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 Graduation Table: the original text of Zhuge Liang's "Graduation Table"

   date:2020-09-18 19:06:25     read:72   

Graduation Table: the original text of Zhuge Liang's "Graduation Table"

Those who read the "Graduation Table" without shedding tears will be unfaithful. Those who read the "Chenqing Table" without shedding tears will be unfilial.

-----Zhuge Changqing

Zhuge Liang is a brilliant star in Chinese history. Politically, Xu Shu said that he "has the ability to manage the world and the land, and covers the whole world". He "knows three parts of the world before coming out of the hut". At the first sight of Liu Bei, he offered the great strategy of establishing the country "to reject Cao Cao in the north, marry Sun Quan outside, and cultivate political principles inside"; "to achieve hegemony, let Cao Cao occupy the sky in the north, let Sun Gong occupy the land in the south, and the general can occupy the peace". Out of the hut, he assisted Liu Yuzhou, who was under Liu Biao's fence, to "take Jingzhou first and then take Sichuan, and expand the scope of his skills to fill the sky", helping the "people in cloth", who only had the reputation of "the nobles of the Han Dynasty", to step up to the position of the monarch of Shu, who stood in a tripod with Cao Cao and Sun Quan.

Zhuge Liang also has a place in the ancient military art. "A well-controlled army, an incompetent general, cannot be defeated; a well-controlled army, a capable general, cannot be defeated. During the 27th Spring and Autumn Period of the Romance, he planned a strategy, fought for thousands of miles, exhausted his mind, and experienced hundreds of battles. He had the heart of Liu Bei, "Although the minister was confused, he could repay the kindness of the encounter". In the 11th year after his death, he was "bedridden and unwilling to eat." "The former emperor entrusted him with a heavy burden, for fear that others would not be as devoted as me." Six times out of Qi Mountain, he experienced the hardships of the Northern Expedition; Before and after leaving the school, "it's a tearful sight!". Even after his death, he scared Sima Yi away with a wooden statue; Leave behind a brilliant plan to kill the counter-general Wei Yan. He really realized his life intention of "making every effort to die".

Zhuge Liang's great personality shows the significance and aesthetic ideal of the Chinese culture, and he has become a model of life for the world behind him. His "feather fan and silk scarf, while talking and laughing, and the strong cloud of dust and smoke" was the idol worshipped by generations of military strategists. Yue Fei waved the splash-ink "Graduation Table", which shows his reverence. Yuan Zhen praised him for his "brilliant talent over wind music, brilliant strategies over Sun Wu,... if the public is full of virtue, it should be lamented that there is no such thing in ancient and modern times!"

Read again and feel deeply------

The original and translation of "The Former Teacher"

Chen Liang said: The first emperor started his business before half, but the middle way collapsed; At the third quarter of the day, Yizhou is in a state of weakness. This is the autumn of crisis. However, the ministers of the guards are tireless in their work; Loyal people forget to be outside: Gai chases the special experience of the former emperor and wants to report it to his majesty. It is advisable to open a holy hearing, so as to glorify the virtue of the first emperor and the spirit of a noble man; It is not advisable to belittle yourself and misquote others.

Chen Zhuge Liang said: The first emperor died in the middle of his career before he was half finished. Now, the world has been divided into Wei, Shu and Wu. Our Shu is exhausted in manpower and lack of material resources. This is indeed a critical moment for our country to survive. However, the ministers of the bodyguard did not slack off in the court. Loyal and ambitious soldiers sacrificed their lives to fight on the battlefield. This is because they remembered the special treatment of the former emperor when he was alive and wanted to serve his majesty. Your majesty should really listen to the opinions of the ministers, carry forward the virtues left by the former emperor, and carry forward the spirit of the people with lofty ideals; You should not look down on yourself casually. It is inappropriate to use metaphors in speech, so as to block the way for loyal ministers to give advice.

In the palace and in the palace, they are all integrated; There should be no similarities and differences between the punishment and the punishment. If anyone commits adultery and commits crimes, and is loyal and good, he should be paid to the court, and his punishment and reward should be discussed to show his majesty's rule of justice; It is not appropriate to be selfish and make internal and external laws different. Shizhong, Shilang Guo Youzhi, Fei Yi, Dong Yun, etc., are all good and honest. They are determined to be loyal and pure. They are simply drawn from the previous emperor and left to his majesty: foolishly think that things in the palace are of no importance, and learn to consult with them, and then implement them, which will help fill the gap and be of great benefit. General Xiang Chong, his character is gentle, and his military skills are smooth. He tried it in the past. The former emperor called it "Neng", which is based on the recommendation of the public. Foolish people think that everything in the camp is big or small. When they learn from it, they will be able to make the array and Mu, and get the advantages and disadvantages. The former Han Dynasty flourished because it was close to sages and far from villains; Since then, the Han Dynasty has been in decline. When the Emperor Xiandi was here, every time he discussed this matter with his ministers, he sighed and hated Yu Huan and Ling! The chamberlain, the minister, the long history, and the army are the ministers who know the chastity and virtue of the dead. If your majesty is willing to be loyal and faithful, the prosperity of the Han family can be counted by the day.

