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 The incarnation of Shi Naian: Zhiduoxing Wu Yong and Yunlong Gongsunsheng

   date:2020-09-18 19:08:26     read:77   

The incarnation of Shi Naian: Zhiduoxing Wu Yong and Yunlong Gongsunsheng

It should be noted that heroes are united, and there is no doubt that they can cut off the gold. What Shi Naian preaches to us is a team spirit of sincere cooperation--- Zhuge Changqing

"Outlaws of the Marsh" tells the story of 108 Liangshan heroes, each with its own characteristics.

Read the Outlaws of the Marsh carefully, and find out that Wu Yong, a resourceful, civil and military man, and Gongsun Sheng, a "wise man" and "Yunlong", are the bright and dark lines of Liangshan Water Park.

What does this military division represent?

Zhuge Changqing read the Outlaws of the Marsh at night and drew a conclusion:

"Zhiduoxing" Wu Yong and "Yunlong" Gongsun Sheng are actually the incarnation of Shi Naian.

Shi Naian, as a hero for ages, is unique.

He is brilliant, knowledgeable and versatile, knows astronomy, geography, Yin and Yang Eight Diagrams, Qimen Dunjia, Chinese medicine treatment, and is good at everything. He is a good friend of Zhu Yuanzhang's military adviser Liu Bowen.

Liu Bowen is also a talented military commander, equivalent to Zhuge Liang and Jiang Ziya.

Shi Naian (about 1296-1370) was originally named Yan Rui, with the name of Zhao Rui, the name of Zi An, and the other name of Naian. Scholars were born as strategists, strategists, writers and thinkers. Their ancestral home is Suzhou. He was clever and studious since childhood. He was admitted as a scholar in the first year of Yuanyanyou (1314), elected as a scholar in the first year of Taiding (1324), and became a scholar in the second year of Zhishun (1331). Soon after he became the governor of Qiantang County, he was reprimanded by the county magistrate for defending the grievances of the poor and went home.

In the 13th year of the Zhizheng era of the Yuan Dynasty (1353), the Yanmin Zhang Shicheng (today, 18 heroes including Baiju Chang, Baiju Town, Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province, led Zaoding to revolt against the Yuan Dynasty.

At the repeated invitation of Zhang Shicheng, he took up the post of military tent and offered many strategies for Zhang to attack the city and seize the land. Later, because Zhang was arrogant, autocratic, trusted sycophants, alienated loyal and good people, and refused to accept several admonitions, Zhang angrily left Pingjiang and wrote the "Farewell in Autumn" divertimento to give to Lu Yuan, Liu Liang and others who were with Zhang Mu.

Since then, he has roamed the Jianghu to help people heal their diseases. Later, he went to the home of Xu Qi, the rich man of Zhutang in Jiangyin, and sat in the library. In addition to teaching, he also studied the creation of "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "The Legend of the Three Suiping Demons" together with Luo Guanzhong, who worshipped him as his teacher. He collected and sorted out the stories of 108 heroes such as Liangshan Bo Songjiang, and prepared materials for the writing of "The Legend of the Jianghu Hero". In the 27th year of Zhizheng (1367), after Zhu Yuanzhang destroyed Zhang Shicheng, he investigated Zhang's subordinates everywhere. In order to avoid trouble, Shi solicited the advice of Gu Ti, his friend, and then lived in seclusion and concentrated on the creation of The Legend of the Jianghu Hero. After the completion of the book, The Legend of the Jianghu Hero was named The Water Margin.

In order to rule the world, Zhu Yuanzhang called for talents. Liu Bowen recommended Shi to Zhu and refused to go.

Later, Shi Naian wrote a draft of the Water Margin, which was read by Zhu Yuanzhang. Zhu Yuanzhang forced him to go out of the mountain and ordered him to go to prison if he didn't go out. Even so, we still don't go out of the mountain.

After reading the Outlaws of the Marsh, Zhu Yuanzhang thought that it was intended to incite rebellion. He was very angry when he thought of Shi's refusal to answer the call. He immediately ordered Shi to be arrested.

