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 Biography of celebrities: Lincoln, the hero of the world

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Biography of celebrities: Lincoln, the hero of the world

Success comes from setting a goal and making unremitting efforts, efforts and efforts!

---Zhuge Changqing

Someone asked me how much money I have. I tell you that I have a wife and a son, which are priceless. In addition, I also rented an office with a table, three chairs and a large bookshelf in the corner. The books on the shelf are worth reading by everyone. I am tall and thin, with a long face and will not put on weight. I really have nothing to rely on. The only thing I can rely on is you.

------One of Lincoln's election replies

I don't know who my grandfather was, I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.


Lincoln is such a man. He has no family background. With his unremitting efforts, he has stepped up to the top of success step by step from numerous failures. In his struggle, Lincoln is a model worthy of learning. His diligence, enthusiasm and wisdom are all our examples.

Zhuge Changqing believes that Lincoln has the following four points to learn:

1. Persistence. Lock the target, never relax, and fight repeatedly until success.

2. Diligence. Whatever you do, do your best. If I had eight hours to cut a tree, I would spend six hours sharpening my axe Abraham Lincoln.

3. Speech. First-rate speech is a sharp weapon to success.

4. Learning. Endless learning is the foundation of success. All good things should be learned.

In a letter to a young man eager to become a lawyer, Lincoln said: "The secret of success is to pick up books, read and study carefully. Work, work, is the most important."

Success is not a fluke, there is no shortcut, only unremitting struggle. Let's take a look at Lincoln's struggle. What inspiration will it bring us?

In 1816, his family was driven out of their place of residence, and he had to work to support them.

In 1818, his mother died.

In 1831, business failed.

In 1832, the state legislator was defeated.

In 1832, he borrowed money from a friend to do business, but he went bankrupt at the end of the year. It took him 16 years to pay off the debt.

In 1834, he won the re-election for state senator!

In 1835, when he was getting married, his fiancee died, so his heart was broken!

In 1836, he collapsed completely and was ill in bed for six months.

In 1838, the speaker who tried to become a state senator failed.

In 1843, he failed to participate in the general election of Congress!

In 1846, he participated in the general election of the Congress again and was elected this time! I went to Washington, D.C., and performed admirably.

In 1848, seeking re-election of a member of Congress failed!

In 1849, the job of land director in his state was rejected!

In 1854, running for the United States Senate fell far behind!

In 1856, less than 100 votes were obtained for the nomination of the Vice President at the Republican National Congress.

In 1858, he ran for the United States Senate again and lost again.

In 1860, he was elected President of the United States.

Lincoln encouraged himself after his defeat in the Senate race: "This is just a slip, not a death and can't get up."

A person's intelligence does not depend on his intelligence and culture. To be successful is to have perseverance, firm confidence and never give up courage. Lincoln, who was born destitute, was defeated eight times in eight elections, twice in business, and even suffered a mental breakdown once. Many times, he could have given up, but he did not. It was because he did not give up that he became one of the greatest presidents in American history.


Lincoln was born at dawn on February 12, 1809, in a cabin three miles south of Hall in Harding County, Kentucky.

In his own words, his childhood is "a concise chronicle of poverty". When he was young, he helped his family carry firewood, carry water and do farm work.

At the age of 9, his mother died, which was a cruel blow to Lincoln. Fortunately, his stepmother was very kind to him and often urged him to read and study. His relationship with his stepmother was very harmonious. Later, when Lincoln grew up, he began to earn his own living. He worked as a farm laborer, mason, boatman, etc.

In 1830, the Lincoln family moved to Illinois, where he made his first political speech. As a result of attacking the black slavery and putting forward some suggestions beneficial to the public cause, Lincoln had an influence in the public, and he had an outstanding personality,

In 1834, at the age of 25, he was elected to the state legislature. Two years later, Lincoln became a lawyer through self-study, and soon became the leader of the Whig Party in the state legislature.

In 1846, he was elected to the United States House of Representatives.

