General Party Branch of Yili Group Mineral Beverage Co., Ltd;

◆ From December 1999 to July 2002, the president assistant of Yili Group, the member of Yili Group Party Committee, the general manager of the liquid milk business department, the chairman of Zhaodong Yili Dairy Co., Ltd., the chairman of Langfang Yili Dairy Co., Ltd., and the chairman of Baotou Yili Dairy Co., Ltd;

◆ In July 2002, he served as the president of Yili Group and the general manager of the liquid milk business department, and was the youngest president of 520 key industrial enterprises in China; ◆ From July 2002 to December 2004, the president of Yili Group, the director of Yili Group, the secretary of the Party Committee and the general manager of the liquid milk business department;

◆ Graduated from EMBA of CEIBA in 2004. From December 2004 to June 2005, the president of Yili Group was fully responsible for enterprise management

◆ Chairman and President of Yili Group since June 2005 (Liu Ge and Zhang Yijun)

























  ◆ 1970年出生;1992年7月毕业于内蒙古农业大学,分配进入回民奶食品厂(原伊利集团前身);

  ◆ 1993年7月至1994年11月伊利集团冷冻食品公司质检部部长,1994年11月至1996年11月伊利集团冷冻食品公司生产部部长;

  ◆ 1994年11月至1999年伊利集团兼职团委书记;

  ◆ 1996年11月至1999年12月伊利集团矿泉饮料有限责任公司董事长、总经理兼党总支书记;

  ◆ 1999年12月至2002年7月伊利集团总裁助理、伊利集团党委委员、液态奶事业部总经理、肇东市伊利乳业有限责任公司董事长、廊坊伊利乳品有限公司董事长、包头伊利乳品有限责任公司董事长;

  ◆ 2002年7月任职伊利集团总裁兼液态奶事业部总经理,时为中国520家重点工业企业最年轻的总裁;◆ 2002年7月至2004年12月伊利集团总裁,兼伊利集团董事、党委书记、液态奶事业部总经理;

  ◆ 2004年毕业于中欧工商国际管理学院EMBA,2004年12月至2005年6月伊利集团总裁 全面负责企业经营工作

  ◆ 2005年6月起任伊利集团董事长兼总裁…….(刘戈 张一君 ).

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