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 Experience: How do you feel when watching "Just the Same Boy"!

   date:2020-09-18 19:05:59     read:69   

Experience: How do you feel when watching "Just the Same Boy"!

Mao Zedong, a great man through the ages, made his deeds clear in history. "Just Like a Teenager", a different kind of red youth inspirational film, let us young people in the new era deeply reflect on how to take our present road......

---Zhuge Changqing

The main theme of "Just Like a Boy" is Mao Zedong's study in Hunan First Normal University from 1913 to 1918, his concern about national affairs and his ultimate goal in life. It shows the life and growth stories of a group of outstanding young students represented by Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen, Xiao Zisheng, Tao Siyong, Xiang Jingyu, Yang Kaihui, etc. At the same time, the image of a group of excellent teachers, such as Yang Changji, Kong Zhaoshou, Xu Teli and Yuan Jiliu, was created. Yang Changji pursues the truth, and is determined to "avoid the Peach Land and make it ancient, and want to plant a big wooden pillar to grow into the sky." Under the careful cultivation of Yang Changji, the "big tree" of young Mao Zedong is indeed "the pillar grows into the sky", becoming the founding leader Mao Zedong. From a new perspective, this paper expounds the youth course and growth experience of young Mao Zedong, which appropriately reflects the aspiration of a group of fashionable young people to plunge into the current of the times, to train their passion and create the world in the storm. It provides us and this era with new soil from which we can learn and draw spiritual nutrients. Through the real historical stories of the great men shown in the TV series "Just the Same Boy", the ideals, ambitions, pursuits and responsibilities of the young people of that era are displayed from different aspects, thus triggering the thinking of the young people on their studies, life, ideals and life goals.

This TV series boldly uses young actors who have just left school to play the role of leaders. They do not seek resemblance in form or spirit, but try to show the vitality of the youth of that generation

Now let's take a look at the impact of the play on the main creators of the play when they visited "Life in Art"..

Gu Zhixin, the actor of Mao Zedong:

I don't ask myself to do so much. I think every day, I will arrange my affairs in a reasonable and orderly way. Just do one thing. I will do one thing well. Every step makes a thousand miles. I can do 365 things in 365 days. One day I will reach my ideal..

Xu Liang, the actor of Cai Hesen, said when talking about the impact of the film on him:

I can't believe that young Mao Zedong led more than 200 unarmed students to capture more than 3000 soldiers' guns. At that time, Mao Zedong's courage and insight made me admire~!! Although it took a lot of pain to make this play, if I had to choose it again, I would still choose it, because this play is so good that it has even made a significant change in my own life, and has made a great change in my outlook on life and my attitude towards life.

Lian Shumei recalled:

Playing Tao Siyong is the proudest thing in my life. We are not in the same era, but we share the same ideas, but our ideals in this era are different from those in the past. As long as spirit exists, people with ideals will find resonance in this play. "People share the same heart when they cry for friends"

Zhao Ran's expression is quite straightforward:

I think it's a big impact. I can represent a group of post-80s young people, who are only children since childhood. Parents will protect well. When encountering some difficulties and setbacks, we always need a family and ourselves to face them together. After I made this play, I found that I had a change. No matter what difficulties I encountered, I would not be afraid, nor would I ask my parents to help me. I felt that I could face it bravely and be an independent person.

"It is difficult to breed ten-thousand-year pine in the greenhouse, and how can a pigsty produce a horse." You should exercise yourself in the big wind and waves, and temper yourself~!!!!

Director Gong Ruofei said his feelings after filming

More importantly, there are differences between the two generations of young people 90 years ago and 90 years later. I think the difference is that they are penniless but think about the world. Today's young people, with developed material culture, may think more about individuals. The same thing I think is that they are both in their teens and twenties. They are also going through the door of school, and finally have to go to society, to find a value in society. So I don't think we should learn how to become a professional revolutionist from these young people when we shoot "Qiaotong Youth" today. Instead, we should use their spirit of learning, a sense of hardship, to care about ourselves, the nation, the country, and integrate ourselves into the whole era.