In 1854, the bourgeoisie in the northern states advocated abolishing slavery and restricting slavery

People formed the Republican Party, and Lincoln soon became the leader of the new party.

In 1858, he issued the famous speech "Family Disputes", which called for limiting the development of black slaves and realizing the reunification of the motherland. The speech expressed the wishes of the northern bourgeoisie and also reflected the wishes of the people of the whole country, thus winning Lincoln a great reputation.

In 1860, 51-year-old Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States as a Republican candidate.

Zhuge Changqing: "It's just a slip. It's not death and can't get up." What a wise word. Success is the accumulation of numerous failures. If we don't learn from failure, how can we have the fragrance of success? Success is like a building, while failure is the building brick.

Speaking of Lincoln, there are also some touching stories:

A poor young man worked as a waiter in a shop opened by others. Once, a woman paid a few cents more when buying textiles. He walked 10 kilometers to catch up with the woman and returned the few cents. Once again, he found that he had lost a quarter of a pound of tea to a female customer, and he ran several kilometers to make up for her.

While working as a postman, he also cut the fence for others to earn pocket money. One cold morning, when he came out of the house, he saw a young neighbor wrapped in rags and barefoot, chopping a pile of wood removed from the old stable, saying that he wanted to earn a dollar to buy a pair of shoes. He asked the young man to go back to the room and warm his feet. After a while, he returned the axe to the young man and told him that the firewood had been cut and that he could sell money to buy shoes.

Once, when he was a surveyor in Petersburg, he deliberately designed a street that could be straight into a curve to protect the housing of a poor orphan and widowed family. If the streets were built straight, wouldn't the poor family live in the streets!

The destitute and lowly young man was elected to parliament by election at the age of 25.

In May 1860, at the age of 51, he took part in the presidential election. At the National Congress, the voice of "advocate Abe, support the candidate for chopping the fence" continued all day long. Finally, he defeated his opponent and became the 16th President of the United States.

He was Abraham Lincoln, who was praised by Marx as "a hero of the world". It should be said that in addition to his indomitable, persistent and indomitable spirit of struggle, the noble virtues of compassion for the weak and selfless kindness have laid the foundation for his success.

Zhuge Changqing: Mencius said, "You can get more help if you lose.". Lincoln's success is not only due to his hard work, but also due to his kindness and the noble integrity of convenience to the people.

South no Amitabha, South no Amitabha, South no Amitabha!

Nanwu Master Sakyamuni Buddha. Blessed life is limitless. Confucius. Jesus. Mohammed.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three generations in ten directions.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages at all times and in all countries.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.

Zhuge Changqing wishes all the people who are destined to respect their parents and do good deeds and accumulate virtue rich and auspicious!






                                     ------ 林肯竞选答辩词之一






























    林肯 1809年 2月12日黎明出生在肯塔基州哈定县霍尔以南 3 英里的小木屋里。


  9 岁的时候,母亲去世,这对林肯来说是一个残酷的打击。幸而继母对他很好,常常督促他读书、学习,他和继母的关系很融洽。后来,长大的林肯开始独立谋生,他当过农场雇工、石匠、船夫等。
   1830 年,林肯一家迁居伊利诺斯州,在那里他第一次发表了政治演说。由于抨击黑奴制,提出一些有利于公众事业的建议,林肯在公众中有了影响,加上他具有杰出的

   1834 年,25岁的他被选为州议员。两年后,林肯通过自学成为一名律师,不久又成为州议会辉格党领袖。

  1846 年,他当选为美国众议员。
  1854 年,北方各州主张废奴和限制奴隶制的


  1858 年,他发表了著名演说《家庭纠纷》,要求限制黑人奴隶的发展,实现祖国统一。演说表达了北方资产阶级的愿望,也反映了全国人民的意愿,因而为林肯赢得了巨大声望。

  1860 年,51岁的林肯作为共和党候选人,当选为美国第 16 任总统。












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