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 Lv Mengzheng: "Ode on Breaking the Kiln", touching people's hearts and great wisdom

   date:2020-09-18 19:08:09     read:66   

Lv Mengzheng: "Ode on Breaking the Kiln", touching people's hearts and great wisdom

He who is poor and frustrated is also a good teacher. He teaches you how to work hard and how to be prepared for danger in peace--- Zhuge Changqing

Lv Mengzheng (944-1011), who was born in Luoyang, Henan Province (now Henan Province), has the name Shenggong. He was born in the third year of the reign of Emperor Xianyun in the late Jin Dynasty and died in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Dazhong Xiangfu in the Song Dynasty.

In the second year of Taiping Xingguo (977), Emperor Taizong of the Song Dynasty won the first prize in Dingchou. During the Northern Song Dynasty, he entered the stage three times.

He came from a poor family and deeply experienced the suffering of the poor, so he studied hard, worked hard and loved the people hard.

Zhuge Changqing: When he was young, he used to read in a broken kiln with Kou Zhun, and experienced the warmth and cold of the world. Later, he became a prime minister, and he also felt the favor and disgrace of the people. So he wrote a paragraph of "Ode on Breaking the Kiln".

Why did you write "Fu on Breaking Kiln"?

It turns out that Lv Meng is now serving as the prime minister and the teacher of the prince.

When the emperor's crown prince (Zhenzong) was young, he was arrogant. No crown prince dared to teach him a lesson face to face. Lu Mengzheng decided to write an article to warn the prince. So he wrote this piece of "Ode on Breaking the Kiln".

Although this article is short in content, it contains infinite wisdom. The wise prince can understand the truth at once. After reading this article, the prince changed his normal state, and then he often humbly asked others for advice, and finally became the true emperor.

Fu on Breaking Kiln

The weather is unpredictable, and people are doomed.

A centipede can't walk as fast as a snake, and a chicken can't fly as fast as a bird.

A horse has a thousand miles to go.

People have lofty aspirations, but they can't achieve success unless they are lucky.

Confucius is still trapped in Chen Bang, and Tai Gong, a superior military strategist, is fishing in the Wei River.

Robber Zhi is not a kind person, and Yan Hui's short life is not a vicious person.

Yao and Shun are the most holy people, but they gave birth to unworthy children.

Zhang Liangyuan is a cloth, and Xiao He is called a county official.

Yan Zi, who has no five feet, was appointed Prime Minister of the State of Qi.

Kong Mingju can be a military commander of Shu Han.

Han Xin has no power to bind the chicken, so he was granted the title of General of the Han Dynasty.

Feng Tang has the ambition to settle down in the country, and the old half of the government has no seal.

Li Guang has the power to shoot a tiger, and he will never win.

Although the king of Chu is male, it is inevitable that Wujiang will commit suicide.

Although the king of the Han Dynasty is weak, there are thousands of miles of rivers and mountains.

Young people who are full of knowledge and white hair are not qualified.

Some are rich before they are poor, others are poor before they are rich.

The dragon has not met, and is submerged between fish and shrimp.

When a gentleman loses his time, he gives his hand to a villain.

The sky is untimely and the sun and moon are dark.

When the ground is not available, the grass and trees will not grow.

When there is no water, the wind and waves are uneven.

When people are in a bad time, they will not be able to make good fortune.

In the past, I was in Luoyang. I went to a monastery every day and stayed in a cold kiln at night. Clothes and clothes could not cover his body, and light porridge could not fill his hunger. The superior hated me, and the subordinate hated me. They all said that I was cheap.

Yu He ascended the imperial examination and was the highest official, ranking third in the rank. He had a staff for flapping hundreds of bureaucrats, a sword for chopping contempt, a strong man for holding the whip, a beautiful woman for holding the rice, a silk brocade for thinking about clothes, and delicacies for thinking about food. The superior offered them and the subordinate embraced them, and everyone admired them. In other words, Yu said, "If you are not expensive, you will also be lucky at that time.".

It is the cycle of heaven and earth

——[Song] Prime Minister Lv Mengzheng

Why did Lv Meng win the first prize?

Because Lv Mengzheng was younger than a monk, he read all the scriptures and was deeply taboo in Buddhism. The examination paper was different. He didn't have a long speech, but he grasped the truth that Buddhism understood "emptiness" and suffered "suffering", and looked down on fame and wealth. He wrote in the test paper: "It's not surprising that people who can't plan for the Son of Heaven can plan for the people of the world, and if the Son of Heaven can't plan, they need to plan for the Son of Heaven and help the Son of Heaven." His bold words were appreciated by the college students, and indeed he was nominated as the third public in the gold list, and he knew and used it well, and thought of the people everywhere.

After Lv Meng hit the top spot, he was awarded the post of chief minister, and was awarded the promotion of the state. When Emperor Taizong invaded Taiyuan, Lv Mengzheng was awarded the title of "Writer Lang" and was admitted to the History Museum. In the fifth year (980) of the Taiping Reign of the People's Republic of China, Zuo Buque was worshipped and the imperial edict was made. For eight years, he served as a counselor. In the first year of Duan Gong (988), Li Fang was dismissed and Lu Mengzheng was appointed prime minister. Lv Mengzheng is generous and simple for the hostages. He has high hopes. He holds himself in the right way and dares to speak in case of trouble. When it comes to current politics, if there is any objection, it will not be forcefully implemented. The relationship with Zhao Pu, the founder of the country, was very harmonious. In the second year of Chunhua (991), the admonishing official Song Hang was dismissed as a minister of the Ministry of Public Affairs because of his disobedience to the Emperor Taizong. After four years of Chunhua, the truth came to light, and my official became the prime minister again. Lv Meng is a clean and honest official. Someone once offered an ancient mirror, saying that it can shine for two hundred li. Lv Meng is smiling but saying, "My face is only the size of a basin, and I can shine for two hundred li when I use it!" The listener sighed. In the first year of the Daoist era (995), Emperor Taizong dismissed Lv Mengzheng once again. Lv Mengzheng shot out of the court with his right hand. During the period, the government was still calm and the affairs were mostly entrusted to his subordinates, but the president made a decision.