The director revealed the behind of the play "drive Zhang movement"

The director, Jana Shahati, especially mentioned the scene of the "drive Zhang movement" in the play with a thousand feelings. Director Gana Shahati said that after the liberation, when Runzhi, once Runzhi, Mao Zedong became the leader of the Chairman, once a fellow villager from Hunan, Xiangtan, came to Beijing and asked him in 1952 what Mr. Zhang Gan was doing. Zhou Shizhao said that he had been teaching and living in poverty. Chairman Mao immediately felt wrong at that time. Not only admit mistakes but also try to help Zhang Gan. A great man dare to admit his mistakes. Ordinary people should also have such courage.

When Zhu Jun asked them to give the young people the most wanted to say, the three people recited the last paragraph of Liang Qichao's "Young Chinese Speaking" at the same time——

So today's responsibility lies not with others, but with my youth. Young people are wise, young people are rich, young people are strong, young people are independent, young people are free, young people are progressive, young people are better than Europe, the country is better than Europe, young people are better than the earth, the country is better than the earth. When the red sun rises, its path is bright; The river flows out and out, and the ocean pours out; The hidden dragon leaps into the abyss, and its scales and claws fly; The baby tiger roars in the valley, and all the animals are frightened; Eagle and falcon try their wings, and wind and dust play back and forth; The first birth of a strange flower, the Yuyu Emperor of the Tang Dynasty; Ganjiang has a good taste, and has a good taste; The sky wears its grey, and the earth wears its yellow; Throughout the ages, there are eight wastelands; The future is like the sea. Beautiful, my young China is not old with the sky! I am a Chinese teenager. I have no border with the country!

Zhuge Changqing: Personally, I think there are many things worth learning in the play, but I have the most profound influence on the following two scenes:

At that time, they swam in Orange Island.

In the cold autumn of independence, the Xiangjiang River goes northward, at the head of Orange Island. Look at the red mountains, all the forests are dyed; The river is clear and transparent, and hundreds of boats compete for the flow. The eagle strikes the sky, the fish soars to the bottom, and all kinds of frost compete for freedom. Disconsolate, ask the vast land, who is in charge of ups and downs?

Two words from Mr. Yang Changji to Mao Zedong:

Cultivate and store energy, first and last,,,,,,

Confucius said: "Quality is better than literature, and literature is better than quality, and history"

That is to say, if a person has strong ability and quality, but cultural accomplishment is not enough, he will not be able to restrain himself, and his own ability has become a kind of destructive force... On the other hand, if we only focus on book knowledge and lack ability training, knowledge will become dead knowledge....

Today, we are still young. We should not set our direction too early. Only by drawing on the strengths of others can we confirm each other. We will be crude and shallow if we are complacent,,,

Personal struggle is the key to success. The purpose lies in two principles: perseverance

The firm is like a rock, but it will not move despite the alternation of years. Ninjas, such as gentle training, will not be destroyed because of hardship.. Tough ninjas are tough and flexible, and persevere..

Zhu Jun's last paragraph at the end of the program is worth thinking about:

Let's ask ourselves, living in an era of building a harmonious society, should we also shoulder our responsibilities??? Let's work harder and live a better life for our children~!!!

Where is our responsibility???

Zhuge Changqing: Our responsibility is to inherit the traditional culture of China for five thousand years, open the chapter that the Chinese nation stands proudly again in the forest of world powers, and make the Oriental Dragon the pride of the world forever.

Nanwu Master Sakyamuni Buddha. Namo Amitabha. There is no Oriental Glazed Medicine Master Buddha in the south.

Nanwu Guanyin Bodhisattva. Nanwudi Tibetan King Bodhisattva. Nanwukong hides Bodhisattva.

Blessed life is limitless. Yuanshi Tianzun. Lingbao senior. The moral supremacy.

Taiyi saved the bitter god. Confucius, the supreme teacher of Dacheng. Jesus Christ. Mohammed.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three generations in ten directions.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages at all times and in all countries.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.




















   导演嘉娜·沙哈提特别提到剧中“驱张运动”一场戏感慨万千。导演嘉娜·沙哈提说,解放以后,当润之,曾经的润之,毛泽东成为了主席领袖的时候,有一次湘潭的湖南的老乡到北京来 1952年就问他说,张干先生在干什么,周世钊就说,一直在教书,生活比较清贫,毛主席当时一下子就觉得当时错怪了。不仅认错而且尽量帮助张干。一个伟人都敢主动认错。常人也应该有这样的勇气。



















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