The courtiers of the imperial palace and the officials of the prime minister's office are a whole. Their promotion, punishment, praise and criticism should not be different from each other. If there are people who engage in malpractice, violate the law and do harm faithfully, your majesty should give it to the officials in charge, who will assess the punishment or reward they deserve, to show your majesty's just and strict governance policy. We should not favor favoritism, so that there are different rules in and out of the palace. Guo Youzhi, Fei Yi, and Dong Yun, the waitress, are loyal and honest people. Their ambition and mind are the same, so the Emperor selected them to his majesty. I think your majesty should consult with them and then carry out the matters in the palace, no matter how big or small, so as to make up for the deficiencies and omissions and achieve better results. General Xiang Chong is kind, fair and proficient in military affairs. After trial, the Emperor Xiandi praised him for his talent, so everyone discussed and recommended him as the Central Governor. I think we should consult with him about all the affairs in the military camp, so that the army can work together and make reasonable arrangements for the soldiers with high ability, poor ability and strong team. The reason for the prosperity of the former Han Dynasty was to be close to the wise ministers and alienate the villains; Close to the villains and alienate the wise ministers are the reasons why the later Han Dynasty collapsed. When the first emperor was alive, every time he talked about these things with me, there was never a time when he did not sigh and feel sorry for the two emperors. Guo Youzhi, Fei Yi, the secretary of state Chen Zhen, the long history of Zhang Yi, and Jiang Wan, who joined the army, are all loyal ministers who are loyal, virtuous and able to serve their country with death. I hope your majesty will get close to them and trust them, so the prosperity of the Han family is just around the corner.

The minister, who was originally dressed in cloth, worked hard in Nanyang, devoted his life to the troubled times, and did not seek to be heard of and communicated to the princes. The first emperor did not mean his ministers, and he was obscene and self-deserved. He looked at his ministers in the hut and consulted them about the affairs of the world, so he was grateful, so he allowed the first emperor to drive away. After the collapse, he was entrusted with the defeat of the army, and was ordered to be in distress: it has been a year since then. The former emperor knew that his ministers were cautious, so he sent them important things in the face of collapse. Since being appointed, I have been worried all night, and I am afraid that the entrustment will not work, so as to hurt the wisdom of the former emperor; Therefore, crossing the Luzhou River in May is not deep enough. Now that the south has been settled, the armour has been sufficient, and we should be the commander of the third army, and the north has been settled in the central plains. We are all dull and dull, and we can eliminate the evil and evil, revive the Han family, and return to the old capital: this minister is loyal to his majesty by reporting to the former emperor. As for the consideration of profits and losses and the full use of advice, it is also the responsibility of you, according to, and allowing.

I was originally a civilian who cultivated the fields in Nanyang. I only wanted to save my life in troubled times, and I didn't want to be famous in front of the princes. The first emperor did not lower his identity because of my humble background and short knowledge. He visited me in the hut three times and asked me for advice on the world's major events. I was very grateful for that, so I promised the first emperor would serve him. Later, when I was defeated, I was appointed to serve as an envoy to Soochow at the time of crisis. It has been 21 years since then. The late emperor (Liu Bei) knew that I was cautious, so he entrusted me with the state affairs before he died (Zhuge Liang). Since I accepted the appointment, I have been worried and sighed day and night, and worried that I could not do the things entrusted by the former emperor well, which would damage the sanctity of the former emperor. So I crossed the Lushui River in May and went deep into the wilderness. Now that the south has been pacified and the weapons are well prepared, we should encourage and lead the three armies to pacify the Central Plains to the north. I hope to contribute all my mediocre talents, eradicate the evil Cao Wei, revive the Han family, and return to the original capital Luoyang. This is my duty to repay the emperor and be loyal to his majesty. It is the responsibility of Guo Youzhi, Fei Yi, Dong Yun and others to consider the rise and fall of political affairs and offer loyal suggestions.