After entering prison, he left prison with the help of Liu Bowen. After being released, he took refuge in Huai'an. In the third year of Hongwu in the Ming Dynasty (1370), Shi was tortured, exhausted, and died of serious illness at the age of 74. At present, there is a memorial hall of Shi Naian in Baiju Town, Dafeng City, Jiangsu Province, for people to look up to.

Liu Bowen recommended Shi Naian to Zhu Yuanzhang many times, and invited him to come out of the mountain many times. Since Shi Naian has decided that the world will be unified with Zhu Yuanzhang, but with Liu Bowen, there is no need to go out.

He and Liu Bowen said, "You rely on literary strategies and martial arts to retain your name for the ages, and I use the Outlaws of the Marsh to retain my name for the ages.".

Sure enough, both of them are celebrities for ages.

Shi Naian wrote The Outlaws of the Marsh, taking the occurrence and development process of the peasant uprising as the main line, and through the different experiences of each hero being forced to Liangshan, which shows the inevitable law of the peasant uprising in the feudal era, "the government forces the people to revolt". Jin Shengtan said that "people have their temperament, people have their temperament, people have their shape, and people have their voice" in the book (Preface III to The Fifth Tale of Shi Naian's Outlaws of the Marsh).

The first incarnation of Shi Naian: "wise and versatile" - chief military commander of Liang Shanbo, Wu Yong.

Wu Yong, the chief military commander of Liangshanbo, accomplished things like a god in the Outlaws of the Marsh. He is known as the living Zhuge Liang, the calligraphic scholar, and the "Wu scholar". He is both civil and military, and is good at using two copper chains. He lived in Dongxi Village, Yuncheng County. He was born with beautiful eyes, white face and long beard. He loved to dress up as a scholar. He wore a barrel-like towel with eyebrows and beams, a broad linen shirt with soap collar and edge, a tea-brown belt at the waist, and silk shoes and socks underneath. He worked as a private school teacher in the village. He was born with a love of reading military books, a good knowledge of military aircraft, and after going to Liangshan Mountain, he planned strategies and commanded with ease. Therefore, the Jianghu people called him "Wisdom Star". I have read thousands of books since I was young, and I have a million soldiers in my heart. The most interesting thing to talk about is the matter of "taking advantage of generatrix".

Wu Yong, the nickname is "Mr. Jialiang".

Why do you call it that?

His name is highlighted, which means that his wisdom is similar to Zhuge Liang.

Zhuge Changqing: As an incarnation, it is also Shi Naian's strategy and dream. His meticulous strategy is not adopted by Zhang Shicheng. Therefore, Wu Yong is used to express his feelings.

The second incarnation of Shi Naian: the supernatural appearance and disappearance of "Yunlong" -- Liang Shanbo's deputy military commander Tian Xianxing Gongsun Sheng..

Gongsun Sheng, who has a multiple surname of Gongsun, has a single name and a nickname of "Mr. Yiqing". He has a pair of almond eyes, a whisker, a length of eight feet, and a handsome appearance. He is Jizhou's surname. He has been good at guns and sticks since childhood, and has learned many martial arts skills. Everyone calls him Gongsun Sheng. Later, he learned Taoism from Immortal Luo. He was good at summoning the wind and stirring the rain and driving the clouds, which was called him in the Jianghu.

As an incarnation, it is also Shi Naian's amazing skill, erudition and versatility.

History is gone.

What flows away is the history cloud, leaving behind is the long thought.

South no Amitabha, South no Amitabha, South no Amitabha!

Nanwu Master Sakyamuni Buddha. Blessed life is limitless. Confucius. Jesus. Mohammed.

All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the three generations in ten directions.

All immortals in the three realms and ten directions.

All sages at all times and in all countries.

Don't do any evil, and do all good. Persistence and responsiveness.

Zhuge Changqing wishes all the people who are destined to respect their parents and do good deeds and accumulate virtue rich and auspicious!



   须知豪杰同心处,利断坚金不用疑。施耐庵向我们宣扬的是一种精诚合作的团队精神!                 ---诸葛长青

   细读《水浒传》,仔细一捉摸,不难发现足智多谋、文武双全、叱咤风云"智多星"吴用和"入云龙" 公孙胜,就是梁山水泊的一条明线、暗线。
   "智多星"吴用、"入云龙" 公孙胜其实就是施耐庵的化身。



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