When Zhenzong ascended the throne (998), Lv Mengzheng was appointed as Zuo Pushu. In order to feel the favor of the Emperor Xiandi, Lv Mengzheng offered three million yuan of family wealth to help the court. In the fourth year of Xianping (1001), he ascended the phase for the third time. In the sixth year, he was granted the title of Duke Lai and the title of Crown Prince. Soon, he resigned due to illness and returned to his hometown. Zhenzong worshipped Yongxi Mausoleum, sealed Mount Tai, visited Lv Mengzheng twice in Luoyang, and asked who of his sons could be an official. Lv Meng said: "You are not enough. You have a nephew Lv Yi Jian. It's really a prime minister's tool!"

Lv Mengzheng died of illness in the fourth year of Dazhong Xiangfu (1011), and died at the age of 67. He was posthumously named Wen Mu, and was given the Zhongshu Ling.

There are many allusions and stories about Lv Mengzheng. When Lv Mengzheng was a child, his family was ruined, his parents died, he was poor, he slept in the open air, and he turned to his relatives and friends for help. He became a beggar. His desolation and misery reached the limit of the world. So when people talk about who is extremely poor, there is a metaphor of "being poor than Lv Mengzheng". One year during the Spring Festival, Lv Meng was seeing that his home was empty. In addition to being sad, he wrote a couplet of Spring Festival: the first couplet was "2345", the second couplet was "67889", and the horizontal couplet was "North and South". It means "lack of food and clothing", "nothing". At one time, it became a strange story.

Despite his poverty, Lv Mengzheng had little ambition and worked hard, and finally won the first prize in Dingchou Department in the second year of Taiping and rejuvenating the country (977). After that, the emperor granted the No. 1 Scholar's Office. So hundreds of relatives and friends, old friends of the gentry, dignitaries, businessmen and millionaires all came to the door with heavy gifts and thick gold to congratulate them. The housekeepers of Lv Mengzheng were all delighted and reported to Lv Mengzheng. However, Lv Mengzheng said, "I have only one family. How can I have such relatives and friends?" The housekeeper hurriedly sent the congratulatory gift list and said, "Your relatives and friends are all over the world. How can I say there is only one family?" Lv Mengzheng smiled and did not answer, and only ordered to close the door to welcome guests. Three days later, Lv Meng was calling the housekeeper and said, "My relatives have arrived. I have a couplet and posted it at the door. Only those who enter with a straight chest are relatives and friends, and should not be ignored." The housekeeper quickly pasted the couplet. The first couplet is: "The famine in the old year, the firewood and rice are not reliable. When walking out of the crossroads, many relatives and relatives can't afford credit or borrow. Many of them stand by, and no one can help them." The second couplet is: "The family is lucky, and there is hope for food and clothing. They won the top of the Five Classics. Their surname is also Yang, and their name is also Yang. No matter the king, the horse, the six, or the door to celebrate, they will add the best to the situation." The gift givers were ashamed to see it and left one after another. There was only a 50-year-old man with a patch of clothes and a string of dried tofu in his hand. When Lv Mengzheng heard the news, he went to the front door to welcome him and set up a banquet to enjoy himself with the old man. It is said that Lv Mengzheng later condescended to the old man's home many times, and the old man also became a frequent visitor in Lv Mengzheng's home. It turned out that the old man and his wife were poor people who made tofu for a living. When Lv Mengzheng was starving and cold, the old man studied hard for his extreme poverty and knew that he was a talent. He often gave it with coarse tea, light rice, wine and tofu.

South no Amitabha, South no Amitabha, South no Amitabha!

Nanwu Master Sakyamuni Buddha. Blessed life is limitless. Confucius. Jesus. Mohammed.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three generations in ten directions.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages at all times and in all countries.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.

Zhuge Changqing wishes all the people who are destined to respect their parents and do good deeds and accumulate virtue rich and auspicious!



   贫穷不得志,也是一位好老师。他教你如何发愤图强,教你如何居安思危!                             ---诸葛长青 






















   吕蒙正中状元后,授将作监丞,通判升州。太宗征讨太原,吕蒙正被授著作郎,入值史馆。太平兴国五年(980),拜左补阙,知制诰。八年,任参知政事。端拱元年(988年),罢李昉,拜吕蒙正为宰相。吕蒙正为人质厚宽简,素有重望,以正道自持,遇事敢言。每论时政,有不允者,必不强力推行。与开国元老赵普同在相位, 关系极为融洽。淳化二年(991年),谏官宋沆上疏,忤怒太宗,吕蒙正受牵连,被罢贬为吏部尚书。淳化四年,真相大白,复以本官入相。吕蒙正为官清廉,曾有人献古镜,言能照二百里,吕蒙正笑而却之道:“我脸不过盆子大,安用照二百里!”闻者叹服。至道元年(995年),太宗再度罢贬吕蒙正,吕蒙正以右仆射出判河南府,期间,政尚宽静,事多委任属僚,其总裁定夺而已。




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