May your majesty entrust the minister with the effect of seeking the recovery of the thief, and if the effect is not effective, he will punish the minister's sin, so as to inform the spirit of the former emperor; If there is no word of recovery, we should take the blame of Youzhi, Yiyi and Yiyi to compensate for its slowness. Your majesty should also plan for himself to consult Suwa's good ways, understand the elegant words, and deeply pursue the imperial edict of the former emperor. Thank you very much! Today, I should stay away from you. I cry at my face and don't know what to say.

I hope your majesty will entrust me with the task of punishing the traitors and reviving the Han family. If it is not completed, please punish me for a felony to comfort the spirit of the former emperor. If you do not encourage your majesty to preach the advice of virtue, blame Guo Youzhi, Fei Yi, Dong Yun and others for their neglect to expose their mistakes; His majesty should also seriously consider national affairs, seek good ways to govern the country, listen to correct opinions, and deeply remember the last words of the former emperor. I would be grateful if I could do so. Now I'm going to say goodbye to your majesty for a long journey. I'm in tears when I face the instrument. I don't know what to say.

"The Later Teacher" and its translation

The former emperor worried that the Han and the thief were not at odds, and the king's industry was not biased, so he entrusted the minister to beg for the thief. With the wisdom of the first emperor and the talent of the minister, we know that the enemy is strong only when the minister attacks the thief. However, if you do not attack the thieves, the king's industry will also perish. But sit and wait for death, which is better to fight? It is the reason why I trust you and don't doubt you.

The Emperor Xiandi considered that the Shu Han and the Cao thief could not exist at the same time, and the revival of the king's industry could not be partial to one side, so he entrusted me with the great event of conquering the Cao thief. Judging by the wisdom of the former emperor, he knew that I was going to fight against the Cao thief. My talent was poor, and the enemy was strong. But if you don't fight against the Cao thief, the king's estate he created will also be lost, and you will sit and wait for the destruction. How can you beat the enemy? Therefore, the Emperor Xiandi did not hesitate to entrust me with the cause of attacking the Cao thieves.

On the day of my appointment, I couldn't sleep well and eat well; Thinking about the northern expedition, we should enter the south first: so we can cross the Luzhou River in May, go deep into the barren land, and eat together with the sun—— The minister must not regret himself: Gu Wangye should not be partial to the capital of Shu, so he took risks to honor the legacy of the former emperor. And those who argue are called non-plan. Today, the thief is tired in the west, but also in the east. The method of war is "taking advantage of labor": this is the time to move forward. I would like to state the following:

After I accepted the order, I couldn't sleep well and eat well every day. Thinking that in order to conquer the enemy in the north, we should go to the south to pacify the counties first, so I led the troops across the Lushui River in May and went deep into the area where even the vegetation and grain did not grow. I could eat the next day's meal in two days. It's not that I don't cherish myself. It's just that I think that the king of Shu Han can never live in the capital of Shu, so I take risks to follow the legacy of the former emperor. However, some commentators say that this is not the best policy. Now, just as the thief Cao appeared tired in the west, he tried to fight against Sun Wu in the east. The military strategy said that he should attack the enemy when he was tired. Now is the time to advance. I respectfully state to your majesty some information as follows:

Gao Diming is the same as the sun and the moon, and his advisers are profound. However, if he is involved in danger, he will be hurt, and then he will be safe; Today, your majesty has not reached the high emperor, and his advisers are not as good as good and fair. He wants to win with a long strategy and sit down in the world.

Emperor Gao is as wise as the sun and the moon, and his advisers are knowledgeable and profound, but they have experienced hardships, traumas, and difficulties before they are safe. Now your majesty has not been able to catch up with Emperor Gao, and the advisers are not as good as Zhang Liang and Chen Ping, but they want to use the strategy of long-term stalemate to win and pacify the world, which is the first point I don't understand.

Liu You and Wang Lang, according to their respective prefectures and counties, discussed the plan of safety and introduced saints. They were full of suspicions; There will be no war this year, and no war next year, so that Sun Ce will be in power, and he will merge with Jiangdong.

Liu You and Wang Lang, who occupied the prefectures and counties respectively, were always quoted by sages when talking about how to be safe and put forward various strategies. They were full of questions. They were full of difficulties. They would not fight this year and would not go out next year, which made Sun Ce stronger and stronger, so they annexed Jiangdong. This is the second point I don't understand.

Cao Cao's wise plan is superior to that of others. His use of military force is similar to that of Sun and Wu, but he is trapped in Nanyang, threatened by Wuchao, threatened by Qilian, forced by Liyang, defeated by Beishan, nearly died at Tongguan, and then faked for a while; Kuang minister is weak, and he wants to be determined by not being in danger: this minister has not solved three problems.

Cao Cao's wisdom and stratagem is far more than that of ordinary people. He used to fight like Sun Bin and Wu Qi, but he was trapped in Nanyang, in danger in Wuchao, in danger on Qilian Mountain, forced in Liyang, almost failed in Beishan, nearly died in Tongguan, and then became stable on the surface for a period of time. What's more, my talent is very weak, but I intend to stabilize the world without going through danger. This is the third point I don't understand.

Cao Cao's five attacks on Changba were not enough, and he could not cross the Chaohu Lake four times. He appointed Li Fu and Li Fu to serve him, and appointed the Xia Hou and the Xia Hou was defeated. The former emperor still lost every time he called Cao Cao "can"; Kuang, under the crossbow, how can he win? This minister has not solved four problems.

Cao Cao attacked Changba five times without success, and crossed Chaohu four times without success. He appointed Li Fu, but Li Fu tried to kill him and appointed Xia Houyuan, but Xia Houyuan was defeated and killed. The Emperor Xiandi often praised Cao Cao as a talented man. He also made these mistakes. Besides, if I am mediocre, where can I win? This is the fourth point I don't understand.

From the minister to Hanzhong, in the middle of the year, Zhao Yun, Yang Qun, Ma Yu, Yan Zhi, Ding Li, Bai Shou, Liu He, Deng Tong, etc., and more than 70 of the general of the Quchang Tun were killed, and there were more than one thousand people who were suddenly killed. Cong Sen, Qing Qiang, and scattered on horseback and horseback. All of these were the elites of the four sides, which were not owned by a state within decades; If there are multiple years, it will lose two thirds—— What should we do to attack the enemy.

Since I arrived in Hanzhong, it has been only a year, but I have lost Zhao Yun, Yang Qun, Ma Yu, Yan Zhi, Ding Li, Bai Shou, Liu Tai, Deng Tong and others, as well as more than 70 leaders in the trilogy and generals in the garrison, more than 1000 soldiers from the Cong and Qiang nationalities, and more than 1000 cavalry troops from scattered and military cavalry, all of which are the elite forces gathered from all over the past decades, and are not what a state can have. In a few years, we will lose two-thirds of the whole army. What force will we use to destroy the enemy then? This is the fifth point I don't understand.

Now the people are poor and the soldiers are tired, and things cannot be stopped; If there is no rest, then live and travel, and labor and expenses are equal; But not as shown in the present picture, I want to stay with the thief in a state: I still have six problems.

Now the people are poor and the soldiers are tired, but the war cannot stop. The war cannot be stopped. The effort and cost of the army to stay down and attack the enemy are exactly the same. In this case, instead of taking advantage of the present time to consider capturing the north, he wanted to use the land of one state to fight the Cao thieves for a long time. This is the sixth point I don't understand.

It is difficult to find a way out. In the past, Emperor Xiandi was defeated in Chu. At that time, Cao Cao held his hand and said that the world was settled—— Then the first emperor connected Wu and Yue in the east, and took Ba and Shu in the west. He raised his troops to the north, and the summer marquis said: "This is a bad plan, and the Han thing will be done."—— Then Wu even violated the alliance, Guan Yu was destroyed, Zigui fell in vain, and Cao Pi proclaimed himself emperor: "Nothing is reversible if it is true.". The minister made every effort and died; As for the success or failure, it is not the wise of the minister to see it.

It is difficult to judge things in the world. Once upon a time, the Emperor Xiandi lost the battle in Chu. At this time, Cao Cao applauded and thought that the world had been pacified by him. Later, the Emperor Xiandi joined forces with Wu and Yue in the east, captured Bashu in the west, and sent troops to the north. Xia Houyuan was killed, which Cao Cao did not expect, and the great cause of reviving the Han Dynasty was about to succeed. Later, the Eastern Wu changed its attitude and violated the covenant. Guan Yu was defeated and killed. The former emperor made a mistake in Zigui. Cao Pi became the emperor. Everything was like this. It was hard to predict. I carefully gave all my strength for my country until I died. As for the success or failure of the business, whether it is going smoothly or not, that is not what my wisdom can foresee.

Nanwu Master Sakyamuni Buddha. Namo Amitabha. There is no Oriental Glazed Medicine Master Buddha in the south.

Nanwu Guanyin Bodhisattva. Nanwudi Tibetan King Bodhisattva. Nanwukong hides Bodhisattva.

Blessed life is limitless. Yuanshi Tianzun. Lingbao senior. The moral supremacy.

Taiyi saved the bitter god. Confucius, the supreme teacher of Dacheng. Jesus Christ. Mohammed.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three generations in ten directions.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages at all times and in all countries.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.



   ----- 诸葛长青 




























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